Friday, February 15, 2008

Obama campaign office features Che Guevara flag

Is Obama a communist/Marxist? His office seems to think so... odd. and I liked Obama, but this is scary.

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How very chilling this is!!!!

The above was written by the submitter at Digg named "Plato." He claimed to have "liked" Obama until he found out about this new revelation. Notice what is being said here. The question is whether or not Obama could be a communist/Marxist. Then, we see evidence (as I had previously pointed out in the comment thread here) of Obama office staff members who unabashedly placed a Cuban flag, with the face of the brutal murderer Che Guevara superimposed upon it, in one of the Houston campaign offices..

What is so terribly wrong and scary with this picture people??

I'll tell you what. There are millions of followers and supporters of Obama who probably don't even have a clue about what he stands for. Read that WND article and I think that your eyes will finally be opened to the fact that Obama is trying to hide his true intentions through his so-called great "oratory" skills and feigned message of "we can all work together." His book discusses the audacity of "hope." Yet, if you read several of the previous posts and links (just type in Obama in the search blog feature) here at Talk Wisdom, we discover that he had lied about his upbringing, background and where some of his loyalties are in that book. His campaign signs clamor for the idea of the need for "change" in America.

What we must ask is: hope for whom and change to what?

WND article excerpt:

"How is it a front-runner for the highest office in the land can reject an American flag on his lapel but permit the display of a huge Cuban flag at one of his offices, emblazoned with a mass murderer's mug?" the publication asked.

"Barack Obama, displaying the same 'anything goes' standard of patriotism he showed when he ostentatiously refused to wear a U.S. flag in his lapel, now shows he's got a whole different idea about patriotism," the publication continued.

"Rather than repudiate the image, Obama would only call it 'inappropriate,' apparently without insisting it be taken down. That contrasts with his dismissal of his Senate colleagues who wear lapel flags as 'hypocrites.' Some hypocrites," IBD said.

"The display of the Castroite flag with Che's picture on it sends a particularly disturbing message about his campaign. Apparently, Obama tends to attract the kind of people who think of mass murderers like Che and Fidel as romantic revolutionaries. Those same people see Obama as a man with a messianic message.

"These are the voters he'll be indebted to should he win higher office," the publication warned.

But even worse, such a situation "coincides uncomfortably" with the candidate's demands for a "no-strings-attached" relationship between the United States and communist Cuba.

"Obama's naïve idealism is based on a false understanding of history. Cuba is a nation that aimed Soviet missiles at us in 1962 and is likely to do the same if and when Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez gets advanced weapons from Russia or Iran," IBD said.

And, the publication said, that's not all: Cuba also in 1962 tried to launch a 9/11-style attack on New York's subways, a plot masterminded by Guevara, and in 1982 it tried to get the U.S.S.R. to launch nukes at the U.S. In 1996, Cuba shot down two airplanes and killed six Americans who were trying to rescue Cuban refugees at sea.

"Had a political candidate in Latin American pasted up a picture of Che at election time, there'd be no doubt where he stood – ones who did just that are now running countries with names like Bolivia and Venezuela. Is that what Obama really stands for?"

I knew that eventually, Obama's real intentions as to where he'd like to lead this nation would finally come out. I just didn't really know how dangerous his ultra leftist worldview truly is until this very moment.

He must be defeated come election time!

Note this comment over at Digg:

140Suffolk 17 hours ago

Obama has Nation of Islam apparatchniks on his payroll, he parties with terrorist-excusers like the late Edward Said. Obama's chosen minister runs an anti-American, anti-white church. And lauds Louis Farrakhan to the skies.And now we find out Obama attracts Che Guevara fans. But Obama says it's "inappropriate"?

As if this Che Guevara/Cuban flag revelation isn't disgraceful and scandalist enough, just take a look at the article links below. The articles share even more offensive info about Obama...enough to make your blood run cold and your hair stand on end!


Obama's Ties


mike rucker said...

i find obama a lot like chinese food - good flavors, easy to share with friends, but thirty minutes later you find yourself hungry again.

there's a guy you'd enjoy who does an itunes radio show every day at 10 am est - denny schaffer (go to itunes radio -> talk/spoken word section -> dennyradio 24/7). i actually have him on right now... anyway, i sent him a speech to use to announce his candidacy for president. obviously a bit tongue-in-cheek, but i swear i'd vote for someone who could read this and make me believe he (or she) would do it.

here's the link:

mike rucker

Doug said...

Obama's a socialist, to say the least. I'm sure the staffer would have rather used a picture of Karl Marx, but Hillary has the copyright on that.

Susan said...

This guy is starting to make McCain look good - and that's saying a lot.

mike rucker said...

Doug said...
Obama's a socialist, to say the least. I'm sure the staffer would have rather used a picture of Karl Marx...

or maybe paul. or peter. maybe even Jesus?

All the believers were together and had everything in common. Selling their possessions and goods, they gave to anyone as he had need. Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved. - acts 2:44-47

mike rucker

Susan said...

The reference to Acts 2:44-47 relates to the church at Jerusalem. This was not a universal practice of the early church.

Jesus never advocated socialism or encouraged people to live in a communal setting. He visited the home of Martha, Mary, and Lazarus often. He also visited Peter's home. There is no record of his supporting communal living.

We are to love one another and help each other. Offerings were taken for the improverished church in Judea. Widows were fed. We're also not to forsake the fellowship of believers.

Sorry, these verses do not make a case for socialism.

mike rucker said...

sorry, susan, but the church in jerusalem WAS the universal church at the time. think about it...

then consider what Jesus told the rich young ruler to do...

the point being made was that 'socialism' in all its forms is wrong. it's not that clear cut. there are elements of community present in the early church that are not with us today. america is a great country in that it feels a responsibility to take care of those less fortunate.

no, i'm not advocating we pool all our money and divide the pot. i'm just saying that answers today aren't black and white. we stick labels on people - the comment stuck the 'socialist' label on obama - in order to exclude their views from the conversation. in the end, we're the ones that lose, not them.

mike rucker

Christinewjc said...


IMO, Obama's rhetoric is more like bad Chinese food. Thirty minutes after a rally, if the clueless minnion who blindly follow him would read the blogs, then they would clearly see what bull_ _ _ _ he's preaching! Ha!

Hi Susan,
Welcome! I hear ya... McCain wasn't my first choice for the Republican nomination. However, it looks like we will be stuck with him.

Yes! He's definitely a better choice than either Shrillery or Obama-rama-ding dong! heh heh


Why isn't this out in the press?? They are so far left wouldn't you think that the MSM would eat this up and use such info for bragging points?



I agree with Susan that Jesus' life and ministry did not reflect any kind of socialistic bent. In fact, because they were the church back then, we should follow that lead and allow the churches to minister to the poor.

Jesus didn't advocate using the government (or it's money) to help others. He advocated neighbor helping neighbor...not Shrillary's cradle to grave government entitlements that would bankrupt our economic growth and create a nationwide welfare state...once again.

mike rucker said...

ahhhh... i see. thank you all for pulling the chain on the light bulb over my head.

it's christianity and government and theocracy and democracy and making it happen vs hoping it happens.

this christianity stuff is a lot harder than i was led to believe.

imagine that.

(and pun intended.)

check out this link:

mike rucker

Christinewjc said...

Oh great....

Now, some of Obama's minions are swooning and fainting over him!

Do these people even have a clue???

Earth to Obama rama ding dong followers...don't get fooled again! Don't drink the new Jim Jones - Obama Kool-aid people!!!

Christinewjc said...

WorldNetDaily Poll results (as of 2/17/08 @ 7:44 a.m. PT)

What do you think of the string of faintings at Obama's campaign rallies?

I fear for my country if my fellow citizens are this unbalanced and irrational over a politician 35.08% (588)

People fainted when Hitler spoke, too – this man is dangerous 27.92% (468)

I don't know if it's fakery or fanaticism, but it creeps me out 13.37% (224)

It's all orchestrated ... a sleazy attempt to manipulate the voters 11.46% (192)

Put any large group of people in a large arena and someone's bound to faint – there's no story here 6.50% (109)

The similarities among the different incidents sure looks suspicious to me 3.04% (51)

Other 1.01% (17)

The few incidents have been magnified out of proportion by splicing the video clips together 0.60% (10)

Someone fainted – what was Obama supposed to do? Selfishly continue telling the crowd why they should vote for him? 0.54% (9)

Obama's response shows he's a man of profound compassion – exactly who we need in the White House 0.48% (8)


mike rucker said...

christine, is this one of those don't-throw-me-in-the-briar-patch things ... you and obama?

make sure your husband keeps some smelling salts handy.

mike rucker

Cosmotone said...

Communist Obama and his Pro-Abortion Socialist Gestapo will CHANGE USA into USSA - United Socialist States of America.