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These Are Not Frivolous Matters (Updated 4/4)

I know, I know...everyone is so sick and tired of the "Natural Born Citizen" controversy surrounding Obama and his ineligibility to hold the office of POTUS. However, the issue is not going away. On the contrary, it is heating up as each and every day passes.

Take a look at this interesting turn of events.

Eligibility judge backs off sanctions threat
Instead 'reprimands' attorney representing military officer

Read the entire article and then come back here.

Did you see it?

Did you catch the change in terminology given by the judge vs. what the plaintiff in the case stated?


Robertson wrote: "The plaintiff says that he is a retired Air Force colonel who continues to owe fealty to his Commander-in-Chief (because he might possibly be recalled to duty) and who is tortured by uncertainty as to whether he would have to obey orders from Barack Obama because it has not been proven – to the colonel's satisfaction – that Mr. Obama is a native-born American citizen, qualified under the Constitution to be president.
[bold, italics mine]

Notice that Judge Robertson slyly protected himself by using the terms "native-born American citizen" instead of what our United States Constitution says is required for POTUS - "Natural Born Citizen."

[Update 4/4/09 - Please read More On What Is An Article II "Natural Born Citizen."

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Country First: Obama Citizenship ]

Compare that to what the plaintiff's local attorney (Hemenway) said in response:

"These are not frivolous matters, as the learned Judge Robertson has suggested. Possible illegal orders are a matter of great concern to officers in the armed forces. Undersigned counsel himself entered the Army of the United States during WWII and was promoted to Infantry Second Lieutenant preparing for the anticipated landings in Japan which were scheduled for November 1, 1945. But for President Truman’s use of nuclear weapons to end the war, this would have transpired. The legality of orders in and out of combat is of paramount importance," he wrote.

"It is sad to read this court's use of material from the Internet to imply that the issues in the numerous lawsuits filed have been resolved by the 'twittering and blogging' to determine that the litigants are invoking 'conspiracy theorists.' It suggests that the intellectual capacity of this court focused on the issues in the instant suit at a very low level, perhaps for political purposes, such as to win attention from the highest authority when a seat on the Supreme Court of the United States becomes vacant," Hemenway wrote.

Even Attorney Hemenway's daughter-in-law got into the argument!

In her report, his daughter-in-law said the judge, in his March 25 decision, still has trouble getting things right.

"Judge Robertson reconsidered his previous sanctions threat, possibly fearing monetary sanctions might spark a backlash and give a boost to the grassroots effort to force Mr. Obama to relinquish his records for public scrutiny," she wrote. "He errs in one key respect, alleging that Hemenway is 'unlikely to repeat the conduct that gave rise to this proceeding. …'

"Reprimand aside, Hemenway will continue to seek the truth about Obama's birthplace and citizenship, as will other patriotic citizens who believe no president and no future presidential candidate should be allowed to conceal documents that would prove that he or she is legally qualified to serve," she wrote.

"The judge errs in another respect, saying: 'Many people, perhaps as many as a couple of dozen, feel deeply about this issue, a strong indication that this judge feels he can dismiss the legal merits of the issue by pretending that there is no public interest at stake,'" she wrote.

"He must be unaware that an AOL poll, albeit admittedly unscientific, found that a majority of Americans believe Mr. Obama should release his records to determine his eligibility; that more than 345,000 U.S. citizens have signed an online petition demanding Obama's birth records be released; and that many more are blogging, calling, and writing congressional offices to ask their members of Congress to sign onto Congressman Bill Posey's bill," she wrote.

Posey's legislation would require future candidates for president to be vetted for eligibility, an admission that the last national election's screening process for candidates was substandard, she wrote.

"This is a judge who clearly is letting his skewed perception of public sentiment guide his judicial rulings. It would clearly have been judicially expedient, saving the taxpayers time and money, given the number of eligibility lawsuits filed across the country, simply to direct President Obama to produce an actual birth (or 'vault') certificate and not a COLB (Certification of Live Birth and one that lacks a doctor's signature or hospital name) that has been given to others not born on the island of Hawaii," she wrote.

However, the following paragraph reveals the REAL REASON Judge Robertson backed off of the punishment of sanctions against Hemenway:

John D. Hemenway also had suggested that if there were to be sanctions, court rules would allow him to require the release of Obama's birth information.

"If the court persists in pressing Rule 11 procedures against Hemenway, then Hemenway should be allowed all of the discovery pertinent to the procedures as court precedents have permitted in the past," he wrote to the judge.

"The court has referred to a number of facts outside of the record of this particular case and, therefore, the undersigned is particularly entitled to a hearing to get the truth of those matters into the record. This may require the court to authorize some discovery," Hemenway said.

For an 82-year-old attorney, Mr. Hemenway appears to be quite sharp!

Couple this turn of events regarding the dropping of sanctions against Mr. Hemenway with a blog post containing a letter sent by Dr. Orly Taitz to Attorney General Eric Holder et. al.:

DEFENDOURFREEDOMS.US published a new entry entitled “I need volunteers to make phone calls” on 4/1/2009 9:08:14 AM, written by Dr. Orly Taitz.

I need volunteers to make phone calls
Volunteer action needed

I need volunteers to call

Eric Holder-Att Gen
Elena Kagan -Solicitor General
Robert Mueller -director of FBI
Marc Sullivan-Director of Secret Service

We need an immediate response from Eric Holder- whether he will institute Quo Warranto proceedings against Obama, whether he will appoint a special prosecutor to investigate all of the criminal activities surrounding Obama. He has no right to sweep this under the rug, It is a matter of National urgency, a matter of National security. He has a duty to institute a Quo Warranto proceedings and to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate all the criminal activity related to Obama and his supporters. If he is not doing that, he needs to resign immediately or be removed immediately. His inaction equals to aiding and abetting all of the crimes committed and he himself will need to be indicted, tried and convicted to the full extend of the law.

Similarly, Elena Kagan, Robert Mueller and Marc Sullivan owe us answers, they are aiding and abetting this massive fraud, treason and other suspected crimes, committed by Obama and his supporters.

I have received a letter from the chief clerk of the Supreme Court William K Sutter- he is stating that they will not review quo warranto, but I can refile as Extraordinary petition for a writ of Mandamus. While there is nothing in the rules saying that they cannot hear quo warranto, just to move things along, I am rewriting the complaint and will submit it as an Extraordinary Petition for the writ of Mandamus. I still did not get an answer from the Chief Justice Roberts in regards to all the illegal activity going on in the Supreme Court. Please call the Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts, Chief Clerk William Sutter, chief of the police security for the Supreme Court officer Christine Giaccio 202-479-2369. What has been going on in the Supreme Court is the biggest scandal in our Judiciary system. This people have no right to sweep this under the rug all of these illegal activities, they owe American people answers

1. Who erased from the Supreme Court exterior docket information about my case Lightfoot v Bowen, right after the inauguration of Obama, while other cases where on the docket? This is particularly suspicious because my case stated that Obama is not eligible for presidency, and other cases remained on the docket .

2. What investigation was done on this issue?

3. Who is the police officer or Secret Service Agent or FBI agent in charge of this investigation?

4. What administrative action was done against clerk Danny Bickel, who refused to put on the docket and forward to Chief Justice Roberts and other Justices my second supplemental brief?

5. Why didn’t Justice Scalia know anything about four cases dealing with Obama’s illegitimacy for presidency supposedly heard in 5 conferences? Did the clerks hide those cases from the justices? Did the Justices actually discuss those cases in conferences? Where are the decisions signed by Justice Scalia, when he supposedly read the cases and forwarded them to three out of five conferences? Did Justice Scalia sign those decisions, or were those signatures forged? How could he read five pleadings about something that important as illegitimacy of the president and know nothing about it?

6. Did all nine justices sign the decision not to hear these cases on the merits, if so, they would’ve known the cases? Did somebody forge their signatures? Did clerks intentionally misrepresented the cases to put foreign National, citizen of Indonesia and possibly still citizen of Kenya Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama in the White House and keep him there by trampling on the Constitution and rule of law?

7. If all of the above officials refuse to provide immediate answers and action, they, themselves are guilty of aiding and abetting this massive fraud, treason and all the other related crimes and they will need to be prosecuted and punished to the full extend of the law.


Of course, I doubt that any of the people who were given the above letter will do any investigation. They are so in the tank for Obama that they would let him get away with anything.

But, it is good that Dr. Taitz sent such a letter. It will be documented proof that these people didn't act when they should have. The truth will one day come out for all to see.

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World Net Daily

Defend Our Freedoms Foundation


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Who would have thought we'd ever see this in the United States?In less than 100 days Team Obama is already firing America's CEO's.And, Turbo Tax Cheat Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner told Katie Couric that he won't rule out replacing more CEO's.

Oh my...

I just had to add these comments on Gateway Pundit's Geithner article:

Business Under Nazis
It was common in those days, as it is in ours, to identify the Communists as leftist and the Nazis as rightists, as if they stood on opposite ends of the ideological spectrum. But Mises knew differently. They both sported the same ideological pedigree of socialism. "The German and Russian systems of socialism have in common the fact that the government has full control of the means of production. It decides what shall be produced and how. It allots to each individual a share of consumer's goods for his consumption."

The difference between the systems, wrote Mises, is that the German pattern "maintains private ownership of the means of production and keeps the appearance of ordinary prices, wages, and markets." But in fact the government directs production decisions, curbs entrepreneurship and the labor market, and determines wages and interest rates by central authority. "Market exchange," says Mises, "is only a sham."

Mises's account is confirmed by a remarkable book that appeared in 1939, published by Vanguard Press in New York City (and unfortunately out of print today). It is The Vampire Economy: Doing Business Under Fascism by Guenter Reimann ( ), then a 35-year-old German writer. Through contacts with German business owners, Reimann documented how the "monster machine" of the Nazis crushed the autonomy of the private sector through onerous regulations, harsh inspections, and the threat of confiscatory fines for petty offenses."

Industrialists were visited by state auditors who had strict orders to examine the balance sheets and all bookkeeping entries of the company or individual businessmen for the preceding two, three, or more years until some error or false entry was found," explains Reimann. "The slightest formal mistake was punished with tremendous penalties. A fine of millions of marks was imposed for a single bookkeeping error."

Reimann quotes from a businessman's letter: "You have no idea how far state control goes and how much power the Nazi representatives have over our work. The worst of it is that they are so ignorant. These Nazi radicals think of nothing except 'distributing the wealth.' Some businessmen have even started studying Marxist theories, so that they will have a better understanding of the present economic system."

While state representatives are busily engaged in investigating and interfering, our agents and salesmen are handicapped because they never know whether or not a sale at a higher price will mean denunciation as a 'profiteer' or 'saboteur,' followed by a prison sentence. You cannot imagine how taxation has increased. Yet everyone is afraid to complain. Everywhere there is a growing undercurrent of bitterness. Everyone has his doubts about the system, unless he is very young, very stupid, or is bound to it by the privileges he enjoys.Nahanni 04.02.09 - 9:08 am #

The state says: you do what we want, or else we'll bankrupt you. Lovely! That's not a free market, that's fascism. Takekaze 04.02.09 - 9:11 am #

Though... doesn't the mafia also work like that? Takekaze 04.02.09 - 9:14 am #


Gateway Pundit: Rove Plays the Marxist Card... Points to Obama's Alinsky Roots

Wish that Rove would have pointed this out BEFORE THE ELECTION!!!! Did he not already know this??


American Thinker: The Soros Doctrine in Obama Foreign Policy

A MUST READ! Here's the conclusion which matches with the title of my blog post today:

At this point, a mere 2 months into the Presidency of Barack Obama, it seems painfully clear that we have not only elected a deceitful knave, but one intent on the complete dismantling of our own defenses, with seemingly very little concern for the consequences.

The icing on this poisonous cake would seem to be that we ourselves will pay for our own destruction.

Boiled down to the dry pot, we must conclude that President Obama, his entire Administration, the Democratic Congress and their favorite benefactor, George Soros, have an evolved form of slavery in mind. It's a type of slavery whereby the productive class is held shackled to the political class's outlandish worldview that there isn't a single problem under the sun, which cannot be swiftly solved with our money, produced by the sweat of our collective brow. They consider our wages and the wages of our children and grandchildren to be their own property, to be squandered in whatever manner they see fit.

And I believe this has a name, even though we modern folks have long forgotten not only its name, but the centuries of toil and buckets of blood that went into dismantling the system than enthroned it. It's called, I believe, serfdom.


World Net Daily's April, 2009 issue of the Whistleblower magazine is all about Obama's ineligibility!

Your Papers, Please? Why millions want Obama to prove he's constitutionally qualified to be president.

The biggest reason interest in the Obama eligibility issue continues to mount, with ever more legal actions being filed and more Americans demanding answers, says WND Managing Editor David Kupelian, is simple: "Barack Obama is hiding something. About that statement, there is no dispute. Despite dozens of lawsuits, with plaintiffs including a former presidential candidate, a former deputy attorney general, many legislators, active-duty U.S. military and other serious people, Obama simply refuses to release his original, long-form birth certificate. That's the one that could actually prove he was born in Hawaii. What is posted on Obama's 'Fight the Smears' website as well as the website is the abbreviated short-form 'certification of live birth' that could have been issued for a child born overseas, and thus does not prove he was born in Hawaii. What is so difficult about this to understand?"


Update: April 4, 2009

Supremes asked to cooperate with FBI
Attorney investigating Obama's eligibility reports cyber attacks


John Eidsmoe, an expert on the U.S. Constitution now working with the Foundation on Moral Law, said the demand is a legitimate course of action.

"She basically is asking, 'By what authority' is Obama president," he told WND. "In other words, 'I want you to tell me by what authority. I don't really think you should hold the office.'

Eidsmoe said it's clear that Obama has something in the documentation of his history, including his birth certificate, college records and other documents, "he does not want the public to know."

What else could be the reason for his hiring law firms across the nation to fight any request for information as basic as his Occidental College records from the early 1980s, he asked.

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Matt W. said...

Christine, just so I'm clear, I never thought this was frivolous, only that I don't see it going anywhere, I suppose I could be wrong, but I still don't see it actually going anywhere.

Be that as it may though, I'm proud to say, my Congressman, Bill Posey, has been named the worst person in America by Keith Oberman, I consider this a great boost to his qualifications, because he introduced legislation to compel any person seeking to be placed on the ballot for POTUS to provide proof of Constitutional qualifications.

For most people in our History it has been quite obvious that they were natural born citizens, and so providing such evidence would be nothing more to them than just a bit more paperwork. It appears that Obama is the only one it would cause problems for.

I think that the fact that if it's not an issue for Obama, then providing evidence would be a really good thing to do to put the whole issue to rest, and the fact that he hasn't done so, is strong evidence against him, and yes, I agree, it really does matter. I'm still not optimistic that it's going to go anywhere, but I hope I'm wrong.


Christinewjc said...

Hi Matt,

Don't worry. I understand completely how you feel about this issue. Many people also think that it will "go nowhere."

However, the more people who find out about the truth behind the controversy, the more likely it will be that Obama will NEVER be re-elected. Personally, I hope that he is removed from office long before then, but if not, then at least we won't have to suffer under his neo-Marxist Fascism any longer than four years.

Ha ha ha!! Keith Olberdummy named Congressman Bill Posey in his silly "worst person" segment. I'm glad you told me about that. I just cannot even stomach to watch that show.

Ironically, Olberdummy has done a lot to expose Obama's ineligibility! First, through mocking Alan Keyes in that youtube video - now through sharing Congressman Posey's legislation.

Who in their right American patriot mind would ever object to establishing a law that will require the vetting of presidential candidates to be "Natural Born Citizens" in the future? Only a left-wing, liberal, partisan hack like the hate-spewing Olberdope!

He's just angry because Fox News beats the tar out of all the MSNBC political commentators in the ratings!


Heh heh

Christinewjc said...

Update: April 4, 2009

Supremes asked to cooperate with FBI
Attorney investigating Obama's eligibility reports cyber attacks


John Eidsmoe, an expert on the U.S. Constitution now working with the Foundation on Moral Law, said the demand is a legitimate course of action.

"She basically is asking, 'By what authority' is Obama president," he told WND. "In other words, 'I want you to tell me by what authority. I don't really think you should hold the office.'

Eidsmoe said it's clear that Obama has something in the documentation of his history, including his birth certificate, college records and other documents, "he does not want the public to know."

What else could be the reason for his hiring law firms across the nation to fight any request for information as basic as his Occidental College records from the early 1980s, he asked.

Christinewjc said...
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Christinewjc said...

[Update 4/4/09 - Please read More On What Is An Article II "Natural Born Citizen."

Additional links:


Country First: Obama Citizenship ]