Wednesday, January 31, 2007

News Roundup 1/31/07

Today, I'd like to start publishing an almost daily "News Roundup." On the days when I have the time, I will post links to several articles and/or blogs that I have read that reveal important information, clips, stories and analysis that you may not see, hear or read about via the usual liberal left main-stream media outlets.

Little Green Footballs asks the question, "Is CBSs Logan Working with Al Qaeda?"

On second thought, make LGF a daily visit. Anything and everything you read at LGF will be very informative.

Hot Air shows videos, side by side and reveals that: "Lara Logan and her terrorist footage is too important to ignore."

Atlas Shrugs reveals, "Iran Behind Murder of U.S. Soldiers Be sure to view the video interview of Elie Lake. Many other important, newsworthy blogposts to read there, too.

MassResistance shares, "Letter from gay "adult/youth" group member in Maine reveals homosexual sex with kids as young as 14 at meetings."

Brutally Honest display an important video (long with several other blogs) and asks, "Why wouldn't you tell more people about this?

Blackfive share the sentiments of a Sergeant in Afghanistan - Stop the BS and "Let's Get It Done." Read that poignant list of things the sergeant "is tired of!"

Read Roscoe's Report because we all need a little laughter in the midst of serious news and truth! Here's a teaser:

Dear Roscoe:

What’s the difference between a Pelosi Democrat and a bucket of cold vomit?

--L. Libby

Dear L.:

That’s easy. The bucket.
It gets even better!! heh heh...

Update @ 1:00 p.m.
Jason Horowitz presents "Biden Unbound." So vicious towards their own... Wow...Speaks for itself...just go read it.
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GMpilot said...

I wish you success in your venture into the fertilizer business.

Christinewjc said...


You no like?


limpy99 said...

So vicious towards their own.

Indeed. Unlike what the Bushies did to McCain in South Carolina a few years back.

What's that old saying? "Anyone who likes sausage or politics probably shouldn't watch either being made" Or something like that.

GMpilot said...

Sorry, church lady: I forgot that this is just supposed to be “news”, not “news and commentary”.

Well, maybe you’ll be able to keep it up beyond the next distraction. We’ll see.

Christinewjc said...


Who said anything about "no commentary"?

I'd rather be called a "church lady" than a "moonbat"...any day.

Yeah...I already missed a day of "News Roundup" blogging. hehe I know myself so well. That's why I put in the caveat "almost daily" posting.

Christinewjc said...

Limpy -

You'll have to refresh my memory about the Bush/McCain conflict in So. Carolina.

What's notable is the fact that the 2008 election is still two years away, yet the viciousness of rivalry has already surfaced between many of the Dem candidates. I have heard that Hillary has some serious "dirt" against Obama already. It's been leaked through some sources, but she might hold it from the MSM for a more opportune time; when it will cause the most damage.

The liberal left Dems are showing their true, nasty colors to the public. By the time the election rolls around, people will be so sick of their shenanigans, most thinking Americans will probably tend to vote for any Republican rather than deal with the groveling, down in the dirt Dem squabblers.

Actually, I kinda like it. They have someone else besides Bush to bash now...