Monday, November 05, 2007

My Fellow Nominees

Went over to check out most of the other blogs chosen as finalists in the "Religious Blog" category.

After just a brief visit to all of the blogs, here is my assessment:

Holy Schmidt (liberal, possibly Unitarian Universalist?)

Camp On This (Biblical Christian)

God Divas (looks secular)

The Deacon's Bench (Catholic)

What Does the Prayer Really Say? (Catholic)

Evangelical Outpost (Evangelical Christian)

A Payne Hollow Visit (not sure, maybe liberal Christian?)

One Cosmos (New Age)

Talk Wisdom (Born-again, Biblical Christian) :-) - JoLaNell
(Born-again Christian)

There were originally @ 100 blogs placed in the preliminary nomination category. Only 100!

Today, I just felt like doing a search on "Christian Blogspots" just to see how many came up. There were over 1,580,000!! Consider this, also. Many of the links were weblogs with dozens, if not hundreds of blogs and websites listed!

I thought it was interesting, (and typical) to find a "progessive" Christian blogspot to be a very popular one. The title is, "Not all Christians are Religious" and brags:

Not all Christians are Religious. A progressive Christian who likes to sin..occasionally.

Yep...that's the way of the world today...isn't it?

Of course, there is a huge difference between backsliding into sin (due to our fallen fleshly selves competing with the Holy Spirit's leading) and being someone who admits he/she "likes to sin...occasionally."

It is also interesting to note that the "Religious Blog" category was eliminated last year (HT: Evangelical Outpost) Wonder why that happened? Perhaps it was because not many people bothered to nominate "religious" blogs so they eliminated the category?

Anyway, I have found that besides the obvious success of Evangelical Outpost, many of the Bible-believing/teaching Christian blogs nominated this year are currently in the bottom four in voting totals. But don't let that stop you from visiting the sites. They are excellent!

This "contest" has helped me to discover some awesome Christian blogs that I probably would not have found otherwise. For that, I am most grateful!

I look forward to posting at those blogs after the voting period is over.


Neil said...

I recognize the Evangelical Outpost and Talkwisdom (of course!) as being orthodox, good blogs. I know Payne Hollow is not - the guy tries to claim he believe the Bible is God's word but spends most of his time discrediting it.

Christinewjc said...

Hi Neil,

Thanks for commenting about Payne Hollow. I thought that I recognized the blogger's screen name (real name too?), when I went over there, but couldn't put my finger on where I had heard it.

Your comment jogged my memory! I have previously seen him post comments at your blog, Mark's Chester Street blog, and gcmWatch -attempting to counter everything being said about the Bible's condemnation for homosexual behavior.

When someone spends most of their time discrediting the Bible, it usually means that they are trying to justify a favorite sin or lifestyle.

How truly sad and unfortunate...

Christinewjc said...

Here's a good article:

Love, Prayer and Interceding on their behalf.

WomanHonorThyself said...

good luck !!!