Saturday, October 27, 2007

Wildfires Update #4

Here is a San Diego Wildfires 2007 blog where you can read all about what has been happening over the past several days.

Also, the following link provides a slide show of the Rock Church's Rock Relief and serves as just one example of how Christian believers in San Diego have come together for the sake of all the people who have been saddened and displaced due to these terrible fires.

This devastating firestorm has been heart wrenching for everyone. It has caused such severe heartache for all the people and families who have lost their homes.

However, God can, and does, turn what was meant for evil into good!

I think that you will find the slide show at the above link encouraging and heart warming.

People coming together to serve the name of Jesus Christ.

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Susan Smith said...

Christine said: “However, God can, and does, turn what was meant for evil into good!”

Amen, my “little” sister on the West coast. God bless you and Shabbat Shalom. It is cooler in South Carolina tonight after good rains the past few days. Good night, my dear friend. (ss)