Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ex-Taliban Militant's Story Sounds Fishy to Me

There is nothing like old news to get people speculating again. I, for one, must confess that I am guilty as charged.

I read this article entitled Afghanistan: Bin Laden hiding in border mountains, claims ex-Taliban militant.

How many times have we either heard or read about this on the news? Dozens if not hundreds!!

Could this so-called ex?-Taliban militant just be a "plant" to get the speculation of Bin Laden's death off of the minds of Americans? I would think that the only ex-Taliban militants that exist are ten feet under...dead and buried.

What I find especially curious in the article is this portion:

"I saw him for the last time on 17 September 2003 not far from Dir, my village, " he said. "His caravan was moving slowly. They told me he was not well. They didn't seem worried about being detected by the Americans."

Wouldn't that one comment make the entire article old news?

This ex-militant obviously wouldn't even know what had happened to Bin Laden since that date!

I smell something very fishy about this "militant's" story.

I still think that Bin Hidin' has Bin Dead since August or September of 2006. Wouldn't it have been poetic justice if he died on September 11th? I know. More speculation. Since the classified French report was leaked sometime about Sept. 23rd, it is more likely that the monstermind would have died closer to that date.

It's just too much of a coincidence that the Taliban held such a huge funeral in Sept. 2006 if Bin Hidin' was still alive.

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