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Defeat The Media of Mass Deception

When Dr. D. James Kennedy passed away on September 5, 2007, Brian E. Fisher was promoted by the Coral Ridge Ministry as President and CEO.

Mr. Fisher:

“Coral Ridge Ministries is poised for exciting growth over the next five years,” said Fisher. “Our goal is to follow the lead of Dr. Kennedy by using media—in new and innovative ways—to reach an audience of 30 million people in 2012 with the transforming truths of God’s Word. That’s a ten fold increase in impact. CRM is perfectly positioned at a time when media is undergoing tremendous transitions..

“Media is both activism and influence. Our culture desperately needs to hear the truth about Christ. It also needs us to unmask the lies of evolution, abortion, hate crimes, militant atheism, and other moral and cultural issues that are plaguing our nation and hurting the hearts and minds of our people.

I have been receiving the Coral Ridge Ministries Impact Newsletter for quite some time. I have always admired Dr. Kennedy's willingness to be on the frontline in the culture war.

February's newsletter just arrived in my mailbox. I was excited to learn that Brian E. Fisher has written a book called Media Revolution. It will be available on March 2, 2008 and I plan to order my copy today.

Brian Fisher's new book offers Christians a battle plan to use technology to reach America with biblical truth and to defeat the media of mass deception.

Sounds like my kind of book!

Coral Ridge Ministries has always been active in proclaiming truths that transform the world. I am so glad to see that Mr. Fisher is going to continue on in the legacy of the ministry's Founder, Dr. D. James Kennedy.

In February's Impact Newsletter, Mr. Fisher shares a snipet from his upcoming book:

Our enemy, the Devil, is the father of lies. Scripture says "there is no truth in him" (see John 8:44). Since the Devil cannot speak truthfully, every word, implication, or tactic he uses is based on one goal - to kill us by deceiving us. In the same verse, Jesus calls Satan a murderer - literally a manslayer. The only other place this Greek word for murderer is used is in 1 John, where it describes one who hates his brother.

Be Alert!

Our spiritual enemy has no truth in him. His sole goal to lead God's creation into death any way he can. Friend, be alert! The Devil seeks to kill us. He hates us. He uses every means at his disposal to trick us, entice us, dupe us, and lie to us in the hopes that his deception will send unbelievers to Hell and believers to despair.

Deception has may forms. Sometimes the lie is so blatant that we see it coming. Sometimes the lie is subtle. In my new book, Media Revolution, I outline how the media of mass deception uses eight separate tactics to trick us into believing a lie. One of those is the Name Game.

The Devil has used this tactic since the beginning of time, and mankind has used it just as long. The Name Game occurs when a term that is not truthful replaces one that is in order to minimize or change the original term's connotation. Take the phrase "pro-choice" for instance. That phrase is a lie that replaced the phrase "pro-abortion" several decades ago.

Pro-abortion is a truthful term, literally meaning "for or in favor of abortion." "Abortion" is the murder of an unborn child, thus a pro-abortion person is an advocate of killing babies.

Deceptive Term

Pro-choice is a deceptive term, literally meaning "for or in favor of choice." "Choice" means the ability to make a conclusive decision between two or more options. Do you see how cunning this tactic is? A phrase originally meant to be in favor of murder now means to be in favor of a woman's right to make a choice. The whole issue of murder has been removed from the discussion and has been replaced by a woman's right - similar to a right to vote, a right to work, or a right to equality.

By using the Name Game, the media of mass deception has effectively trained the American culture to think that murder is really about a woman's convenience. And we have bought the lie.

There are many other terms the media uses to deceive. Don't be fooled. Learn to recognize the Name Game and refuse to use this deception tactic.

In His Grace,
Brian E. Fisher
President and CEO

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