Thursday, January 04, 2007

Two Bills to Oppose

From Concerned Women for America:

Dear Friends,

The 110th Congress has begun - and so has our work! Congress' first 100 hours include two disturbing bills that we need your help to oppose:

Funding for unethical embryonic stem cell research

In a dramatic ceremony last year surrounded by Snowflakes (former-embryos rescued by adoption), President Bush vetoed a bill to pour federal dollars into destroying human embryos for research. Congress did not have enough votes to override the veto.

Next Thursday, the new leadership in Congress will bring the bill up again. The November elections potentially changed the number of override votes. It is up to us to pray and act to oppose federal funding killing the tiniest of humans.

Restrictions on grassroots lobbying

What we are doing right now - informing you of legislation so that you can act - could be severely restricted and punished if "grassroots lobby reform" is passed.

Last year the Senate failed to pass grassroots lobby restrictions that included severe registration and reporting requirements for grassroots organizations. We expect it will come up again as early as next week.
This legislation would heavily restrict the ability of grassroots organizations like CWA to communicate and mobilize citizen activists like you. Brad Smith, a former Federal Election Commissioner, said it would be used by congressmen for retaliation. "It's a disaster, generally, the notion that the government should be checking up on attempts by citizens to communicate with citizens," Smith told The Hill newspaper. "Can you think of any other reason that members of Congress need to know who's running grassroots ads in their district?"

Grassroots lobby restrictions are an effort by Congress to undermine your participation in the political process. Tell your congressmen to vote NO on grassroots lobby restrictions!

Take Action on Embryonic Stem Cell Research!

Pray that congressmen will understand that embryonic stem cell research kills humans and will lead to perfecting techniques for cloning human beings. Pray that President Bush will continue to stand against spending tax dollars on research that kills human embryos.

Ask your Senators and Representative to OPPOSE squandering taxpayer dollars on immoral, unnecessary destruction of human embryos.

Americans should not be forced to pay for experiments that destroy human beings and will lead to human cloning.

Take Action on Grassroots Lobby Restrictions!

Pray that congressmen will see that "grassroots lobby reform" will have a chilling effect on Americans' right to participate in the governing process. It will severely harm organizations like CWA who exist to equip citizen activists to affect public policy!

Tell your Senators and Representative to vote NO on any so-called lobby reform bill that stifles the participation of grassroots groups in the political process.

The Legislation Department
Concerned Women for America

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