Thursday, November 08, 2007

Guilty of Christofascism?

In the comment section at this post, I was given a challenge by "Liberator Rev" to explain why the God of the Bible is so "evil" (in his eyes...mind you) and how could I (or anyone else) worship such a horrible "Being."

I recognized a lot of the items he listed as being typical of those who adhere to the "Skeptics Annotated Bible" (SAB). If you read the comments there, you will see that I was correct in my assumption.

I referred him to the Tektonics website so that he could find the answers to his objections and skewed theology. That site is an invaluable resource. It also has a huge online Apologetics encyclopedia. I think that every Christian should bookmark these two pages.

After my last comment to the Rev, I have noticed that he hasn't been back to comment. However, getting into the SAB discussion with him jogged my memory about a fabulous essay written by a guy with the screen name "Utopian Indigent." Here is a link. It is a profound essay entitled, A Right-Brained Case for Jesus.

I "met" Utopian (UT) via the Skeptics Annotated Bible Discussion Board back in 2004. After discovering the blogosphere, I gave up most of my discussion board posting (there, as well as at other message boards).

I have to admit, conversing with many people over there was often quite challenging. I would do my own research in the Scriptures to counter their skewed theology. But when I discovered "The Skeptics Annotated Bible Refuted" through the Tektonics site, I realized that perhaps my time spent there wasn't really productive anymore.

After reading UT's essay again, I decided to see if he was still posting over at the SAB board. I made a general post and found out that he still visits there. I invited him to come on over here and comment. We will see if he takes me up on the invitation.

Meanwhile, I met a member there named NannyG123 who replied to my post. She sounded really nice and said that she will come visit this blog. Then, another commenter came along (who, apparently came over and read a few posts here). This is what he (she?) had to say after his (her?) visit:

Wow! Is there some way to rename your site because it needs a major name change.

Maybe you should try some of these suggestions:
Talk uniformed and not so knowledgeble
Talk lies and misdirection
Talk right wing
Talk Christofascism.

The last one says it best...

Now...I have been called many disparaging names before. People have written unflattering comments about my Biblical Christian faith and what I share here. But as far as I can recall, this is the first time that my blog has been labeled as "Christofascism."

Tsk tsk...

BTW, when I posted a link here, I warned the crowd over there that they (most of them, anyway) would probably hate my blog.

Why such vitriole from someone I don't know...and who obviously knows nothing about me either? It amazes me sometimes. It shouldn't...but it does.


Neil said...

Christine, good for you for sharing the truth! And thanks for the reminder about Tektonics - that site has tons of useful information.

Christinewjc said...

Thanks Neil!

Yes! There is nothing like the Truth to bring out the Christ rejecting haters!

So nasty!

See how much I'm "loved" over there?

Christinewjc said...


This is pretty comical.

When a new post appears at the SAB discussion board, I signed up for an email message to inform me about it. Just noticed this morning that at the bottom of the email notice, it says:

connecting people like you


Except, of course, for the few Christians there who are trying to bring the non-believers to their senses.

It's certainly tough for them being in enemy territory.

I remember all of the abuse quite well. It's coming back to me now...figuratively as well as literally!