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Taxed Enough Already Roundup (Updates!)

One of the best videos that I have seen so far today has to be this one from You Remember Tea Party Revolution 2009

The coverage of the nationwide TEA Party protests was done very well by the Fox News Channel. Other news channels? Not so much. In fact, MSNBC tried their lunatic-styled best to insult, ridicule, disparage, mock, minimize, and downright LIE about the protests, as well as the protesters.

Here are some of the posts about yesterday's historic day that I have collected:

Citizen Wells: Tea bags, Washington DC, White House, 1 million tea bags, Lafayette Park, First Amendment rights, National Park Services officials, not proper permit

Oh give me a break! These namby-pamby "officials" had to find SOME STUPID REASON to prevent an ongoing protest in Washington DC!

Gotta love this comment there:

Ian Thorpe // April 16, 2009 at 10:23 am

Where is the difference between “Not a proper permit” and “not a proper birth certificate.”?

If you know what I mean

One rule for the elite and anther for the general populace is not democracy. It is actually what the people who fought for Independence from the House of Hanover were most upset about.


Constitutionally Speaking: More Proof that it is Time for the Fair Tax


Self-Evident Truths: CNN Reporter Susan Roesgen Comes Unglued at TEA Party in Chicago

As blog host Euripides suggested, here's a re-post of the video!

CNN Reporter Susan Roesgen at TEA Party Protest


Camp On This: Have You Had Enough America? The Citizenry Finally Speaks Out


Some videos at this link:

Evil Conservative Radio: Chicago TEA Party Videos [Note: Turn off the BlogTalkRadio stream in the sidebar so that you can listen to the videos.]

Loved this poster describing ACORN in an acronym:

Association of
Non-eligible voters

[Second note: There seems to be some difficulty viewing the videos. However, just the still pictures say a lot! In the third video, there is a great sign that has a photo of Obama, Reid, Pelosi etc. and reads: "Obama and his merry band of thieves." Ha!]


GateWay Pundit: Ouch!... FOX's Shepard Smith Responds to CNN and Leftie Reporter Susan Roesgen (Video)

Shep to Roesgen: "C'mon! Don't get yer hate on."


Founding Bloggers: Exclusive! Our Footage Of The CNN Chicago Tea Party Throwdown

See the "behind the scenes" video after the CNN. The woman who confronted Roesgen WAS AWESOME!


OH MY GOSH! GREAT PICTURES over at Founding Bloggers!

Founding Bloggers: Breaking: Chicago Tax Day Tea Party Pictures

Love these poster messages:

"Right-Wing Extremists: Jefferson, Adams, Madison, Me"

"I listed the Fed. Gov't as a dependent on my taxes this year"

"I'm not even 2 years old, and I'm already in debt!"

"In God We Trust - Obama and Congress? Eh...not so much."

"I Guess They Didn't Teach This at Harvard (Photo of Federal Budget for Dummies)."

Photo of Obama with his stupid symbol as a patch over one eye: "Pirate-In-Chief."


Michele Malkin: Massive Tax Day Tea Party USA


I just have one word: Wow. More than 800 tea parties across the country. Here’s your first photo/vid round-up from the events across the country, large and small, every corner of this great nation (hit your refresh button often…I’ll keep updating…11:20pm…just added tons more crowd pix and vid…trying to keep ‘em all in one post to give you the full breadth and scope of the protests — not just the size, but the reach, a true sense of which is missing from the MSM coverage. More coming…):

Keep it coming!

Add a link in comments and I will post it here!


Nice Deb: Video: Rep. Thaddeus McCotter Speaking at Plymouth Michigan Tea Party


Citizen Wells: Everett WA Tea Party

Really like that last photo with a young man holding a sign that states:

"Hey Obama - Still Waiting on that Birth Certificate."

Yep...aren't we all!


Coast-to-coast tea parties put lawmakers on notice
Taxpayers descend upon politicians in numbers far beyond expectations


Guests included Michael Reagan, Rep. Tom McClintock, singer Lloyd Marcus and Fox News' Neil Cavuto.

"In the 27 years since I came to this building, I have never seen a protest this large," McClintock said. "The silent majority is no longer silent."

He continued, "Some time along the way, we lost our country. Don't you think it's time to take it back?"

The crowd applauded with excitement.

Well said, Mr. McClintock.

I voted for Tom McClintock when he ran against Arnold for Governor of CA. We would have been FAR BETTER OFF if RINO Schwarzenegger lost - and Mr. McClintock won. I hope McClintock runs again. I think that he would have far more voters on his side this time!

And this from a returning vet from Iraq:

Air Force reservist Sgt. Kevin Steele told WND he returned from his second tour in Iraq two weeks ago.

"I think this is just wonderful to see," he said. "I'm disappointed to see how much things have deteriorated since I left."

Asked for his thoughts on the Department of Homeland Security report warning against the possibility of violence by unnamed "right-wing extremists" and specifically singling out returning war veterans as particular threats, Steele said he was baffled and felt a deep sense of betrayal.

"I couldn't believe it," he said. "I'm the guy they're watching now? Give me a break!"

He continued, "You can send me over there and put a weapon in my hands, and now you worry about me? It's disappointing and disheartening."

Janet Napolitano should be ABSOLUTELY ASHAMED OF HERSELF!

I don't even care that she now has seen it as "politically expedient" to apologize. She never should have made such a statement in the first place!

She's a left-wing lunatic who doesn't belong as Homeland Security Chief. Period!


The Right Side of Life has results and lots of links! Be sure to watch the video over there!

Tea Party: The Results; July 4, 2009 is Next


Ha ha ha!! This is GREAT! All the liberal left loons can do is insult, disparage, and dismiss the hundreds of thousands of people who showed up to protest their awful big government taxing and spending policies.

They don't know what to do, so they are CALLING ATTENDEES OF THE TEA PARTIES UGLY NAMES! How juvenile....

Dem Leaders Say Tea Party Protesters Are "Neo-Nazis, Militias, Secessionists and Racists"

Next round of TEA parties for Independence Day - July 4, 2009 already being planned!

Re Tea probably has the details.


Anonymous said...

Great roundup! This is all very encouraging.

Christinewjc said...

Thanks Neil!

I will be adding more links to this post throughout the day so check back!

It IS very encouraging!

Christinewjc said...

World Net Daily poll results as of 4/16/09 at 11:23 a.m. PT:

What will be the impact of the national tea-party protests? (3367 votes)

I was deeply encouraged to see so many Americans share my convictions - I'm ready to fight 32% (1072)

It was a fantastic first step - we're just getting started taking our country back 14% (463)

It was just the opening shot of a new American revolution 12% (409)

The tea party movement is, and will continue to be, a unifying force for those who love America 10% (321)

Follow up will be important if they're going to have any impact 8% (263)

It was encouraging to see the silent majority finally speaking out - that could spread 6% (216)

The Republican Party should take note if it wants to be a viable option in 2010 5% (156)

It might get some lawmakers' attention but I don't expect a big change 4% (141)

None, Washington is politically tone deaf 3% (114)

If 9/11 and an economic depression don't convince the left they're wrong, a few tea parties won't 2% (67)

None 1% (44)

Time will tell 1% (41)

It was just a media stunt by Fox News and the GOP - it's not going anywhere 1% (17)

None, the events were duds 0% (12)

Other 0% (12)

It will be minimal - as Nancy Pelosi says, this isn't a grassroots movement, it's astroturf 0% (10)

None, they just served to show us the desperation of the right-wing extremists 0% (5)

None - they were such disasters they could actually encourage the Obama administration to claim it has a mandate 0% (4)