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The Masquerade of Jihadists & Activists

I was originally going to add this to my News Roundup post. But it deserves it's own blog post because of the fact that it is so important for people to read.

I was listening to the Michael Savage radio show yesterday and heard a discussion between Michael and a Canadian Free Press writer name Selwyn Duke. You can read his bio here

His article entitled Moslem Group Attacks Michael Savage: The Battle Between Taquiya and Talk Radio" is a must read for all Americans. Yes! It is THAT important!

People...we are being duped by this "CAIR" Muslim group! They are using our laws against us in order to promote their not-so-hidden evil ambitions of jihad against America!

Take a look at this excerpt:

Moreover, reports the website Anti-CAIR,

“Omar Ahmad was captured on FBI surveillance tapes at Hamas meetings in the United States during 1993 explaining that the IAP [Islamic Association for Palestine] could not, for political reasons, admit its support for Hamas, and then discussing how the Hamas agenda could be cloaked and advanced.”

Another CAIR official, Executive Director Nihad Awad, has been more forthcoming. He once said plainly,

“I am in support of the Hamas movement.”

And the above is just a sampling of the damning truth about these jihadists who masquerade as civil rights activists.

To truly grasp the insidiousness of these closet jihadists, one must understand taquiya, a principle that gives Islamists the moral authority to deceive infidels. Taquiya refers to dissimulation, the process of disguising one’s true intentions by erecting a facade pleasing to his victims. Writing at Jihad Watch, Gregory M. Davis explains it like this:

In times when the greater strength of dar al-harb [the House of War – places dominated by infidels] necessitates that the jihad take an indirect approach, the natural attitude of a Muslim to the infidel world must be one of deception and omission. Revealing frankly the ultimate goal of dar al-Islam to conquer and plunder dar al-harb when the latter holds the military trump cards would be strategic idiocy.

Unfortunately, the ones guilty of idiocy here are Westerners, as we blithely ignore how these Islamic interlopers are using our own system to destroy us. CAIR and its fellow travelers have been using intimidation and the courts to silence infidels, great and small, who oppose the jihad. For instance, CAIR sued the organization I cited earlier, Anti-CAIR, for $1.35 million for “libelous defamation.” This is, I suppose, what they call it when you tell the truth about them.

Then there is the case of former terrorist and current critic of Moslem extremism Zachariah Anani. For his sin of exercising his free speech rights, CAIR and other Islamic groups actually pressured the Canadian government to arrest him under the nation’s hate speech laws and deport him.

Doesn't this sound eerily similar to the "hate crimes" laws that homosexuals and their supporters are trying to pass through Congress? Doesn't it remind you of the ENDA legislation that would suppress free speech laws, too?

So, what does CAIR and every radical homosexual agenda group out there have in common?

The desire to silence free speech, freedom of association, and the religious freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution!

Think they are not related in this way?

Think again!

Take a look at gcmWatch's blogpost called Apostate Episcopal Church Threatens Another Bishop.

Unfortunately, that's not the only incident. Read and weep.

When sin runs rampant, evil isn't challenged, and reprobate theology is allowed to creep into the churches, we end up with something as bizarre as finding a gay bishop appearing in gay movie.

Where will such lunacy end??

Back to the The Battle Between Taquiya and Talk Radio:

Mr. Duke concludes:

This brings us back to Michael Savage. There is no one else of his stature who so bravely exposes the Islamist threat. If CAIR destroys him, they will have felled the World Trade Center of critics. Who, then, would be willing to contend with the sword of Islam? Only the small fish would be left to swim against the current from Mecca, and they would be next as CAIR and its minions worked their way down the food chain.

You don’t have to find yourself on Savage’s side of the aisle to find yourself in his corner. All good Americans should be outraged that these fifth-column warriors, these barbarians inside the gate, these vile interlopers, are targeting our countrymen for destruction. If you want free and open debate about one of the most important issues of our time, Islamic Jihad, you should care about CAIR. It is a terrorist-enabling organization that has no place in “dar al-harb.”

I don't expect everyone to agree with everything Michael Savage says. I certainly don't. However, on this issue he has 100% of my support! As the quote above so eloquently reveals:

All good Americans should be outraged that these fifth-column warriors, these barbarians inside the gate, these vile interlopers, are targeting our countrymen for destruction.


Update @ 12:06 p.m. PT

How's this for a bizarre, but totally descriptive title for an "infidel's" punishment for "insulting" Islam?

Sudan Teddy Bear Hate Criminal Convicted

This is what we are in for if groups like CAIR had their way... for such is Islam.

If I was that teacher I'd be so happy to eventually get out of that hellhole anyway.


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