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Obsession: Radical Islam's War & Nazi Germany Connection

Over in the American Liberals Just Don't Get It thread, my blogging friend Limpy said this:

"I don't really see any parallels between radical Islam and Nazi germany frankly."

If you would take the time to see the documentary Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West you would absolutely see the parallels between the two.

I just saw the entire documentary last night and they included video proof that the Mufti (can't recall his name) in Israel during the time of WWII shared Hitler's vision of extermination of the Jews!

As Walid Shoebat (former PLO terrorist turned born-again Christian) has stated, the fact that radical Islam wants to kill all infidels (not just Jews) and that their radical worldview tells us that they do so for religious reasons (for "allah") makes them even more dangerous than the Nazis who followed the lead of the Fuhrer.

There is definitely a connection, Limpy. It's just that most of the public doesn't know about it.

This CNN clip shows (among many other things) how the Muslim propaganda is very similar to the Nazi propaganda that duped young men into becoming Nazis. The Muslim youth go further. They are willing to strap bombs on and blow themselves up just to take as many "infidels" as possible in death. They celebrate death for allah over there.

Christians celebrate life through Jesus Christ here.

They hate us because their call in life is a worldview bent on promoting Jihad around the world.

You think that if we just pulled out the jihadists would leave Iraq alone?

Don't you see that if such a thing happened, it would demonstrate to the terrorists that the United States is weak, wants to cut-and-run when the going gets tough, and doesn't keep her promises to the new, fragile Iraqi government there?

I wish that I could find a transcript of the Obsession movie and share it on my blog. It is THE most important documentary of our time and EVERYONE needs to see it!

Here's a YouTube of about 9 minutes of the film.

The entire film is about 1 hour in length.

Admittedly, it may be hard for many to believe the connection between the Nazis and radical Islam unless they see the rare footage of the meetings between Hitler and the Mufti back in the 40's.

Wait! Just found a clip about it here:Hitler and the Mufti

Here's the Obsession website's 12 minute version.

Unfortunately, it is true that many Americans are losing their will to allow our government to send troops and continue the fight. If our government listens to the naysayers, the results will be a bloodbath in Iraq the likes that the world has never seen before. Iran and Syria will pounce upon that nation and take it over so that it will become a haven to recruit, train and finance radical Islamic terrorists into their hateful ideology. The children will continue to be brainwashed with the propaganda used by radical Islamic leaders (this is well depicted in the documentary...actual footage of it happening!!) and the cycle of violence will continue into the next generation!!

The U.S., Britain, and a few other countries have stood up against a takeover of Iraq by Islamo-facists over the past 4 years. Leaving now would be the WORST move.

At least I know that President Bush will not do that.

But, if a Democratic, liberal-left-cut-and-run candidate gets elected to the office of the presidency in 2008...

God help us!!

*******more to add later*******

Need more proof about the vital importance of seeing this documentary?

Go here and see all the links to reviews, TV commentary, radio info, print and blogs online about it!

From the Obsession website:

Video of Nonie Darwish and Wayne Kopping (Director of "Obsession"

Transcript of Hannity & Colmes segment

In both of the above, Nonie Darwish reveals the truth about the comparison of Nazi ideology and Islamo-fascism:

SEAN HANNITY, CO-HOST: Hey, Nonie, it's Sean Hannity here. Your father had a fascinating life. He headed the Egyptian military in Gaza and the Sinai when Gaza was under Egyptian control in the '50s. He was killed in 1956 in jihad against Israel.

DARWISH: That's correct, and the cycle is still going on. The Fedayeen of yesterday are now becoming Hezbollah and all of these terror groups. And enough is enough. We moderate Arab voices, and you'll see in the movie several of us speaking against terrorism. The ayatollahs and the sheiks, the hateful, self-anointed sheiks who are condemning the Middle East to a permanent state of war, this condition has to end.

HANNITY: Well, I guess, if we're going to use an analogy, Nonie, for example, you could look at Hitler in his writing. You could look at Hitler in his actions. Hitler was battling against civilization. We see the exact same thing happening here.

I mean, you're showing real images from real Arab television, and it is a real insiders' view. You see the children, their indoctrination, their hatred of the West. It's like we are sitting — we've been lulled into a sleep when it's the rise of Nazism just before our eyes. Isn't there a similarity here?

DARWISH: Very much so. And I'm very happy that at least the film "Obsession" is showing that angle, because unfortunately the media doesn't get the translations of Arab television. What's happening in mosques, the hate speech, and the cursing of Jews, and non-Muslims, and Christians, we have to stand up to our religion and take it back from these hateful people.

HANNITY: You know something, I am glad to hear you say that, because the people that are being killed the most it seems right now are Muslims, are being killed by the Islamic fascists.


Another video interview on Hannity & Colmes where the discussion leads to identifying Islamo-facism as a greater threat than Nazism


Mancow radio show interview re: connection with Mufti in Israel and Hitler


limpy99 said...

Just to be clear, I would agree that the Nazis and the radical Islamists share a rather intense dislike to the Jews. You're taking my comment out of context. I made that remark in response to Kraft's article, which seemed to me to be equating the war aims of Nazi Germany with the aims of the current Islamic terrorists, and those I think are quite different. And before I get misconstrued again, I don't think either group's goals are particularly desirable for the rest of us.

To further clarify my context, Hitler's Germany presented a problem that could succesfully be, and was, challeneged with a conventional miltary response. I don't think that radical Islam does. I agree it needs to be resisted, don't get me wrong, but I do not think that the current approach, including the "new way forward" outlined last night, is the way to go about it.

Christinewjc said...

Edward Kennedy's State of Insanity.

Christinewjc said...

Why has the Anti-War Movement Embraced Reagan?

Mark said...

And that, unfortunately, is the real resemblance between Vietnam and Iraq – the inability or unwillingness to define victory and pursue it aggressively. It's the only way wars should ever be fought. Fight to win, or don't start them.

That was my point on the other post. We need to stop being PC and state our goals which should be IMO to expose Islam for what it is, destroy any and all who use terrorist tatics around the world preventing the freedom of the people.

GW has failed in that regard. The American people really have no idea what and why we are there.

Christinewjc said...

Limpy said, "Just to be clear, I would agree that the Nazis and the radical Islamists share a rather intense dislike to the Jews."

But their hate goes even deeper. Didn't the Nazis (as well as today's RI's, meaning radical Islamo-facists) hate and want to exterminate Christians too? It helps to remember that Jesus Christ, as the God-man and Messiah, was a Jew, too.

But the RI's hatred extends to ALL peoples who do not embrace "allah" as their "god."

Limpy said, "You're taking my comment out of context. I made that remark in response to Kraft's article, which seemed to me to be equating the war aims of Nazi Germany with the aims of the current Islamic terrorists, and those I think are quite different. And before I get misconstrued again, I don't think either group's goals are particularly desirable for the rest of us."

I apologize for taking your comment out of context. But both Kraft's article and the "Obsession" documentary draw definite parallels between the two.

Since your comment post, I have added several more links to my original blogpost here. Please see the short video clip (about 1 min.) where you see actual footage of the Mufti of Israel meeting and collaborating with Hitler; plus, he created Muslim troops to aid Hitler in his despicable cause to eliminate the Jewish race.

I do understand what you are saying, though. The Nazi's hated the Jews because of their race while the RI's hate them because of both race and religion.

Wouldn't you have to admit that the Nazi's and RI's goal were at least similar? Of course they are approaching it differently (Nazism was conducted by conventional war methods while RI's are not), but world dominiation was the ultimate goal for both (IMHO and according to what was revealed in actual footage of imams in mosques spouting their rhetoric in the Obsession documentary).

I agree. Neither group's goals are desirable for the rest of us! This is why they must be confronted, now! To allow this jihadist mentality to spread; especially to children, would mean having to fight this thing for many generations to come. As it looks now, IMO, it will probably last at least 3 decades!

Since you object to what was presented as the new way forward, what would be your suggestion for a "current approach" then?

Christinewjc said...

I think you are correct, Mark. But the president probably HAD to be PC in the very beginning. If he had said that this was a war against ALL of Islam, it would have enraged the moderate Muslims. Even the documentary states that what we are fighting is a radical form of Islam and the documentary is not about ALL Muslims.

What was interesting to me in the movie was to learn that moderate Muslims look at the term "jihad" as an inner struggle, not the kind of struggle that the radicals embrace. Walid Shoebat (I think) mentions that "Mein Kampft" means "my struggle" just like "jihad." But the moderate Muslims look at that term very differently than the radicals do.

This film made me realize that we must be careful not to lump ALL Muslims in with the radical Wahabbi followers.

Mark said, "GW has failed in that regard. The American people really have no idea what and why we are there."

I think you are half right. It's not so much that GW has failed, but our MEDIA has failed to get Bush's true message out. Most people don't watch the news as much as you (perhaps?) and I do. If they had watched many of Bush's speeches during campaigns and paid attention to what he was conveying, the American people would be more informed.

Recently, on the new show Hannity's America, people were shown photos of Nancy Pelosi and some other important people in the Congress. Most had no clue who she (and the others) were! Some even asked, "is that Hillary Clinton? If so, it's a bad picture of her!!!"

My point is, if "regular Americans" can't recognize a woman who has constantly been in the news over the last 6 months, then we see that the real problem is that many Americans are clueless to what is actually going on! In that respect, I TOTALLY agree with you.

One more thing. I don't agree that it is a lack of "defining victory." I think that currently, we have not reached the point where we can say that we have achieved all of the victorious goals that we have set out to do. The good news along the way (e.g. Saddam, his sons, Zarqawi, and hundreds of terrorists are dead) plus the peaceful regions in Iraq (e.g. the Kurds in the north) are drowned out by the liberal media's bashing Bush, and showcasing the bombings in the dangerous areas instead of cheering the progress there.

(BTW, Conservative blogger Michele Malkin is in Iraq. You can go to her site to see some pics and comments. I'm sure that we will get some info that the liberal media would never show!)

Case in point. Hannity shared that several liberals were calling for more troops 3 or 6 months ago, and now that Bush has embraced the idea...they are against it!! LIBERAL HYPOCRISY ALERT!!

Another case in point. Yesterday, on Cavuto, there was a new Democratic member of Homeland Security on the show. Neil asked (about 4 times!!) if "despite the failures in Iraq, can you at least give credit to President Bush for keeping our country safe? We have not been attacked since 9/11." The guy hemmed and hawwed until finally, he said something like this, "Bush was originally against the creation of a Homeland Security division of government. The Democrats pushed it through (need fact checking here).

So...this guy WOULD NOT GIVE BUSH ANY CREDIT for our not being attacked again over the past 5 years!!

And why would he do that? Because the Dems want to win the presidency in 2008. They hate Bush and will do ANYTHING to destroy him and his presidency. Personally, I think that it's going to backfire and a Republican will win in 2008.
(Sorry this is so long and I got off topic!) ;-)

limpy99 said...

Bush was against the Homeland Security Dept originally, then switched. As I recall when he did switch there was bgi problem about union restrictions. Off topic though.

You asked my approach to combating radical Islam. I've outlined that before, but as things do get lost, here it is again. I think it needs to be more of a legal approach. Undercover work, network with other countries police forces, share information, monitor and arrest. try, convict and imprison ideally. If that isn't practical, well, I have no problem with using small scale military operations to take them out. I just don't think large military operations in which entire countries are invaded will do as much as would paying attention to the top players in the acitve groups. If you can cut off their finances and eliminate their members without pissing off native populations, you're in better shape. I think.

A side note here. I think GW handled Afghanistan very well in the beginning. One of my biggest problems with the Iraq war is that it distracted us from an incomplete task with the Afghans and allowed the Taliban to regroup. That's a case where you had an identifiable enemy force in a defined space. That group could be attacked and pushed out of the space. Too bad we didn't finish.