Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Obama Revolution Over!

The headline for today's post is taken from the title of the most recent post over at The Obama File. However, what I liked even more over at the website were the signs with Obama's face on them that read: FRAUD, FAIL, and DELUSION. IMO, that encapsulates Obama in a nutshell! [pun?]

The American people are awake - fully awake now and this Obama disaster has started to officially come crumbling down.

Note this, too:

No ObamaCare In 2009

Senior Congressional Democrats told ABC News today it is highly unlikely that a health care reform bill will be completed this year, just a week after Barack Obama declared he was "absolutely confident" he'll be able to sign one by then.

"Getting this done by the by the end of the year is a no-go," a senior Democratic leadership aide told ABC News. Two other key Congressional Democrats also told ABC News the same thing.

This may come as an unwelcome surprise for the White House, where officials from Obama on down have repeatedly said the health care bill would be signed into law by the end of the year.


There will be thousands of blog posts about last night's major GOP victories in Virginia and New Jersey. However, to get started I will refer readers to Newsmax.

Brit Hume: Intensity Has Shifted to GOP

Democrat Owens Wins N.Y. House Race

[Note: Even though Hoffman, a relatively unknown conservative did not win, he certainly came close! He conceded with class - and the truth:

"I think that the Republican Party is broad enough to handle many different candidates, but the fact is that I'm a commonsense conservative Republican — I am not a radical," Hoffman said Monday. "The point is that Assemblywoman Scozzafava was not a moderate Republican. She was an ultraliberal Republican.]

GOP Sweeps Governor Races in Virginia, New Jersey

GOP's Christie Defeats Corzine in N.J.

Rove: McDonnell’s Victory 'Astonishing'

But the best news has to be this:

Dick Morris:
GOP Sweep Imperils Obamacare

As if the election results from last night weren't enough to put a thorn in the side of Obama and his Marxist cohorts, look out for the double-whammy coming up tomorrow!

Citizen Wells reports:
Michele Bachmann, Tea Party Express, November 5, 2009, Capitol Building, Washington DC, Nancy Pelosi, Congress, Defeat socialist health care bill

It was reported that Obama didn't bother to watch the election results last night. Does this come as a surprise to most of us who have been paying close attention? Of course not! It's typical of this narcissist to do such a thing. However, would it be considered over the top for Newsbusters to expose that
Obama Watched HBO Special About Himself Instead of Election Results

Last, but certainly not least, is Big Government's exposure of more Obama-worship videos indoctrinating school children.

Go here to view all of the propaganda videos of indoctrination - if you can stand it!!

Hat Tips:


The Obama File

Citizen Wells


Big Government


madmath1 said...

A huge victory to say the least. With deathcare now heading to a session that comes on the verge of midterm elections and the people waking up to this fraud in the White House, America may had just dodge the bigget bullet since the War of 1812.

Christinewjc said...

I hope you are correct, madmath1! I still don't trust PeLIARsi and ReiDUNCE. They are just sneaky enough to pull a fast one (yet again!) and ram HELLscare down our throats. The good news is that it can be repealed in 2010 - because it isn't scheduled to go into effect until 2013? I think. They may just have a year to steal more money from the tax payers, though. I heard that they will start collecting money for HELLscare immediately from workers paychecks.


Election day 2010 can't come soon enough!