Saturday, October 06, 2007

San Fransicko Folsom St. Sadists

How filled with wisdom was Solomon when he stated, "there is nothing new under the sun."

The biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah being compared with the San Fransicko Folsom St. Sadists certainly attest to this fact. The actions of these sick sodomite sadists must truly rank up there with the egregious sin that was found within the city of Sodom. What's more, the Folsom Street sadists/sodomites sound a lot like the Nicolaitans of Biblical times.

Notice what the Lord Jesus Christ says about the "Nicolaitans":

Rev 2:6 But this thou hast, that thou hatest the deeds of the Nicolaitans, which I also hate.

Rev 2:15 So hast thou also them that hold the doctrine of the Nicolaitans, which thing I hate.

Rev 2:16 Repent; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will fight against them with the sword of my mouth.

Jamieson Faussett and Brown commentary:

Nicolaitanes--IRENAEUS [Against Heresies, 1.26.3] and TERTULLIAN [Prescription against Heretics, 46] make these followers of Nicolas, one of the seven (honorably mentioned, Act 6:3, 5 ). They (CLEMENT OF ALEXANDRIA [Miscellanies, 2.20 3.4] and EPIPHANIUS [Heresies, 25]) evidently confound the latter Gnostic Nicolaitanes, or followers of one Nicolaos, with those of Revelation. MICHAELIS' view is probable: Nicolaos (conqueror of the people) is the Greek version of Balaam, from Hebrew "Belang Am," "Destroyer of the people."

Revelation abounds in such duplicate Hebrew and Greek names: as Apollyon, Abaddon: Devil, Satan: Yea (Greek, "Nai"), Amen.

The name, like other names, Egypt, Babylon, Sodom, is symbolic. Compare Rev 2:14, 15 , which shows the true sense of Nicolaitanes; they are not a sect, but professing Christians who, like Balaam of old, tried to introduce into the Church a false freedom, that is, licentiousness; this was a reaction in the opposite direction from Judaism, the first danger to the Church combated in the council of Jerusalem, and by Paul in the Epistle to Galatians.

These symbolical Nicolaitanes, or followers of Balaam, abused Paul's doctrine of the grace of God into a plea for lasciviousness ( 2Pe 2:15, 16, 19 Jud 1:4, 11 who both describe the same sort of seducers as followers of Balaam).

Notice that in the commentary, some claimed to be "professing Christians." "Professing" Christian doesn't mean the same thing as being a genuine Christian, that's for certain. Otherwise, they would never have introduced such licentiousness into the churches back then.

Now, you must read gcmwatch's post about a "reverend" who, well, I don't even want to describe it. Go and read the post and you will see that homosexual filth has already infiltrated these so-called MCC "churches." Pastor D.L. Foster warns readers about the post:

WARNING: Read this post only if you want irrefutable proof of the depth of depravity currently saturating the gay christian movement. [Direct links removed 11/11/07]

I don't think that Pastor Foster will mind if I quote his last comment at that thread:

We need to deal with the gcm’s erroneous theology which causes erroneous behavior like we see in this man. Please everyone remember that in your comments. Part of the gcm’s major problem is the avoidance of scripture, not necessarily because it condemns, but because it will convict anyone who will give it half a chance. Let’s take the lie and place the truth side by side and let people see that this is NOT of God. And if its not of God, the alternatives are not worth losing your soul over.

People, that is ultimately what this is all about. We do not want to see people losing their souls over a LIE!!

Jesus told us:

Mat 16:26 For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

Mar 8:36 For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

In a former Talk Wisdom blogpost called, The Infiltration of Sodomy into Christianity, you will find a link to Daniel's Place which has an awesome, informative post up about this issue. He ardently exposes (and lists the stages of depravity) where acceptance of the unacceptable (namely, homosexual behavior not repented of) ultimately leads to moral (or, more accurately, immoral) anarchy.

For those who think there is no connection between the moral depravity going on in San Fransicko and the gay christian movement, please think again. This is precisely why the evidence of the Nicolatan inspired infiltration into the church during biblical times needed to be exposed for what it was. A synagogue of Satan!

The modern day gay christian movement is today's synagogue of Satan and must be countered by true, Bible-believing followers of Jesus Christ.

Continuing with the Jamieson Faussett and Brown commentary:

The difficulty that they should appropriate a name branded with infamy in Scripture is met by TRENCH: The Antinomian Gnostics were so opposed to John as a Judaizing apostle that they would assume as a name of chiefest honor one which John branded with dishonor.

Notice what you just read: A name branded with infamy! Nicolatians = gay christian movement adherents.

Matthew Henry commentary:

3. He knows the wickedness and the falsehood of their enemies: I know the blasphemy of those that say they are Jews, but are not; that is, of those who pretend to be the only peculiar covenant-people of God, as the Jews boasted themselves to be, even after God had rejected them; or of those who would be setting up the Jewish rites and ceremonies, which were now not only antiquated, but abrogated; these may say that they only are the church of God in the world, when indeed they are the synagogue of Satan.

Observe, (1.) As Christ has a church in the world, the spiritual Israel of God, so the devil has his synagogue. Those assemblies which are set up in opposition to the truths of the gospel, and which promote and propagate damnable errors,—those which are set up in opposition to the purity and spirituality of gospel worship, and which promote and propagate the vain inventions of men and rites and ceremonies which never entered into the thoughts of God,—these are all synagogues of Satan: he presides over them, he works in them, his interests are served by them, and he receives a horrid homage and honour from them.

(2.) For the synagogues of Satan to give themselves out to be the church or Israel of God is no less than blasphemy. God is greatly dishonoured when his name is made use of to promote and patronize the interests of Satan; and he has a high resentment of this blasphemy, and will take a just revenge on those who persist in it. (bold mine)

David Guzik commentary:

iv. The Nicolaitans, like all deceivers which come from the body of Christ, claimed “not that they were destroying Christianity, but that they were presenting an improved and modernized version of it.” (Barclay)

f. Which I also hate: These are powerful words, in that they come from our Savior who is so rich in love. Whoever exactly the Nicolaitans were, and whatever exactly they did and taught, we learn something from Jesus’ opinion of them. We learn that the God of love hates sin, and wants His people to also hate sin. (bold mine)

Graphic photos are all over the internet which display the absolutely pornographic sex acts, public nudity, sexual encounters being performed on the streets, and the sick sado-masochistic "outfits" and sex "toys" worn and sold at the event.

What's even more despicable is that Christian symbols were used for some of the sexual objects. How blasphemous, disgustingly gross, hateful, beyond intolerant and a blatant display of Christian bashing it all is!!!

Can you imagine if sex toys were made of famous homosexual men and sold as butt plugs? They would scream BIGOT and HATE CRIME!

If you are prepared to see the terrible filth, go to LGF [Update: direct links removed 11/11/07] Warning: It's really disgustingly awful!!!

BTW, when I went to LGF to retrieve the link, there were 666 comments. Imagine that...the mark of the beast of Revelation!

This is the most "cleaned up" website of pictures, [Direct links removed 11/11/07] but even these pics should certainly grieve and alarm us all. Another warning though...the descriptions of what went on might make you throw up.

There are two photos that show that children were there amongst this filth!! A young boy and evidence of a baby carriage behind men who are mutually masterbating on the street!!

People, it's a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah in San Fransicko. It deeply grieves me that law enforcement??? did NOTHING to counter the crimes done at that orgy!!! Since when are public sex orgies legal in a U.S. city??

How it all must grieve the heart of our Holy God...

It's unnerving to think that the third person in line to the presidency is Nancy Pelosi, whom you will see did nothing to either condemn or prevent such filth from happening in her own city.

I had debated about whether or not to place this in a new blogpost. I hate talking about this filth. But I do agree with those who want to show what truly goes on at these public orgy events so that maybe others will see why liberal left lunatics like Nancy Pelosi, who could not find it in her heart to condemn such filth, do not belong in our government.


If you dare to view the photos, please share your reactions here. I sincerely hope that you will be so outraged that you get involved with countering this downward spiral of filth going on in our culture today.

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WorldNetDaily: Graphic pix of sex-fest sent to sponsor's hometown. Catholic League delivering photographs to 211 parishes, more mailings planned [direct links removed]


ebsfwan said...

You're a bit shriller than normal lately. Are things alright?

Christinewjc said...

Oh really?

Just gettin the word, I mean Word out there.

ebsfwan said...

Ok then. Enjoy.

Jaded said...

I don't think that sort of behavior should be allowed on the streets, whether it's homosexuals or heterosexuals. Would the image of a heterosexual couple masturbating in front of a baby carriage be any less offensive? It would be equally as disturbing for me. I don't understand why every single person in those pictures wasn't arrested for public lewdness, at the very least. I can't believe the police were just standing around watching that filth.

gcmwatch said...

Is esbwfan in agreement allowing children to see adults have sex in public?

Do you possess any sensitivities towards children in terms of protecting them from sexual abuse?

How can you characterize that as "shrill"?

Christinewjc said...

Hi Jaded,

I was wondering the same thing. Where are those who should be enforcing public lewdness laws??? If Larry Craig got arrested for taping his feet under a bathroom stall in an airport, why do these perverts get a pass?

It simply amazes me...

Christinewjc said...

Thank you, gcmwatch. I was hoping that someone might come along and ask ebsfwan some questions like that. We shall see if he will choose to answer them.

MB said...

I see you have called for some of us who claim to be gay Christians to respond. Okay, I'll bite. It's hard for me to just sit and not say anything when challenged!

Of course this is not material fit for children or for the public, for that matter. But please do not lump all of us together! Would you like for all facets of heterosexuality be lumped into one category for judging? I don't get the logic here, to be quite honest. I don't mean to sound hostile, just dumbfounded, I suppose.

Christinewjc said...


How are you? It's nice to see you here again. Even though we have parted on "agree to disagree" terms in the past, I always appreciated your input and concern for children.

It goes without saying that many gays and lesbians disapprove of what went on at the Folsom St. orgy. But you are one of the first (that I have read) to publically state it. I just wish that more moms and dads in the gay community would come out and publically oppose this filth. Do you know why so many stay silent?

Also, it appeared that far more men were involved than women. I just wonder what kind of person would bring a child there??? It's absolutely abhorrent!

I have so many questions I would like to ask you, but I worry that they may not come across in the right way or that they may offend you.

Well, anyway...thanks for at least being willing to voice your opinion against this tragic event.

MB said...

It's kind of like the NAMBLA thing - why even pay attention to that kind of behavior? I'd rather focus on other things. I certainly wouldn't have allowed my child to be in attendance at such event and I honestly don't know a soul who would either.

I'm open to long as they're posed respectfully.

Christinewjc said...

It's not that we want to "pay attention" to that kind of behavior; it's the fact that it is so "in your face" and illegal that causes us to be highly concerned and led to speak out against it. If we don't demand that the laws against such gross, lewd, filthy and illegal behavior be enforced who will???

I'm glad to read that you wouldn't have allowed a child to be at such an event. However, what I'd like to know is why don't more gay and lesbian people speak out against this filth??

MB said...

I guess my immediate answer would be something like, "well, why don't straight people speak up more about pedophiles?" Because most pedophiles are straight men. I think it's my responsibility to protect my child. I don't know that it's my responsibility - on a global scale - to go out there and figure out what others can and cannot do. I don't have that power.

I would not have known about that event you mentioned if not for you post, to be honest. I'm certain that there are other events (KKK meetings, for example) that I could say the same about: why aren't more straight people speaking up? My point is this: it's not about being gay that makes me "in charge of" or concerned about those folks who are doing outrageous or inappropriate stuff, is it?

Christinewjc said...

Do you usually answer a question with another question?

All pedophiles are not heterosexual. In fact, most involved in the "pedophile priest" scandal were actually homosexual pederasts (going after teenaged boys).

Many conservatives bring up the problem of pedophiles. Do you ever watch anything else but MSM news? Watch Fox News for a week. Bill O'Reilly almost single-handedly got Jessica's Law passed in most states. Of course, there are the usual liberal state hold-outs. They should be ashamed.

But we are drifting from the original question.

Since you appear to want to dodge the direct question, perhaps I should give my opinion on it.

I think that the gay community doesn't speak out against anything done by GLBT groups or people (no matter how evil, sinful, immoral and disgustingly they behave)precisely because to do so would brand them disloyal to the ultimate cause. What is that ultimate cause? To silence Christians and Bible-based morality in any and every way they possible can. "Hate crimes" law is one way, ENDA is another.

Getting God out of schools and homosexual indoctrination in has, quite sadly, been a terrible legacy of my (baby boomer) generation. Perhaps that is why God has led me towards participating in the fight against it.

Now, the gay christian movement is intent on destroying God's Word on the issue of homosexual behavior; trying to make what has always been considered sin in God's eyes as some sort of pseudo-blessed relationship. I think that is awful. Some, even go so far as to mock Christ and make Him into a sexual object or "partner." Truly disgustingly abhorrent and say the least!

There will always be a remnant of the faithful who won't fall for such heresy. We will continue to fight against the infiltration of sodomy and lesbianism into Christianity; no matter what secular humanists who parade around as believers try to do to get approval for it.

MB said...

First, I don't think I dodged any questions and I'm sorry it appeared that way. And no, I don't always answer with a question. To frame it as a statement I would say this: people don't always want to talk about the folks who are associated with them who do extreme things, just like the fundamentalist mormon folks aren't so kindly looked upon by the more prevalant mormom church of today. Because these folks (in your article) exhibit extreme behavior, I don't necessarily want to be judged by their behavior. Do you see what I'm saying? I don't have to own the behavior of those gay folks just because they're gay and I'm gay. Not all gay people are the same. Does that make any sense?

To clarify, I don't feel disloyal to gay people because I don't take up all gay causes! I don't feel called to do that, nor do I agree with all of them. Do you honestly think that all gay people are out to silence Christians? If so, then the conversation probably just needs to end here. Perhaps it was a mistake to "come back!"

I never said that all pedophiles are straight - I said that "many" are. The research is out there. Straight or gay, I don't care: a pedophile is a pedophile and is a creep of the worst kind. Why do we continue to judge a group of people on the behavior of a few? That's what it feels like you're doing when you lump me into the same category as those folks exhibiting extreme and inappropriate behaviors!

"We will continue to fight against the infiltration of sodomy and lesbianism into Christianity." So maybe the conversation should be over - you don't feel like I belong in church.

Christinewjc said...

MB wrote: ""We will continue to fight against the infiltration of sodomy and lesbianism into Christianity." So maybe the conversation should be over - you don't feel like I belong in church."

Anyone and everyone should be welcome into any church. However, it is the outspoken, celebrated approval by man for what God has unequivocably identified in Scripture as deviant sexual acts that does not belong in church.

MB said...

Again, we must agree to disagree.

I will say, without a doubt, that I would never go to church with you, Christine. Doesn't that seem against what Jesus teaches?

Christinewjc said...

You are the one who said you would never go to church with me. Is it because you are bigoted and prejudiced against straight, white, conservative, evangelical Christian women?

Hmmmm...Seems to me it is you who is going against what Jesus teaches.

I would enjoy meeting you and going to church with you. I would most likely treat you to lunch afterwards, too.

MB said...

See, that's what I'm trying to say: you say that everyone is welcome in church, yet you talk about "fighting against the infiltration of lesbianism in Christianity." I'm a lesbian. I am a Christian. If you don't believe in who I am fundamentally, how could I ever feel safe worshipping with you? Jesus made everyone feel welcome and safe and jumped at the chance to bring others with him.

I am not prejudiced against people like you. If you knew me in the least, you know that nothing is farther from the truth. My point was that your approach is such that you might just be turning people away rather than bringing them in. I have said for years that the meanest people I've ever met are people I met in church. I don't ever want to put myself in that position again.

Christinewjc said...


You wrote: "See, that's what I'm trying to say: you say that everyone is welcome in church, yet you talk about "fighting against the infiltration of lesbianism in Christianity."

What I meant by that comment was that I object to the positive teaching (which, is Scripturally in error) in the churches, from the ministers, pastors, reverends etc. in the pulpit about lesbian or gay behavior; not that lesbian or gay identified persons should not attend the church.

You wrote: "I'm a lesbian. I am a Christian. If you don't believe in who I am fundamentally, how could I ever feel safe worshipping with you?"

You identified yourself as a lesbian first, then as a Christian. I don't think it is necessary for me to "believe in who you are fundamentally" in order to sit next to you in church.

Just from our conversations on this blog, I already knew that you are not prejudiced against people like me. I wrote that to hopefully open your eyes to the fact that people can have differing opinions, yet not have to be labeled as prejudiced, a bigot, a hater, intolerant etc. But, that's the label that is most often placed upon me because of my views.

You wrote: "My point was that your approach is such that you might just be turning people away rather than bringing them in."

People can be much more bold on the internet than in person. I have generally remained silent about my views when being introduced to, or talking with homosexual identified people.

On this blog, however, I have the freedom of speech right to share my deepest held convictions. I can choose to either love people right into hell by being politically correct, or I can attempt to lead them to the gospel of Christ by stressing the need for confession, repentance, belief in Jesus as Lord and Savior, the forgiveness that he gives when one is born again, and the importance of the lifelong act of sanctification through the Holy Spirit's leading and study of the Word of God.

You wrote: "Jesus made everyone feel welcome and safe and jumped at the chance to bring others with him."

There were times when he showed righteous anger. There were times when he pointed out the sin in people's lives (the Samaritan woman who had several husbands and now was living with a man who was not her husband). Jesus encouraged the adulterous woman who was about to be stoned, "Go, and leave your life of sin." He didn't condemn her, but he didn't condone her sin either.

You wrote: "I have said for years that the meanest people I've ever met are people I met in church. I don't ever want to put myself in that position again."

Sometimes, the meanest people I have ever met were people who joined the same Bible study that I did! The thing is, some of them were not Christians...yet. Some, were "baby Christians." So, we needed to gently, but firmly, correct their errors and show them how to have a more biblical, Christian attitude and bring them towards, or closer to Christ.

When you said you met the meanest people at church, was it because you revealed to them that you are a lesbian? Or, was it their attitudes in general that bothered you?

P.S. I just wanted to say that your "little angel" in your profile picture is absolutely adorable!! So sweet!!

MB said...

Thanks for your kind comment about my daughter. She is, indeed, my angel.

People were mean in church way before finding out I was a lesbian. My point was simply that I've experienced some of the most immature, self-righteous behavior from church folks, both before and after they found out that I'm gay. We are called not to judge, but I have been judged so much by people who call themselves Christians. Sometimes it's hard not to have a negative opinion of the church when that is the case.

Meeting in the middle seems the only way to continue the conversation but I've never met someone on "the right" who was willing to meet me in the middle. I've been on your end of things, too, sat in that pew right with you, so to speak, so I get it. But you won't try to get me...or us. I know you won't ever do that. So, sadly, we'll probably never meet in the middle - or even a quarter of the way.

There are lots of us good, Christian folks who also happen to be gay. We're not out to make anyone else that way - we just know God loves us, no matter what and we are no less than anyone else.

Christinewjc said...

Your comment reminded me of two quotes.

A Christian friend once said to me, "Sometimes, Christians are the hardest people to love."

Isn't that so true? Myself included!! When I get discouraged that I may not be sharing the gospel properly, I remember the license plate frame my daughter gave to me.

"Christians aren't perfect, just forgiven by a God who is."

Now, I'm not attempting to make excuses for my errors in witnessing. But, through the errors, I have learned to correct them and/or modify what I say/write in order to try not to hurt people.

However, in a recent exchange that I had with blogger Mike Rucker, this issue came up. You can go an d read the the entire thread or scroll down to my last comment to Mike.

Here's the part where he asks a similar question as you often do:

Chris: What you wrote is very well said:

Mike: ..."but if christians who want to stick to a literal interpretation can't address the judgmental and intolerant tone that accompanies their every word, we're all going to pay. you may be right in the end, but if you cannot make your point with at least an attitude of sincerely wanting to understand the other side, how can you claim to have the spirit of Christ?"

Chris: I have found that oftentimes, people not only want me (and other Biblical Christians) to understand the other side, they won't be happy until we agree and accept their worldview. There is quite a huge difference. Sometimes, I can understand the other side (because I've been where they are...not a born-again Christian yet). However, now that I am born-again I cannot go back to believing what I now perceive as a lie and against God's will for our lives. In such cases, the conversation ends with the usual, "we will just have to agree to disagree." We come full circle and, unfortunately, nothing has changed. Except...perhaps a seed revealing Christ as Savior and towards God's absolute truth found in the pages of the Bible may have been planted.

Unlike many liberal views about Christianity, I do not believe that Jesus told us never to judge anyone or anything. We are to be discerning of the truth about each and every matter and use the plumb line of Scripture to determine who/what is right and who/what is wrong. If we didn't judge anything, then nothing could ever be judged right or wrong and there would be moral chaos in the church!

Yes, MB. God loves you. I understand that and don't deny it. Your relationship with Christ is between you and Him; just as mine is between me and Him. We each come to the foot of the cross of Christ and answer his question, "Who do you say that I am?" It is the one question that each person must one day answer before they die. After that, comes the judgment.

I write what I write on this blog for the main purpose of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He has warned us through Scripture that there will be those who will fall for deceiving spirits and preach "another gospel." I see this happening at an alarming rate in the gay christian movement. Pointing the facts out is not judgmental; it's just the facts.

God does not want anyone to perish, but to come to repentance. I take that as the God's honest truth and thus will not compromise in order to get approval by men.

I am grateful to you for coming back over here and being willing to discuss our differences. You make many valid points that have helped me to choose my wording more carefully. Even though we continue to "agree to disagee," I hope that our exchanges are beneficial to many who read at this blog.

God bless your day!
In Christ,