Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Absurdity of Hollyweird

One of the previews that I saw before seeing the movie "Juno" last week, was an upcoming movie called "Charlie Bartlett." The review at that link has only positive things to say about the plot.

However, upon watching the preview I was absolutely horrified!

In light of finding out that Heath Ledger has tragically died due to a massive overdose of prescription drugs, the idea of presenting a movie that depicts a high school student attempting to become popular (and doing so by getting in with the crowd through obtaining prescription drugs for his classmates via his psychiatrist!) is absurd, dangerous, and, of course illegal!

The fact that the movie tries to portray this drug dealer as a "hero" to his ailing classmates is beyond ridiculous!

Hollywood. Such fools.

With movies like this, who needs any more contemptible examples of the downward spiral in which our culture of death is leading?


Doug said...

Raise this point with Hollyweird and they'll tell you Bush drove the kids to drugs.

Christinewjc said...

Yep...don't we all know that it's Bushs' fault for absolutely everything??

I wonder. If Obama wins the election...who will the press pick on for the next 4 years??

Matt W. said...

No contest, they will pick on Bush. MSM bias, just as you say. All the bad stuff that Reagan was left by Carter was blamed on Reagan. All the good carryover from the Reagan/Bush years, Clinton got credit for. Any good carryover from Clinton into W's term, Clinton still got Credit for, while any bad carryover, Bush got nailed with. So, any bad for the next 4 or 8 years will still get blamed on Bush, no matter how crazy it might be. (Wow, I just hope I kept that all straight long enough to write it...)