Friday, October 05, 2007

Darwin Challenged, Research Censored

Christian university removes professor's website, data from public view. A professor whose research could be the foundation for a major challenge to Darwin's theory of evolution and his historically Christian employer are at odds over that work, with Baylor University ordering Professor Bob Marks' work taken off the Internet.

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Earth...Thousands, Not Billions of Years Old

Makes you wonder just what are they so afraid of???

Update 10/6/07

More articles to read from a discussion between seeker and Paladin at Two or on the subject of "scientists as priests."

Paladin: So, you can call scientists "priests" if you like, but all that does is betray your skewed perception of the differences between how they operate versus how your side does.

Paladin: They see scientists as simply part of another religion

Seeker: Actually, as a former scientist, I don't consider ALL scientists as such priests - only the ones who are claiming that evolution is some kind of proven fact. Additionally, any scientist who denies the philosophical, ethical, and religious implications and impact of evolutionary theory are clearly not being honest with themselves or us, and are therefore obviously under the sway of the theory as part of their own world view, without being aware of it - hence my post Mass Delusion - 10 Reasons Why the Majority of Scientists Believe in Evolution

Paladin: The problem with that, of course, is that it is exactly what science is NOT.

Seeker: Actually, I think you are missing the problem. It is not a problem with science itself that modern "politically incorrect" thinkers have a problem with - it's with the contemporary *practitioners* of science who are no longer being true to science, but instead, have confused their science with their philosophy of science, their operational science with historical sciences, and their assumptions with facts.

In fact, there are many reasons to be skeptical of modern science, despite it's excellenct track record - it's not that science has suddenly become unsound, but that the modern practitioners have succumbed to human nature and formed an "orthodox hegemony of evolutionary priests" - by confusing science with their belief (or unbelief) systems.

I have written a few posts on the subject of modern science, see these:
Separation of Science and State
Why I Trust Science in Principle, but not in Practice
How the Media Spins Science
The Politicization of Scientific Research
Science as Salvation - A Cautionary Tale

Paladin: In fact, you're welcome to overturn the current theories or conventional wisdom.

Seeker: Actually, what we are contending is that this is NOT possible when you have a hegemony of insecure atheistic materialistic evolutionary believers who won't hear of any questioning. The growing evidence of ridicule, loss of status, and other bullying is what we are complaining about.

Seeker: Anyone who claims that evolution is as sure as gravity not only proves that they don't understand the difference between operational and historic science, they show that they fail to understand the difference between real science and philosophy of science. IOW, they are duped shills, not people of reason. (see Mass Delusion - 10 Reasons Why the Majority of Scientists Believe in Evolution).

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