Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Thinking Blogger Award

I want to take a moment to thank Neil, author of the excellent blog named 4 Simpsoms-Eternity Matters, for presenting me with the Thinking Blogger Award! I am humbled and honored.

Neil deserves much applause for receiving two Thinking Blogger Awards from two different bloggers!

Since I discovered Neil's blog, I have made it a daily visit. I have learned a lot from my fellow brother in Christ! I always appreciate his comments here, as well as his timely advice, too.

Now, I have the task of selecting five bloggers, recognize their achievements, and pass this award on to them. It is difficult to just pick only five! Since I started blogging in March of 2005, I have met so many great bloggers!

Several of my favorite blogging friends (like Mark at ChesterStreet, Pastor D.L. Foster at GCMWatch, and, of course, Neil at Eternity Matters) have already won the award. Congratulations to each of them!

Here are just some of the great blogs that deserve this award:

1. Camp On This I discovered this blog during the 2007 Weblog Awards. Steven J. Camp is truly a gifted writer who shares biblical truth. I truly admire his ability to expose today's cultural errors and heresy movements while utilizing the works of some of the greatest biblical scholars who have ever lived. His blog is definitely worth a daily visit.

2. Challies.com Tim Challies blog is involved with one of my favorite Christian disciplines - the subject of, and extreme importance in, learning spiritual discernment. The following is the foreword, written by the well-known Christian apologetics author, John MacArthur (one of my favorites!):

"The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment is a truly important work-one that should be required reading not only for church leaders, but for all sober-minded laypeople as well."

John MacArthur (From the Foreword)"

3. Thoughts, Commentary, and Various Ramblings Matt W. is a Christian blogger who has become a frequent visitor and commenter here at Talk Wisdom. I appreciate his biblically sound input, important questions, keen wit, and honest commentary about various issues discussed here and at his blog. His blog subtitle states: "How one regular guy views the world." A visit to his blog will inform you, challenge you, and even provides some great humor in the mix!

Be sure to see his latest post - Fundamentalist

Here's a sample of his keen wit while making an important point:

Also, if you watch this interview you will see that Warren also told Colbert that we are here to practice for the afterlife so we won't be "a doofus" when we get there. So, I was wondering exactly where he got this from, so I went to http://www.blueletterbible.org/ and searched for the word "doofus" in every single version of the Bible that they have there (and they have quite a few) and found that it doesn't appear anywhere in any version of the Bible that I know of, so I wasn't able to get an answer to that one... sorry.

4. On The wRite Side I met blogger Holly through joining Digg this year. Her blog subtitle tells all!

-Secret Headquarters for The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy-
Conservative News, Analysis and Commentary

"PC-free coverage of the news Donkeys and RINOs hate for you to hear"

Please see one of her latest posts: Liberals Win Potomac and America Loses The picture displayed speaks volumes, too.

5. Miles McPherson Miles McPherson is the President of Miles Ahead and Senior Pastor of the Rock Church in San Diego, California. He recently started blogging, and as you will see when you read the comments over there, he is highly regarded and loved by many people of all ages. His Holy Spirit-given ability to preach the truth in the Bible and reach young people is especially apparent. Miles never shys away from the often difficult and/or controversial issues of our day. Please see his latest sermon on the subject of Marriage: The Image of God.

Congratulations to each of these bloggers!

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