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Blogger Admits Obama B.C. Forgery

People have been busy dismissing the Obama birth certificate questions as unimportant. Well, I think that it is highly important! What's more, is the fact that a rabidly leftist blogger chose to photoshop a fake certificate and pass it off as the real thing. What's even worse is the fact that the Obama campaign's "Fight the Smears" site tried to pass the birth certificate forgery off as the real thing too!

What is seriously wrong with this picture people???

Add this latest lie to the growing laundry list of questionable people surrounding Obama (see "The Disassociator" photo) and we have a situation that I think needs to be federally investigated.

Israeli Insider broke the story about the fake, photoshopped Obama birth certificate. Now, they break the story about the person who admits being responsible for the forgery.

Blogger admits Hawaii birth certificate forgery, subverting Obama claims
By Israel Insider staff July 3, 2008

How many more scandals will it take for people to wake up and smell the stench of dishonesty surrounding Obama and his campaign?

I don't know about you, but all of this seems so surreal to me. How in the world did this guy get the Democratic nomination for president with all of the suspicion, controversy and dishonesty that surrounds him?


The presence on the Daily Kos blog of the admittedly forged almost-blank templates of the document, and the admission of forgery by opendna in that same blog entry, not to mention the technical signatures uncovered by Polarik and JimJ, should cause the Obama campaign to radically reassess its reliance on the image of the birth certificate published by the Daily Kos.

If the website is the home for a self-admitted federally-trained document specialist, with examples of forgery posted concurrently with the image they claim as authentic, is that a venue appropriate for a presidential candidate to showcase the only available high resolution purported image of his vital records? If the birth certificate endorsed by his campaign turns out to be a fraud -- and the overwhelming evidence assembled points to it being precisely that -- what would that say about the credentials and judgment of the presidential candidate it purports to represent? Let alone his Constitutional eligibility to serve.

Yet the Obama campaign, three weeks later, continues to run a derivative of the Daily Kos posts, and insists on its authenticity while refusing to submit any paper proof of birth for official or independent inspection, as if proof of Constitutional fitness to serve is of no consequence.

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Update: 7/7/08 @ 8:00 a.m. PT

Zach Jones has brilliantly captured and revealed the polar opposite differences between what a John McCain presidency would represent (THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES!!!) vs. what an Obama "presidency" (God forbid!!) would represent in his satirical post:

Obama’s “I Have a Dream” Speech Rough Draft Found In Caffe Latte Establishment!!!

P.S. Sometimes nuggets of truth can even be found in satire!

HT: Israeli Insider



Anonymous said...

Christine, you asked: "How in the world did this guy get the Democratic nomination for president with all of the suspicion, controversy and dishonesty that surrounds him?"

You know, I've been trying to figure that out myself. I have an opinion not based upon anything but my own observations. Seeing the number of "vote for Obama" t-shirts, car emblems and etc. on mostly non-black people, I'm thinking white guilt may be responsible. I know mostly black folks love Obama, but the percentage of non-blacks who are openly supporting him are doing so very proudly. I'm also noticing that most of those people are the younger generation. I just get the feeling that they are trying so hard to show black people that they are "cool" and non-racist.

Again, just my personal opinion not based upon anything scientific at all!

Christinewjc said...

Hi Carlotta,

I agree. White guilt is probably part of the reason. On the other hand, It might also be "whites celebrating an historical first" attitude out there that is driving people to vote for Obama.

Perhaps many of the older supporters of Obama (who may not be internet savvy) do not know about many of the controversies! The MSM certainly has handled Obama with kid gloves. The only widespread scandal shared in great detail by the MSM was the Rev. Wright hate-spewing sermons. And, I suspect that the only reason it made the news was because they HAD to report it.

Perhaps people have dismissed the Rev. Wright controversy as not very relevant. I don't know how or why they would do that, but it appears that many have.

I have been reading various blogs and there is a HUGE amount of anger out there from Hillary supporters. They believe that Obama was "selected," rather than elected to the nomination. Many have pledged to vote McCain, or will sit out the election altogether. There is this PUMA (can't recall what acronym stands for) organization on the internet and blogs that are determined to have their voices heard at the DNC convention.

Get this, Carlotta. My brother told me that one of his daughters (college aged) plans to vote for Obama! His older daughter is voting for McCain. Guess they will cancel each other out! lol

Since we are sharing personal opinions, I have to say that I truly wished that Obama would have turned out to be an upstanding citizen so that I could have celebrated along with his followers for the success he currently enjoys. It would have been really historic to have a black president! Perhaps, if someone like Larry Elder, or J.C. Watts, or many other men that I admire who happen to be African-American or bi-racial would have been running, they may have earned my vote. Of course, the pro-life position would be a must for me to vote for them.

I used to really like Alan Keyes, but he came off as way too high-strung, agitated and irritable at one of the Republican debates! lol

Anyway, I hope you get what I am saying.

Any "first" - like the first black president or the first woman president would certainly be something to celebrate! But for me, neither Obama nor Hillary makes the grade for such a position. But that's just my opinion!

Christinewjc said...


Just got this email from the Alliance for Marriage Foundation:

Marriage Lawsuit to Trump Voting Rights

Of all the values that we celebrate on July 4, the most fundamental is the right to vote. But that fundamental freedom is now being challenged in the name of destroying marriage as a legal and social institution in America.

The same activist groups that convinced a California court to nullify the democratic vote of 4.6 million California voters -- who overwhelmingly approved the California Defense of Marriage Act in 2000 -- are now asking the same court to disenfranchise California voters at the ballot box this November.

Their lawyers cite a so-called "core constitutional principle of equal citizenship" -- the court's newly created right to a California-style "gay marriage" -- as the very precedent to strike the California Marriage Protection Amendment off the November ballot.

For over a decade, activist groups seeking to destroy the legal status of marriage and the family in America have deceptively sought to conceal this radical social revolution behind a false analogy to the historic Civil Rights experience of Black Americans. Yet they are doing so not in the name of expanding democratic rights - the core goal of the civil rights movement - but rather filing lawsuits that seek to nullify the right to vote.

Fortunately, AFM has built a movement that includes civil rights leaders who can challenge this outrageous abuse of the American civil rights tradition.

"The false civil rights arguments of radical activists -- consumed and perpetuated by a gullible media and popular culture -- are an affront to Black Americans who have lived and died for the struggle of civil rights in America," said Niger Innis, AFM Advisory Board Member and National Spokesman for the Congress of Racial Equality, one of the nation's "Big Four" historic civil rights organizations.

"The question I ask, at precisely what point in history was it legal for gays and lesbians to be bought, owned, and sold as units of property -- or to be constitutionally defined as 3/5 of a human person?," asked Innis.

Polls have long shown that support for ballot measures to protect marriage are highest among African-Americans. "Ironically, the very same people who falsely stake claim to our historic legacy of civil rights are determined to use their brut political force to take away the right to vote on this important issue from my community," added Innis.

Radical activists, who intend to use the decision of the California courts to force "same-sex marriage" on the entire nation, know full well that California voters will reject their radical social agenda if they have the opportunity at the ballot box to determine the future of marriage for their kids. The same is true for most Americans - including communities of color -- who believe that our laws need to send a positive message to kids about marriage, family and their own future.

Add another great American to my list for president!

Niger Innis for President!!


Anonymous said...

Your brother must have mixed emotions for his daughters to be at completely opposite ends! I know my youngest three are for McCain, but my two elder sons I'm not sure.

Hey, I just heard that Obama is going to have his celebration if he makes president, at the Denver football stadium (I think it's that one) instead of the DNC original choice. A 75,000 people stadium. This guy is really getting big headed! Talking about having illusions of grandeur - this guy has it BIG TIME!

I mean, come on, even if your supporters can fill a stadium, isn't he thinking about his security detail and how difficult he's making it for them? Just so he can hear people shouting for him?

I'm so done with this guy! I've tried to keep my emotions out and just make decisions based upon his policies, but now I'm really starting not to like him! I know tons of folks have already started not to like him since Rev. Wright, but I've been doing a slow boil, and it's reached the boiling point with me now!

Let me go pray about my attitude before it really gets out of hand!

Anonymous said...

I like that Obama moved to the stadium. The convention hall is filled with insiders. At the football stadium, some of us average shmoe supporters will be able to be there too. He's made the process a little more democratic.

And yes, people want to be there. 75,000 people went to a park in Oregon to attend his event. A presidential nomination will be huge.

Anonymous said...

This article isn't telling the truth.

First of all, the source needs to be questioned. The isrealinsider, is that a reputable news site?

The logic of this is bizarre. It could easily be verified in Hawaii, and given that Hillary claimed information on Kindergarten essays from Indonesia, and the Republican's found a birth certificate in Africa (a common practice for children born to African parents), you can be sure that this birth certificate was verified in Hawaii.

The article does not show that Obama's certificate is fake. Instead, it simply shows that fake certificates can be derived from Obama's certificate, a trivial task to anyone with a basic photo editor. It could even be done in Microsoft word.

Finally, it talks about the Fight the Smears web site. The author wonders why the certificate was not put on the site first. A simple reason, the site had not been launched.

I'm sure there are other issues with the article, but that's enough for me to see that this is just another smear.

Christinewjc said...


I can see that you are a loyal Obama supporter. The various blogs that you have dedicated to him shows this fact.

Not sure what you mean by "reputable news site." Is that code for they don't outrightly, and unquestionably, support Obama like most of the MSM so therefore, they can't be reputable?

There are facts to the article that cannot be disputed.

Fact: The Obama birth certificate is a fake.

Fact: The faked Obama birth certificate was placed on the "Fight the Smears" website.

Fact: The person who photoshopped the faked document ADMITTED HIS GUILT in the deception.

I would suggest that you do some investigating about Obama's VERY questionable ties with various radical people. That way, you can make a more informed decision as to who is more qualified to be president.

Here is a link to all of my research:

Talk Wisdom Obama posts.

I would highly suggest that you take off the rose-colored glasses which are blinding you to the reality of Obama's bad (and in the case of Tony Rezko and Weather Underground terrorist, William Ayers - criminal) associates. Take a good look at the plethora of lies he has told, and the flip-flopping he has done on many issues. Notice his naivete regarding foreign policy - (e.g. just one example of many - he wanted to "bomb Pakistan" one of our most important allies in the War on Terror). Then you will see the negative (and awfully naive) reality of the Obama worldview and agenda.

Samuel said...

Actually, the birth certificate on his website right now is the correct one. It has been verified by the state of Hawaii.

Also, I think it is a good idea to have the acceptance speech at the stadium. It would have been even better if there was a larger venue available. There are a ton of average people who want to be at the convention but are unable because it is so small. Also remember that this is not the first time that the democratic candidate changed the venue for his acceptance speech (JFK did the same thing)