Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Weblog Awards - 2009

The 2009 Weblog Awards

If readers feel led to nominate Talk Wisdom blog, please click on this link to nominations page and follow instructions. This is the direct link to the Best Religious Blog category.

Any blog can be nominated in the "authority rank" system. Talk Wisdom's current Technorati authority rank is 424 but that number can change daily. Thanks!

Talk Wisdom blog was a finalist in "The Best Religious Blog" category in 2007. However, you can also nominate any blog according to the authority rank listed by Technorati. I am not sure whether or not my blog would qualify in the Religious Blog category because over the past two years, I have been actively posting about politics. Readers and the nominations deciders will be the judge of the correct (possible) placement for this blog.

I appreciate all who visit, read, and comment at this blog. My ultimate blog goal of sharing Jesus Christ with the world has not changed. However, my blog goals also include the interaction and awareness of the following:

Talk Wisdom's goal is to defend the tenets and values of Biblical Christian faith. We defend our Constitutional Republic and Charters of Freedom, especially when speaking out against destructive social and political issues. As followers of our Savior and Lord, we should boldly stand up for Jesus Christ in our present circumstances. He is our Savior, Lord, and King, and His love needs to be shed abroad in our hearts and in our world - now.

Talk Wisdom was previously recognized as a finalist in the "Best Religious Blog" category back in 2007.

The 2007 Weblog Awards

Important links to save:

Master List for Nominations Be sure to nominate your favorite blogs!

Best Religious Blog

We need lots more Christian blogs nominated there!!! I plan to nominate some of my favorites and list them here later tonight.

All the best,




Christian friend blogs also nominated:

Eternity Matters

Gay Christian Movement Watch


Go vote for them!

[Note: At the Weblog awards site, you will see a plus + sign within a green circle and a score number next to it. Be sure to vote BELOW the written comment.]

Special thanks to Jenna and Neil for adding comment nominations for Talk Wisdom!

Again, I ask that we nominate more Christian blogs!

Right now, there appear to be more non-Christian blogs nominated (including one that prides itself in being a "NOT religious blog" participant for the past few years). If I remember correctly, ten finalists are chosen in each category. In 2007, three Christian blogs were selected.

I realize that this may be viewed as a somewhat frivolous contest. However, it can greatly increase your blog traffic so that more people will learn about God, His written word - the Bible, and His Living Word - Jesus Christ!


4simpsons said...

Oops -- just nominated you then saw it had already been done. Oh well, now you're nominated twice!

Christinewjc said...

Thanks Neil! It's OK - that "One Cosmos" blog is listed 18 times!LOL!

Hmmmm...the "Cosmos" is a religion? Sounds Darwin-ish.

Christinewjc said...

No wait... "One Cosmos" sounds Carl Sagan-ish!

Christinewjc said...

Hey Neil,

I went over to the "One Cosmos" blog to see what his religion is all about. Take a look at this portion in his latest post:


But -- and we will have more to say about this later -- if God is not one but three (or three-in-one), then this has definite implications for the Cosmic Symphony, for it means that there is an intrinsic time element in the Godhead. After all, no matter how you play it, it takes some kind of time for the Father to give birth to the Son, even if it's a timeless time. I don't intend to start an argument, but it can't be literal timelessness, or it could never "happen." And this is the position of non-dualism, that "nothing happens" in God. Rather, there is no time, no individual self, no nothing, just a static eternity, compared to which everything else -- including notions of Trinity or personal God -- are illusion.

The Christian God is clearly not monistic, i.e., a "simple one." But nor is reality dualistic, i.e., God and creation. Rather, a key point, both for man and music, is that God is trimporphic. That being the case, perhaps the trimorphism of music can tell us something about the interior of God.

Yikes! I need to look up that word "trimporphic" (or, was it a misspelling of "trimorphic?")

Notice the blog author's slam against Christian faith:

"including notions of Trinity or personal God -- are illusion."

Is this guy for real?

Maybe not. Must be satire. Read his blog headline:

One Cʘsmos
Circumnavelgazing the Whole Existentialada of Lumen Development • With • Mental Gymgnostics • Verticalisthenics • Dilettantric Yoga • Freevangelical Pundamentalism • Inward Mobility • Upward Nobility • Isness Ministration • Natural S'lacktion • Metaphysical Comedy • Pure Inscapism in a Laughty Atmasphere of Jehovial Witticisms

Christinewjc said...

Ahh! This explains it. Found this little gem further down in his posts:

And don't forget to nominate One Cosmos for Best Religious Blog starting November 3. We need to extend our streak to three years for not Best Religious Blog. Keep the joke alive!