Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Joker Character Haunted Ledger

The new Batman movie is scheduled to be released soon. Unfortunately, it is being hyped as "the greatest movie of the summer." Moments ago, the movie was being discussed on Fox News Channel's "Live Desk" show.

I just sent an email to "The Live Desk" at Fox News Channel. Why? Because I noticed that commentator Jill Dobson did not tell the truth when she stated that Heath Ledger "loved the role as the Joker" in the movie.

In fact, prior to his death Heath personally shared with people he knew how the darkness and evil of that role severely bothered and haunted him. I don't know whether that contributed to his death or not, but he did say that the character was so demonic that it haunted him and he was having trouble sleeping.

I am disappointed that Fox News is putting such a "happy spin" on this movie. It's not for kids, but kids will probably go and see it anyway.

Oscar "worthy" or not, celebrating demonic, evil characters is typical of what Hollyweird does. I just find it is a real shame that some of the people working at Fox News feel compelled to do the same thing.

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Lydecker said...

But he DID love playing the Joker. "It was the most fun I've ever had, probably ever will have, playing a character."

It was a hard role, taxing (I've played a role where I've felt similar feelings,), but it's still a fun great experience.


Anonymous said...

Sin can be a lot of fun...just one of the many tactics of the devil! Thank God for Jesus!!!

Christinewjc said...

That's a very good point, anonymous. Sin IS often fun...for a brief time or season. However, the fun doesn't last and often brings much grief and sadness...later.

I stick by the original story in this post. Ledger admitted that portraying the character bothered him and haunted him - causing sleeplessness, anxiety, and whatever else led him to overdose on prescription pills.

Sin leads to pain. In this case, pain led to Ledger's early death. Individuals often are so deceived that they don't even realize how much they are damaging their soul and spirit when they continue to live (and, ultimately, die) in deception and darkness - apart from the only One - Jesus Christ, who can save them.