Tuesday, January 16, 2007

O'Reilly Out Of Line On This One

I'm glad to read that I wasn't the only one who didn't like what Bill O'Reilly said about the teen boy, Shawn Hornbeck, who was recently rescued from the "alleged" (yeah, right...forget the PC!) the soon-to-be-revealed-and-charged sexual predator, Michael Devlin.

I wasn't happy to read at this True Crime blog that there will most likely be a book written about the predator. UGH!!

However, if you read through the previous post you will probably agree that O'Reilly's conversation with Greta Van Susteren the other day was really cruel and IMO, way out of line.

I watched The Factor today, but Bill refused to apologize...yet.

He certainly received A LOT of emails from enraged viewers who thought that it was disgusting for him to even hint at questioning why the boy didn't try to escape.

The author of the post at the blog link above made some really good points. One point was that it was wrong to compare the Hornbeck situation with the Patty Hearst abduction and subsequent brainwashing that she was exposed to. The second good point was that the Steven Stayner abduction was probably a more accurate comparison to what Shawn Hornbeck went through.

As more of the truth (and probably terrible experiences) about what Shawn endured at the hands of this VILE predator comes out, I'm sure that the boy will need our sympathy, empathy and prayers...

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Stephen said...

Don't you know Christine by now - Bill is ALWAYS right!!

How DARE he put the blame on the young teenage victim. It's classic.

How many times for example, women who are brutally raped by barbaric, animalistic pigs, and even beaten left for dead (remember the Central Park Jogger years back?) are told by the police, law enforcement, etc. "It's your fault. You were looking for it."?? C'mon!!

It's similar here. We don't know the facts, yet O'Reilly attacks the BOY rather than the abductor.

In reality, if you think about it, what O'Reilly is implying (once that TRUTH comes out that this abductor is a homosexual pedophile pervert), that the boy ENJOYED what was going on and that's the reason he didn't leave. Watch...

Let's see if O'Reilly does the right thing and apologizes. He's very prideful and we know what pride comes before!

God bless - Steve