Tuesday, April 14, 2009

UniTEA Is Brewing!

WOW! Take a look at the list of TEA Parties listed at the end of this WorldNetDaily article!

Tea parties going global
More than 2,000 protests planned for Tax Day – even in Denmark

Even in Denmark??? heh heh!

Yes. It is SO TRUE...We are certainly:


How typical of the MSNBC, NewsWEAK, and Huffington Post BOOBS criticizing the free speech actions of those with whom they do not agree. They are just SO JEALOUS of the success of the Fox News Channel analysts like Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Greta VanSustern, Neil Cavuto, and Bill O'Reilly.

Want proof? So...just how many people really know who Rachel Maddow is??

Such sour grapes - all of the MSNBC hacks like Olberdummy and "thrill up the leg" Chris Matthews.

Tomorrow is going to be a very interesting and exciting day!!

Thank God for guiding our wise Founding Fathers in the direction of writing free speech into our U.S. Constitution!

Hat Tip:

World Net Daily


GMpilot said...

T-day is here! Let's see how it goes.

...Denmark? You never had anything good to say about the Europeans before! If you took a closer look, I think you'd find that their tax system is considerably different from the one you're protesting about...and they don't have a socialist, radical, Muslim non-native-born president.

MSNBC's got your number, hostess. And so do I.

Christinewjc said...

GMPilot -

Care to take a guess as to how many people might show up across the country?

Oh...but wait. You are going to be watching MSNBC's non-coverage? Way to keep your head in the sand...

GM wrote:

"MSNBC's got your number, hostess. And so do I."oooh...is that a threat? Am I supposed to be afraid?

tsk tsk

Anonymous said...


They have a little bit of a cartoon problem over there in Denmark.


Christinewjc said...

John -

You will need to clean up your comment if your want it posted here.