Friday, July 18, 2008

A Loving Tribute

This evening, while watching Hannity and Colmes, I learned that radio talk show host Mike Gallagher lost his wife two weeks ago. She died after a year's battle with cancer.

I receive LOTS of email each day. Sometimes I check back on ones I meant to read days before. While doing just that, I found a very moving and loving tribute that Mike wrote about his wife Denise in a TownHall column.

I didn't expect to cry while reading it, but I did. It's quite touching to read about the love between two people who had been married for twenty years and have four grown sons.

Mike also writes about his friend Tony Snow's passing in the article. That's tough. Losing your wife and two weeks later, losing a good friend.

Tears just flowed from my face as I read this portion:

But in many ways, the past year was the best time we ever had together. We laughed. We traveled. We reveled in family and friends.

I learned to do what Denise had been doing all along: I lived.

When your spouse is given a bleak prognosis, you become an expert in soaking up every moment of every day. During this last year, I memorized every inch of her face.

There are over 224 comments. By the time I finished reading the article, I could barely see well enough to get through reading the first two. Here is a copy of a very special comment:

Location: NJ

Reply # 2
Date: Jul 17, 2008 - 3:54 PM EST Subject: Comfort Cometh From God To You My Friend
On a daily basis, as we need, He provides, as we cry He holds our hand, as we mourn, He comforts, as we pray and praise Him, He receives, as we rejoice, He rejoices with us, as we love, He loves with us.

You have a beautiful spirit and your recounting of your Wife's life was truly beautiful and inspiring. You will see her again in God's time. Until then take comfort in those whom you love and who love you and now we have much work to do for our mission is far from over.
God Bless

Mike, his sons and family, as well as Tony Snow's wife, kids and family are in my thoughts and prayers...


conservabear said...

I am truly honored and blessed. I never thought I could ever be a blessing to anyone or rather God would use me of all people to give comfort. Most of my blogs are devoted to reminding Congress of their job and chastizing them when they don't. Actually I am quite brutal.

If God can use me a saved by grace sinner of great failings, think of how much more He can do with a really faithful and loving warrior of God.

I write what is on my heart sometimes its uplifting, most times it is politcal. I pray God tempers my words so as to be more truthful amd peaceful while less caustic.
God Bless

Christinewjc said...


I'm sure that your words gave much comfort to Mr. Gallagher.

I can relate to your dilemma of writing things that are uplifting and Christ-honoring; vs. chastizing those (who, quite frankly NEED IT AT TIMES!) those in our government who are not doing their jobs! My blog is a combo of both!

Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts. Come back often!
God bless you!