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Educating the Public On the Obama Eligibility Issue [Update 2]

Be back later this afternoon to comment more on the current court case. Meanwhile, please see the advertorials at this link:

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Also see
The Obama File for explanation of next court case and where the case will most likely end up - The Supreme Court.


I know that many people are sick of this issue. But don't you think that it is extremely important to know whether or not Obama genuinely qualified as a Natural Born Citizen before elected as POTUS?

As I have stated many times before at this blog - there is an intense and increasing interest in the "Birther" claims. Of course, the same people who refuse to face facts will scoff at this. However, those who previously did not know the facts, but are now seeing them meticulously laid out (via the Kerchner et al vs. Obama et al case and other cases) are now realizing that there is something terribly wrong. Why would Obama shell out 2 million dollars to lawyers to hide his bona fide COLB and other records?

Every day, my site meter stats show that someone has reached this blog via a search with the phrase, "Barack Obama birth certificate truth." That is all that people are trying to find out - THE TRUTH about this issue.

Here is one of my previous blog posts that has drawn a lot of interest lately:

Where's Obama's Birth Certificate? Within the post, there is proof that the timeline of his mother's activities and the birth of Obama Jr. don't seem plausible.

Why is there so much mystery about this man?

Heck - former president George W. Bush was scrutinized beyond belief by the media and all that they could come up with to use against him was a past DUI and the phony story about his National Guard Service.

Look at all of the nefarious characters surrounding Obama! The Obama File website has complete documentation of all things Obama - the good (which there is VERY LITTLE), the bad (A LOT!) and the UGLY (the terrible policies run up the deficit, take jobs away, and that put our national security in danger!). The Obama File site has been selected to be included in the Library of Congress records! What is being reported there is not trivial!

Look at all the effort that is going into destroying this nation by Obama and cohorts. They are doing it in any which way they can!

Sooner or later - the truth will be made known to all. I just continue to hope and pray that it will be SOONER, rather than later. I don't know how much more our Constitutional Republic can withstand before it reaches the disastrous breaking point.

Update 2:

OH BOY! Just visited Mario Apuzzo's blog (Kerchner's lawyer) and found the following graphic that sums up the cover-up on Obama's ineligibility:

The Three Enablers:

Here is a link to view the entire ad which will appear in the 11/30/2009 issue of the Washington Times National Weekly - pg 9:

Obama's Lack of Eligibility - The Three Enablers Ad


One theory about why Obama is hiding all of his records is because some, (like, for instance, Andy Martin), speculate and believe that Frank Marshall Davis was Obama's biological father. You can read more at his blog:

Andy Martin discloses Barack Obama’s “family secrets”

This guy is seriously following the issue. He even has a conference set up!

If Davis IS Obama's biological father, then Obama Jr. would be considered a "natural born citizen."

However, the fact that Obama is a flaming Marxist - inflicting horrible policies against our nation - doesn't make most Americans feel any better.

So....which is it?

One day we will know the truth. Again, I hope that it is sooner rather than later.

Conclusion: Obama either LIED about his true father (if his bio dad was Davis), or, he hid his COLB so that people would not find out that he isn't a natural born citizen (because Obama Sr. was never a citizen of the U.S. ). If the second scenario is the truth, then Obama Jr. was never eligible to serve as POTUS in the first place.

How ANYONE could trust this guy is amazing...

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