Thursday, April 23, 2009

More Obama Fraud Evidence [add-ons]

RepubX has done some fine detective work to expose one of the latest finds in the growing arsenal of Obama scandals and fraud. Obama Punahou Basketball image Photoshopped with Adobe version 3.0.8


Well, did you think it was authentic? Nope, and just like Obama's Certificate of Live Birth Forgery, it left a nasty Photoshop finger print.

For those [of] you not that computer-savvy, Photoshop is image-editing software (the most popular). You can virtually superimpose one image onto another etc. Photoshop is often used to put heads on other peoples' bodies (as in the case of some Glam magazines) etc. Even an amateur with this software can make convincing, yet fake photos.

Check out the image below [click here for RepubX blog] that Obots are trying to pass around as proof that Obama attended Punahou Private school in Hawaii.

Go take a look and see for yourself!

My comment there:

Great detective work! Why would anyone do this unless they had something serious to hide! The left arm doesn't even look real. The letters on the jersey do not show. At least part of a letter should be visible (if this were an authentic photo) between the two hands and/or near the left elbow. Plus, the left arm (that doesn't look real) appears to have been placed in an odd way to try and hide that fact.

The evidence is certainly mounting in exposing what an absolute fraud Obama really is.

Add-On: WorldNetDaily: Is Obama campaign cash quashing eligibility suits?
FEC shows more than $1 million paid to top law firm since election

A must see video!

U.S. Citizens vs. Barack Hussein Obama

RaceForTheTruth: U.S. Citizens vs. Barack Hussein Obama

RaceForTheTruth (more videos at link):

Watch and Learn how the Citizens of America really feel about the 2008 election, the criminal United States media, and the creepy Obama cult.

Learn the truth. Spread the word.

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Michael Savage: Impeach Obama Now!

Michael Savage on Barack Hussein Obama


Anonymous said...

I didn't think that Obama's attendance at Punahou high school was even in dispute.

I've read that he played basketball there, and was a back bencher. It's been theorized that his bitterness towards whites started on the basketball court.

Where are you saying he went to high school?

Christinewjc said...


Thanks for that link! I started reading it and checking out the additional links. Lots of information there.

Some have theorized that Obama didn't actually live in Hawaii and that the only picture of him with his grandma was taken during a vacation visit from Indonesia. Looks like that theory is wrong.

The guy is hiding something. People are trying to find out what that is.

Since there are former classmates and a coach who are stating that they played basketball together at Punahou, then perhaps that is true. Then, the question remains as to why Obamabots would bother to photo-shop Obama's likeness into that picture. Could it be for the simple (and narcissistic) reason that he may have looked skinny and scrawny back then? Therefore, they "worked" on the photo to beef him up a bit?

Who knows...

I did notice this:

A keen basketball player, Sen Obama highlights in his book the
feelings of alienation caused by “always playing on the white man’s court - by the white man’s rules. If the principal, or the coach, or a teacher wanted to spit in your face, he could, because he had the power and you didn’t.”

But that’s not the Barack Obama, nor the Hawaii of the 1970s, recalled by his friends, teachers and team-mates. They remember instead the summer of 1978 when “easy-going Barry” was in constant search of a basketball game, strutting around the island as if he owned it, dribbling a ball from school to the golden sands of Waikiki beach as he belted out Earth, Wind and Fire
songs in a distinctive, gravelly voice.
Perhaps the theory that William Ayers was the ghost-writer of Obama's books is why that high school account is inaccurate.