Saturday, October 27, 2007

Anti-Christian Bias and Censorship

I waited for two days to see if perhaps I was being too hasty in my judgment. I waited two days to see if one or more might be posted. This morning, I posted one more comment just in case it was some sort of technical error.

Nope. Can't be that!

If you are wondering what this post is all about, it's about censorship. My Christian comments have been censored at the Fox News Channel "Your Blog on the Southern California Wildfires."

Note the criteria that is stated there for getting a comment denied: invites you to comment on the historic and devastating Southern California wildfires.

Please keep your comments brief and relevant. All comments are subject to review by Inappropriate posts will be removed.

My first post (yesterday) contained a portion of this post.

My second post eliminated the Bible verses.

My third post included a link to my blog.

My fourth post eliminated the link to my blog, and simply stated:

It is my continuing prayer that those who do not know the gospel will be turned towards the Lord through this disaster. What Satan has meant for evil, God can turn towards good.

Nothing else compares in this life to knowing Jesus Christ and realizing his promise of eternal life in Him.

Jesus is our Savior, Lord, and King, and no matter what happens in this fallen world, His love needs to be shed abroad in our hearts and in our world - now.

Now, why would such a message of hope be censored?

Perhaps the following comment there (which, of course, was not censored in any way) will give us a clue:

Comment by John Painer
October 26th, 2007 at 1:54 pm
1. Prayers do no good; God doesn’t care about fires and where they occur.

2. As long as developers pay off city councils to construct high density housing there will always be a high chance of disasters like this. You don’t have problems like this where there is a large buffer zone between communities like in Germany.

3. When you buy a house in a high risk area of floods, earthquakes, tornados, fires, hurricanes, etc. then you have no one to blame but yourself if a disaster occurs. It’s like buying a house from a developer over a waste dump and then developing a serious disease. Sue the developer, the city council, and the realtor for allowing the person to buy the house.

Hmmmm...a post that insults God, claims that "prayers do no good" (and how on earth would HE KNOW THIS????), and that "God doesn't care about fires and where they occur" is posted, not flagged, and not deemed inappropriate by the editor. Yet, my posts are all denied.

Censorship anyone?

Anti-Christian bias anyone?

Atheistic promotion?

Religious bias?

Perhaps you are thinking...Ah! What the heck. It's only a minor slight towards one Christian writer.

No. I think the rabbit hole on this issue goes far deeper when it comes to the mainstream media.

Fox News should be ashamed of the editor in charge of that so-called "public" blog. It's more like a "join us in our censorship" blog.

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Christinewjc said...

I wrote an email letter to both the general Fox News comments address as well as to John Gibson of "The Big Story" T.V. news show, complaining that my posts were ignored.

I am pleased to report that three of the posts have now appeared in the comment section of "Your Blog."

Sometimes, it pays to be the squeaky wheel...

Continued prayers are needed. The fires are not completely extinguished and are still threatening many homes.

Yesterday, a few rain clouds showed up in the area and huge drops of rain fell, helping to clear the polluted air a bit. However, it was not nearly enough. The conditions did help the firefighters make a lot of progress against the fires still raging in the area. However, the severely dry conditions appear to have returned which worries a lot of officials and residents whose homes are still in the dangerous path of the fires.

Yesterday, the air quality was much better and I didn't feel the need to wear a filter mask. This morning is a completely different story. When I took my dogs outside briefly, the smoky air was, once again, stifling. I now wear my mask whenever I go outside. I am beginning to think that indoor air purifiers might be a good investment.