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Chairman Zero And His Thugs

Millions of people now know that they don't want what Obama and his evil, America-destroying cohorts are selling. The recent elections Tuesday that solidly smacked down and rejected Obama policies show just how much of a difference a year makes.

The slobbering Obamamania media may try to hide it and/or spin it, but the 20% swing of Independent voters in the governor contests cannot be swept aside as a fluke. It is a direct repudiation of Obama's horrible policies!

As many readers here know, Glenn Beck [BTW, please keep Glenn in your prayers - he underwent an appendectomy yesterday] often shows a video of Obama on his T.V. show where ObaMao is shown telling his audience to judge him according to "the people he surrounds himself with." Glenn has been exposing all of the Marxists, Maoists, liberal leftist progressives, socialists and radical thugs that Obama has surrounded himself with through the unconstitutional, unelected czars that now creep around the White House. These people are not only loony - THEY ARE DOWNRIGHT DANGEROUS!

We all are familiar with the ones who have already been exposed - Van Jones, Anita Dunn, Cass Sunstein, George Soros; just to name a few. However, the most frequent visitor to the White House - Andy Stern - has to be one of THE most troublesome thugs introduced yet. But don't take my word for it. The Obama File has a post up with several links that will inform you just how dangerous Stern really is. Here is the post in its entirety:

Andy Stern: Comrade Obama’s #1 Visitor

Stop the ACLU reports that two recent court rulings have resulted in the Moonbat Messiah "voluntarily" disclosing his White House visitor’s list. General Stanley McCrystal -- commander of our forsaken troops in Afghanistan -- has met with ObaMao twice. In stark contrast, Andy Stern -- head of the ACORN-affiliated Service Employees International Union (SEIU) -- has visited the White House 22 times, leading the list.

SEIU has earned its face time with the POTUS by donating $60 million and 100,000 volunteers to Obama’s campaign. Although Stern has made it clear that every single member of SEIU is to devote time to helping elect Democrats, the union is designated a 527, meaning that it is supposedly apolitical and therefore is not limited in the soft money it can shovel at sleazy politicians, unlike honest institutions.

Given Stern’s radical background, it’s unsurprising that his tactics are thuggish:

Under Stern’s leadership, SEIU commonly bullies and pressures companies into signing agreements to make SEIU the representative of their employees. If a company resists joining the union, Stern and his political, media and activist allies conspire to launch "corporate campaigns" aimed at breaking down that resistance through what they term the "death of a thousand cuts." In such campaigns, the cabal of attackers harasses and disrupts company activities, sends vicious emails and letters to stockholders, intimidates customers, stalks and frightens employees, files baseless lawsuits, and plants false stories with media allies to smear the company’s reputation.

These pressure tactics are often successful in bringing companies into SEIU’s fold. When this occurs, all of their employees are required to join the union. SEIU prefers this arrangement (which Stern calls "Union Democracy") because, in times past, a large percentage of workers who were given a choice voted against joining the union.

This is also why Chairman Zero & friends favor Card Check.

SEIU stands to make out big from health care nationalization, so when patriots spoke out against it at town hall meetings, even high-level SEIU thugs turned out to rough them up.

Another favored White House visitor is the radical financier George Soros, who only has to snap his fingers for a sit-down with the Manchurian Teleprompter. reports:

Like the sociable Stern, administration records show Soros’ appointments were officially scheduled within hours of his actual visit. It looks like fast service.

Soros not only has made statements critical of free-market capitalism, he’s also a philanthropist whose hobbyhorse tried to smear Iraq war commander Gen. David Petraeus as "Gen. Betray-us" in a full-page ad in the New York Times.

Both Soros and Stern are prominent partisans in the Shadow Party, a network of ultra-left activist groups working feverishly toward the destruction of liberty in favor of collectivist statism. They have a comrade at the top.

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