Wednesday, October 03, 2007

MediaMatters-inspired 'Bash Rush' campaign

A short, out-of-context seconds-long sound-bite was hacked into a "major story" by Media Matters, submitted and repeated by the more biased of major media outlets, and turned into talking points by Democrats with a formal resolution proposed by Harry Reid in the Senate to demand an "apology" from Rush Limbaugh. Rush apologized...for the Democrats

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Sean Hannity compiled several, far-worse and totally slanderous statements by the likes of Reid, John Kerry, Barrack Obama, John Murtha etc. (which, unlike Rush's comment, were aimed at genuine defamation towards our troops) and broadcasted the clips yesterday on Hannity and Colmes.

This is just another smear campaign invented by the liberals against a popular, successful conservative talk show radio host. What is the real issue here? It's the liberals' push for the oxymoronically titled "Fairness Doctrine" syndrome, all over again.

A liberal left loonie's philosophy? If you can't beat 'em in the free speech arena...just go ahead and unfairly defame them. What's next? Try to pass another law to silence them!

These whinny idiots ought to live in Iran. They would make Ahmadinejad proud. Turns out, Mahmoud is not only a lying dictator, but a whiner too.


Listen to Mark Levin clarify the "Phoney Soldiers" myth

Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl responded to the charge, becoming the first Republican lawmaker to support the radio host publicly.

“It’s troubling that some Democrats have taken a comment by Rush Limbaugh about “phony soldiers” totally out of context in order to find some moral equivalence to get them off the hook for refusing to condemn the ‘Petraeus’ ad,” he said. “The only thing phony about this is the contrived controversy.”

The link: Fox News

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And: LGF: Left Wing Lies Becoming a Pandemic

Add Tom Harkin to the list of real fake war heroes.

HT: Commenter Dirk Diggler at LGF who wrote:

Tom "Top Gun" Harkin is himself a fake war hero. He repeatedly lied about his own military service, claiming to have flown Combat Air Patrols in Vietnam when all he did was ferry jets from Atsugi, Japan to the Phillipines.


Jefferson said...

I do some work with the NAB, and anyone who claims that reinstating the Fairness Doctrine will diversify the airwaves is either being disingenuous or doesn't know their history. The original incarnation of the Fairness Doctrine brought the virtual death of issue-based programming, as broadcasters feared fines and penalties were their programming deemed "unfair" - a rather subjective measure in the first place. My concern is that the current advocates of the Fairness Doctrine do know their history and are seeking to even the playing field by silencing existing voices as opposed to adding more of their own.

Doug said...

Hey, I'll be all for "leveling the playing field" of talk radio... as long as we can also even out PBS, NPR, the USA Today, the New York Times, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, Time, Newsweek, the LA Times, Wall Street Journal, 90 percent of squawking Hollywood actors and the vast majority of college professors.

If those are all included in the "fairness doctrine," then I'll be on board.

Christinewjc said...

Hi Jefferson,

Welcome to Talk Wisdom!

Can I assume that NAB stands for "National Association of Broadcasting?"

I have heard Sean Hannity discuss the history of the so-called "Fairness Doctrine," and if I remember correctly, he said similar things.

The reason they want to silence those existing conservative voices (most of whom are very successful, btw)is because they know that no one will listen to their liberal left loonie blathering; even if they were given the chance on the shows! We hear enough of their idiotic opinions when they call Sean's radio show, anyway.

Sean's "defeat Hillary" campaign is crucial now, more than ever. If she gets in there, it would be disasterous for our nation.

Christinewjc said...

Hi Doug,

Ha ha ha...we all know that will never happen.

All of those media outlets that you mentioned are so ridiculously liberal left lopsided, it would be so pleasing to one day, see them headed for the trash heap of history.

At least we have Fox News (beating all of them), WorldNetDaily, Conservative Talk Radio and the blogs to hold the biased MSM accountable!