Sunday, November 08, 2009

An Unholy Alliance [Update 2]

I was just about ready to close down my browser for the night when a new post over at Gateway Pundit caught my eye. TIME Magazine: “Secondary Trauma” May Have Driven Hasan to Slaughter 13 Soldiers.

Go over and read the entire post and comments. Two sentences sum it all up quite accurately:

You’ve got to be kidding.

The state-run media thinks were all stupid.

I noticed one brief comment written by "Rosemary" over there and responded to what she wrote:


Rosemary Woodhouse
November 8th, 2009 11:09 pm #9
It’s an unholy alliance between Islam and Communism. And it isn’t coming to our shores. It’s here. In charge. Fired up and ready to go.

Tomorrow, I will search for a commentary that discussed the very same topic about "an unholy alliance between Islam and Communism" attempting to take over here in America.

Update: Here are several links to articles over at RepubX:

Socialism-Communism, no US Sovereignty and Islamification. Obama's big Three.

Obama agent for Muslim NWO but working for Western NWO

US Mosques and Islamic Centers serving as paramilitary training centers for jihad

There are Twelve pages of links to articles under the search title that I plugged in - "NWO Islam Communism" at that blog!

I think that this reiterates what Rosemary wrote in her brief comment. The following comment is my reply over at Gateway Pundit:

My reply:

Rosemary wrote:

"It’s an unholy alliance between Islam and Communism. And it isn’t coming to our shores. It’s here. In charge. Fired up and ready to go."

I think that is the truth in a nutshell! And what an AWFUL unholy alliance it is!! However, only one of those radical ideologies will try to win out here in America (God forbid!!!!) in the end.

I can still recall a photo at Zombietime of a man dressed in Palestinian garb holding a very chilling sign during an anti-war, anti-Israel protest a few years ago. His sign read, "Thank you San Francisco liberals - you die last."

Update: Found the photo!

It was difficult to find the photo because the link to it was in the text of
this post at Zombietime - "Stop the U.S.-Israeli War rally, San Francisco, August 12, 2006" Caution - some foul language displayed in the signs at the rally.

I ask readers - what do you think that sign means? Why would the protester display it?

Update 2: Hint: RepubX: A glimpse into the Islamic mindset. You will see that they start brain-dirtying VERY YOUNG! Go watch the video (link within above link essay) - if you can stand it!

Look at the little boy reading the sign. The message was probably written on each side. Was he possibly confused, amazed, horrified or what??

The first time I saw that sign I could not believe it! It's horrible message has stuck in my mind ever since. I have shared the message of that sign several times on this blog. What reactions to that sign do I usually get from liberals who visit here? STONE COLD SILENCE - that's what!

Talk about liberal loons marching with the enemy!!

If you spend any time looking at the photos that were taken at many rabid liberal-leftist rallies over at the Zombietime website - you will see some horrid examples of Bush-hating photos and anti-American/anti-Israel/pro-Palestinian & Muslim/pro-Marxism messages. It's disgusting!! Can't miss the Che Guevara pics and messages on t-shirts, either! This is what the liberal left lunatics represent. Awfully sad - but so true.

Yet, we now have a Resident in Chief who has surrounded himself with people who agree with many of those signs. He also has the disturbing habit of mocking and disparaging the majority of Americans who protest his terrible policies, spending, America-destroying bills and ally- destroying activities.

Need proof of Obama's disdain and contempt for regular Americans voicing their free speech rights to protest his horrible agenda? See this post over at Nice Deb:

Obama Calls ObamaCare Dissenters "Teabag, Anti-Government People, Extremists"

With God's help, millions of American patriots will come to the rescue and save this nation from tyranny - in any form that any unholy "alliance" attempts to bring upon us!

Hat Tips:

Gateway Pundit




Christocentric said...

Christine, I can't believe the tip-toeing around this terrorist killer! Makes me wanna throw up!!!

The military can not afford to be turning a blind eye towards radical Islam and needs to first send this Hasan dude to the firing squad and THEN kick out anyone in the armed forces that has anything to do with those radical mosques!

This has me so broiling mad ... and of course, with our neely meely president you know the Muslims like this guy will probably go protected...or at least he'll drag his feet.

And the unholy alliance? Uh huh!

Let me calm post just got me going again!

Christinewjc said...

Oh gosh Carlotta - so sorry to have upset you so much! But that is what happens when intelligent and observant people like YOU pay attention and realize what is going on! ITS VERY SCARY!

I just added to this post this morning. It will probably upset you even more. (sorry) But I am trying to educate people who have their heads in the sand and can't see the danger that Obama, his Marxist cronies, and Islamist supporting policies present against America!

WE THE PEOPLE patriots can turn this horrible moment in history around!! We saw a glimpse of it in the conservative governor wins in N.J. and VA.

I read the Bible to calm down. No matter what happens here on earth - the future is in His hands.

The Rapture appears to be coming closer and closer. The signs of the times are all around us.