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If anyone thinks that the terrible bills that Republican traitor Arnold recently signed into law won't really affect the rest of the nation, think again.

Read this very disturbing article about the impact this decision will probably have on the rest of the nation.


"Analysts have warned that schools across the nation will be impacted by the decision, since textbook publishers must cater to their largest purchaser, which often is California, and they will be unlikely to go to the expense of having a separate edition for other states."

Do you now grasp the terrible implications of Arnold the traitor did through signing these left wing lunatic bills?? It said that because most publishers follow the lead of California (and don't have the money to change the textbook wording from what California puts in them), this means that the entire nation's public school children will be subjected to this homosexual/bisexual/transgender indoctrination!!

Are you furious yet?

Please go here and read the 218 customer reviews on The Marketing of Evil: How Radicals, Elitists, and Pseudo-Experts Sell Us Corruption Disguised As Freedom.

The signing of these awful bills are corruption disguised as freedom in action!!

If you go and read many of the reviews, most have had their eyes opened to the corruption being sold to us through the clever, but evil, methods of marketers who just don't care what negative impact their sleezy sludge is having on our nation...especially upon our kids!!!

One saving grace is the fact that it is obvious that Kupelian's book is combating such corruption one reader at a time.

I have a suggestion. Each reader here should purchase two of Kupelian's "The Marketing of Evil" books. One for yourself (if you haven't read it yet) and one to give as a gift to someone else. Perhaps the book is out in paperback. It will be cheaper to purchase and give away. If you can afford it, buy ten and give them out!!!

It is interesting to note that some church pastors have finally read the book and it is finally catching on big time within their congregations.

Churches on fire over 'Marketing of Evil'
Pastor: 'Book jolted me awake just as surely as someone bursting in my bedroom'

My fellow Christian friends!! We cannot stay silent on these issues which are negatively affecting the morality and lives of our nation's children and grandchildren!! We must speak up and speak out against this tide of evil being marketed to our kids!!

Of course, the sexual deviancy indoctrination isn't the only issue hurting our kids. The chapter on abortion in "Marketing of Evil" is absolutely riveting. It will make you angry, sad, and furious that we were sold such a lying 'bill of crap" in order for Roe vs. Wade to become one of the worst Supreme Court decisions in the history of America. It has taken such a terrible toll on our nation. Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust realize the impact that legalized abortion has had on their generation. Over 51,157,106 babies (as of 10/15/07 at 8:29 a.m. PT ....make that 51,157,109 since I typed this sentence!!!) have been destroyed in the womb since the 1973!!! THIS HORRENDOUS RULING HAS HURT COUNTLESS women who regret falling for such a "corruption disguised as freedom" LIE!!!

Atrocities that are so unthinkable...

For those who survived the abortion holocaust, they often face another atrocious evil: the drug culture. School children are motivated to take drugs so the dealers can make a profit. They don't care about our children!!! They only care about making a profit!!!


The chapter that discusses the drug culture and how prevalent, and easily accessible it is to even our youngest children is chilling!!

Last night, Hannity's America had a segment on this new drug "craze" in Texas. If I recall correctly it is a Tylenol (or similar brand?) pill laced with a bit of heroin. It is being sold for $2.00 to middle and high school kids. Trouble is, if they don't die from the first dose, they are immediately addicted to the heroin!! It is being called "cheese" or something like that. The Texas public schools are doing seminars to warn people about the deadly, addicting affects of something that is being given out at enormous rates to school children.

Outraged yet?

*******more to come*******

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Returning to post...

I have written about a Christian producer who created a movie called "Judgment" several times in the past. You can see these former posts:

The Devastating Error of Hate Crimes Laws [Note: scroll down to read post.]

A Real Life 'God on Trial' Plot

Bad Hate Crimes Laws Silence Biblical Speech

Here is a poignant excerpt about the Philly Eleven incident (if you are not familiar with this case, you might want to go to the about link to read the entire post) from my "Bad Hate Crimes Laws Silence Biblical Speech":

Rev. Ted Pike, of the National Prayer Network, campaigns against such "hate crimes" and "hate speech" plans, and is warning there actually is a federal plan that could be used to make criminals of any Christian who speaks Biblical messages."

The David Ray Hate Crimes Prevention Act is now before the House Judiciary Committee. If it's signed into federal law, the Philly Eleven incident won't be a freak injustice of American history. Instead, it will be the unheeded first raindrop of a downpour of anti-Christian arrests and lawsuits submerging Christianity in the years ahead," Pike has written.

He said the dismissal of the civil rights complaint means that "the Philly Eleven were wrong in exercising free speech in what had become a no-free speech zone."

He said the federal plan "would eventually allow government 'thought police' to push aside states' rights in law enforcement. Such laws would allow federal indictment of Christian 'haters' in every state of the Union…"

"It would become a federal crime … to show bias against protected groups [including] homosexuals. However, deviant groups such as witches, Satanists, pedophiles, abortionists, and even 'sinners' could quickly catch a ride on the bandwagon of federal protection from the 'hate' of biblically oriented criticism," he said.

The U.S. requirement that there is physical evidence of a crime before an arrest is made could be abandoned, and the only criteria of guilt in a hate crimes case could be "whether the feelings of a member of a federally protected group have been hurt," he said.

Pike's Hate Laws Exposed website is a primary resource center for information on "anti-hate" laws.

The other night, I watched the movie "Judgment" again. You can view a brief trailer of the movie here. [Note: a brief commercial plays first.]

The secular movie reviewers do not often present the entire impact of this movie. For the Dove Foundation Christian organization review of the movie, go here.

Since many secular movie reviewers are not very familiar with what the end times books in the Bible [i.e. Daniel, Jeremiah, Revelation] reveals will be happening as the world is leading up to the time of the Great Tribulation, non-Christian reviewers often miss the obvious similarities between the labeling of Christians as "haters" of the human race (as they are called in the movie) and the current labeling of Christians as "haters" because they disapprove of aberrant sexual behaviors which are clearly condemned by God in Scripture. Fighting for the rights of parents to raise their children in a "homosexual indoctrination free" atmosphere at public schools will become more and more difficult with traitor Arnold's signing of this indoctrination legislation.

What the Rev. Ted Pike warned of (in the brief quote above) is now happening at an increasingly alarming rate due to not only the push for "hate crimes" laws, but also through the terrible legislation being pushed upon this country by the liberal left lunatic homosexual indoctrination centers formerly known as "public schools."

If you haven't seen the Judgment movie, please get a copy and see it. You will be astounded at the similarities between how Helen Hannah (the Christian women unfairly arrested and set up as a "terrorist hater" who bombed a children's school bus in the movie when, in actuality, it was one of the O.N.E. - One Nation Earth group who bombed and killed the children) is treated by the O.N.E. judicial system and how the Philly Eleven were treated by our current day liberal judicial system.

There are so many more instances of frivolous lawsuits done by homosexual activists (please note I said ACTIVISTS...not ALL homosexuals) whose goal is to silence Christians and their biblical messages.

1. The David Parker case
2. Catholic activist Larry Cirignano targeted by homosexual activists

These are just two examples of how gay activists unfairly lie, target and then relatiate against Christians (and other religious believers) in such a way as to create disruption so that they then can hurl an atmosphere of fear, rejection, hatred, intolerance, deception, and false accusations against Christian believers who want to keep their freedom of speech, freedom of association, and freedom of religion rights intact in this nation.

When you see the movie Judgment, remember what you have read here.

10/16/07 Update:

We are not giving up!! Read about the upcoming referendum!!

CRFI to appear on The O'Reilly Factor Tomorrow Night! (Tonight! Tuesday, October 16, 2007!)

The last 48 hours have been extremely busy for CRFI! The staff has been swamped with media interviews from all across the country. Tomorrow evening CRFI's executive director Karen England will appear on Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly show to discuss SB 777 and CRFI's referendum. Please tell your friends and family members to tune and learn more about this assault on traditional family values.

How YOU Can Help!

Since the governor's unbelievable decision to sign SB 777, we have received a tremendous outpouring of phone calls and e-mails regarding what citizens can do to help CRFI.

First, we need your financial support. In order to qualify this referendum for the ballot, we need approximately $500,000. That's roughly $1 for each of the necessary signatures (one half million signatures required). If every person who reads CRFI's e-mails gave just $25, we would be well on our way to reaching this goal.

Please send donations to
CRFI@660 J Street, Suite 250, Sacramento, CA 95814.

Second, we will need help collecting signatures for the referendum. We will also need many volunteers in our office to help with the massive administration of the referendum. Please e-mail Meredith Turney if you are able to help collect signatures or help: or (916) 498-1940

Third, please sign up your friends and family members for our e-mails so that they can stay informed with the latest news about the SB 777 referendum. Last week radio talk show host Tom Sullivan stated on his program that CRFI's e-mails are some of the most informative updates for capitol news.

CRFI is pleased to announce that several legislators and candidates have signed on to support the SB 777 referendum, including: Assemblyman Joel Anderson, Assemblyman Doug LaMalfa, Assemblyman Ted Gaines, 4th District Congressional Candidate Eric Egland, and Eric Hogue, Candidate for State Assembly, district 4.

This list will continue to grow as lawmakers from across the state express their support for traditional family values in California.

CRFI will launch a web site for the SB 777 referendum within the next 24 hours. Stay tuned for more information on the web site and the referendum.

Read: Coming to a School Locker Room Near You


Christinewjc said...


This...well...just belongs here:

Tuesday, October 16

No Fear of Bad News

He will not be afraid of evil tidings; his heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord.
Psalm 112:7

Recommended Reading
Psalm 112

At first reading, Psalm 112 seems too good to be true; but on further study, we realize it's so good it must be true. This Psalm explains how God blesses us when we praise Him, fear Him, and delight in His commandments (verse 1).

Our children will be blessed by our faithfulness (verse 2), our needs will be met (verse 3), we'll become more gracious, compassionate, and righteous (verse 4), and more generous and discreet (verse 5). Best of all, we'll be secure in our hearts, unafraid of bad news (verses 6-8).

This isn't a promise that bad news will never come, for we all read the headlines every day and sometimes face that dreaded call in the night or those difficult conversations with a friend. But faith turns the bad news into items of prayer and objects of trust, for we know God works all things together for those who love Him (Romans 8:28). Because of God's sovereignty and Christ's resurrection, we have a peace the world can never understand. Our hearts are steadfast, trusting in the Lord.

(The) peace of God . . . is an unspeakable calmness and serenity of spirit, a tranquility in the blood of Christ, which keeps the souls of believers, in their latest hour, even as a garrison keeps a city.
- John Wesley

John 1:1 - 3:21

Christinewjc said...

Some WND letters of outrage:

Ban California public schools

"Mom and Dad" have been banned from California's public schools because "Mom and Dad" might be "offensive" to gays? I am really angered that an ordinary, normal form of identifying parents – by children – is considered "offensive." If they want to go way over the line, I imagine it's OK for us also, and way over the line they have just gone.

So be it. They have declared war against us moms and dads. Now it's our turn.

I suggest we ban California's public schools, along with their sick and twisted administrators and teachers, from America. No more federal tax dollars. No more federal support. No more assistance of any kind, until they clean house, until they get the pedophiles, the molesters and the homosexuals (male and female) out of their school system and away from the children – permanently.

R. E. Mustaine

Keep the pressure on

I have noticed with great encouragement that you have kept the California "Mom, Dad" issue in the spotlight of WorldNetDaily headlines for several days running now. Thank you!

You should keep it there even longer so more and more of your readers have a chance to learn about it. Please do not ever drop this story. Keep the pressure on!

In the many years that I've been visiting WND and of all the outrageous things that have been brought to my attention through your website, I can't remember being more angered about a situation than this one! In fact, I am 40 years old, and I have NEVER written a single letter to any editor of any publication. But I am RED HOT over this issue, and I don't even live in California; I live in Indiana and I homeschool my children!

We are in a battle! I wish I could do more! We need more ways to fight back!

Jim Foxworthy

California deserves 'the big one'

It has been said about Hollywood, but it should also be said about California: "If God lets them get away with this, He is morally obligated to raise up Sodom and Gomorrah and apologize to them for blowing them away."

It won't be long now till the "big one." Atheists will laugh, but just watch.

Ken Raymond

Hellish California

California has gone to hell. I want to leave. I have fought and called and voted and prayed. Now I say let California just go to hell where it belongs. Though I was born in California and lived here 60 years, I am disgusted and finished.

Is there a state or a town where a native-born American Christian conservative Constitution-loving person is welcome? I am asking and writing to those I trust with a legitimate question, hoping for a legitimate answer in all earnest.

Bill Jordan

Warning: Pedophiles ahead

I am completely astounded at Gov. Schwarzenegger's signing into law S.B. 777. If I didn't already homeschool, this would be the "proverbial straw" to whip my children out of the cesspool of public schooling.

Here are my thoughts on this: If children are taught, from kindergarten on, that it's OK to be and do sexually whatever you feel like, and use whatever bathroom you feel like your gender is (not what you were born with), what else comes with this, or right after? I believe we are going to be dealing with a huge increase of pedophiles in the next generation! Not only has morality been completely stripped from the public schools, but the immoral, the perverse, and the sick are being held up as the perfect model for all to attain to!

Isaiah 5:20 says, "How horrible it will be for those who call evil good and good evil, who turn darkness into light and light into darkness, who turn what is bitter into something sweet and what is sweet into something bitter."

They are sowing something horrible, which society will reap.

Amy G.

Promoting homosexuality, perversion, mocking and disrupting a sacred, communion time of worship in a Catholic church?

And we wonder why Muslims hate the U.S?

Make the connection:

Muslims have a point

Use whatever restroom you "gender identify with (today)." Mom and dad are "offensive terms" (don't gays have moms and dads?). Then I read about the Norwegian school officials who want children to be naked, to be able to feel each other out and to masturbate in class (but not at the dinner table, thank God [I'm not in school so I can say God]).

I want to thank these politicians and school officials for these policies. Thanks to them, I now fully understand why Muslims hate us so passionately.


Do you feel lucky, guys?

Tristan Emmanuel has a good point. I challenge the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to dress in burkas and try their stunt in a mosque, and see what happens.


Christinewjc said...

Here's a thought.

Does homosexual "tolerance" mean we have to put up with Homo-nauseousness?