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Obsession Documentary Update

A few weeks ago, my order of the documentary Obsession: Radical Islam's War With the West arrived. With the rush of the holiday season, I have not been able to view it. I have already seen it once via YouTube (before it was censored by Google...the new owners of YouTube) and it is truly an eye opening and gripping display of what we are facing in this global war against terrorism.

I also sent a copy to a liberal relative of mine, and she was totally shocked about what she saw in the movie! I have been telling her all along that she is not getting the whole picture or truth from the mainstream media about why winning the Iraq war is so important and how the goals of radical Islam are quite similar to nazism and communism.

The worldwide goal of nazism was atheistic in nature and they wanted to to eradicate the Jews from existence. The worldwide goal of communism involved atheistic domination and rule over all people under their government. The worldwide goal of radical Islam is religious domination , oppression, and rule over (or, more likely death to... ) those (especially the Christian and Jewish infidels) who do not bow the knee to their false god, allah.

The following is an email that I received today which contains updates on how this documentary is changing minds and waking people up to the long battle that we are up against in our fight to eradicate radical Islamo-fascist terrorists.



On December 14th, Obsession producer Raphael Shore and Nonie Darwish who is featured in the film were interviewed on CNN. The 12 minute feature compared Nazi Germany in the 40s with today's radical Islam. Watch the full clip here.

On Monday, December 11th, the American parents of Daniel Wultz, a teenage victim of Arab terrorists in Israel showed Obsession on Capitol Hill. The screening took place two days before what would have been Daniel's 17th birthday. The family traveled from their Florida home to speak about terrorism and screen Obsession for Congressmen. Watch the clip here.

Is academic freedom an endangered species on American campuses? On December 6th, Front Page Magazine examined the issue of freedom of speech on campuses, and discusses the cancellation of Obsession screenings due to protests from Muslim student groups. Read the full article here.

On December 11th Obsession Director Wayne Kopping was interviewed on Front Page Magazine. Read the full interview here.

On December 6th, The Heritage Foundation's Helle Dale published an article about Obsessionin The Washington Times. She focused on the chilling reality that faces young children in a radical Islamic society. Read the full article here.

On December 2nd, South Africa's Saturday Star Newspaper interviewed the film's director, Wayne Kopping, in an exciting cover story article. Read the full article here.

Obsession has been accepted to the Film Festival BIFF 07, (Beloit International Film Festival) in January. The festival runs from January 18th-21st in Beloit Wisconsin with Obsession screening on the 20th. The New York Times recently chose BIFF as one of the four top alternate festivals to Sundance! Check out more details about BIFF at

Some of our newest approbations:

"This film offers incontrovertible evidence the world must be prepared for a long-term struggle against Islamic extremism. Expertly produced with solid historic research; every viewer regardless of background will learn something. The enemy objectives are clear. Do we have the courage to do what's necessary? " Jeffrey H. Norwitz Professor, US Naval War College

"Heart wrenching…I encourage everybody to see this film…you definitely get an incredible education by watching this film…the movie left many of us speechless…we appreciate what you’ve done. " Kyra Phillips anchor, CNN Newsroom

A review of Obsession is to be published in The Officer Magazine in February 2007. The Officer Magazine is distributed to over 70,000 readers, including congressional offices on Capitol Hill. Stay tuned for more details on the exciting release.

As of now our list of upcoming screenings is as follows:

January 1- Woodmere, New York
January 7- Island, Florida
January 9- Killeen, Texas
January 11- Miami Beach, Florida
January 13- Minneapolis, Minnesota
January 14- Albuquerque, New Mexico
January 18- Farmington Hills, Michigan
January 18- Buffalo, New York
January 23- Manalapan, New Jersey
January 24- Rochester, New York
January 28- Tenafly, New Jersey
January 29- Ottawa, Ontario
January 30- Bothell, Washington Our December screenings included:
December 1,2- Hamilton, Montana
December 4- Agoura Hills, California
December 4- Encino, California
December 7- Burnsville, Minnesota
December 10- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
December 13- Manchester, United Kingdom
For more information on any of these events, please visit our website.

To organize your own event, please contact

To organize your own event on your college campus, please contact

It is no secret that Obsession’s success is largely dependant upon our supporters. How widely and effectively we are able to spread the message about the threat of Radical Islam and the necessity for the free-world to stand up for our values is in ALL of our hands.

Click here for more information on how you can get involved.

You can pre-order the 60 minute pre-release edition Obsession DVD here.

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