Monday, November 05, 2007

Time Out: Widget and Template Problemos!

Yesterday, I was in the process of obtaining an RSS feed here at Talk Wisdom. I found a website that provided detailed instruction on how to proceed. It was aptly called, "Blogger for dummies - how to add widgets."


I figured that if any dummie could do it then perhaps I should give it a try.


I got almost all the way through, but then found out that I would have to "upgrade my template." Started to do that, then got the message that I would lose some of the recent content that I had placed here.


Didn't want to deal with that right now, so my template upgrade (and, thus, the addition of an RSS feed) is on hold.

The page advisor did state that blogger would save a copy of my old template in order to add any lost content that would occur as a result of the upgrade. But I got scared! And, like I said before, I didn't want to deal with it all right now.

In the process of trying to install an RSS feed, I discovered that I had an "error" message concerning my Technorati blog reactions at the base of each blogpost which I had placed in the Template one or two days ago.


Removed that this morning.

I hate being tech challenged...

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