Monday, April 27, 2009

The Irony is Hilarious!

What teleprompter?

Was just about ready to close down my computer for the night. But when I saw Gateway Pundit's latest blog title - I laughed so hard and just had to post a link to it!

Gateway Pundit: FOX Won't Air Obama's 100 Day Press Conference-- Will Show "Lie to Me" Instead


Some things just fit.

The AP reports that Fox has decided to stick with its regular line-up on Wednesday, meaning it won't air President Obama's prime-time news conference marking his 100th day in office. Instead, viewers will see an episode of "Lie to Me." ABC, CBS, and NBC will be airing the press conference.
Same difference.

UPDATE: Ladue Pundit posted this clarification:

Oh, NBC, CBS and ABC will also be airing "Lie to Me," the Obama version.

Thanks for clearing that up.

Ha ha ha ha haaaaa! One hundred days of lies....and counting!

How about that teleprompter debacle today? Another hilarious episode in Resident Obama's audacity of dope days!

Be sure to check out Barack Obama's Teleprompter Blog You will laugh each day when you do!

Gotta love this comment:

Peg C. said...
TOTUS, Rush was all over this today. You hang in there. You get the better of BO. We can tell you're the brains of the outfit.


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