Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Can We Talk?

Early this morning, I was flipping back and forth between two channels. I watched a portion of a show that I don't generally seek out in the morning - "Morning Joe" on MSNBC. There were several commentators being interviewed and I heard two of them share their thoughts on Obama's speech last night. One guy (can't recall his name) actually admitted that there is a huge amount of uneasiness among the public because of Obama's mishandling of this disaster. The other one that I listened to at the time was Chris Matthews - you know - the "thrill up my leg" guy who almost wet his pants when Obama was elected. It was weird - he actually criticized Obama's speech! He stated many things, including a fact that all Americans are probably thinking - Obama did not discuss what we all wanted to hear.

What, exactly do Americans want to know?

How and when will the hole be plugged up, and what is the game plan to clean up the oil from the waters.

Of course, Matthews still supports the Puppet-in-Chief, but to hear any type of criticism about Obama from this guy was truly astonishing to me. Could the liberal Lamestream Media of Mass Deception be coming around in realizing how badly Obama lacks in leadership skills? That would be good news.

However, Matthews is hosting a show (tomorrow night - I think) called "The Rise of the New Right." Does anyone notice the not-so-subtle resemblance of such a title to "The Rise of the Third Reich?" Nah...must be my imagination running wild. I am going to record it to see how much of a stretch he tries to make to connect the TEA Party Movement to the militias that they showed in the film clip.

This Gulf Oil Catastrophe has been bothering me greatly over the last few weeks. The fact that so many offers were made and turned down at the beginning of the spill makes my mind's antenna go up in alarm. If you are new to this blog (usually the stats reveal anywhere from 15 - 50 new visitors, depending on the topic posted), you might want to review the previous posts that I have done on this issue.

Yesterday, a new friend on FaceBook stated that perhaps I should not jump to any conclusions about a conspiracy theory being at work in this disaster scenario. He stated that it may have just been a terrible accident. Perhaps he is correct! That is why I wrote, "Talk Wisdom Reports - You Decide" before sharing the links and theories floating around out there in the blogs. However, many of the theories are backed by facts and evidence that make the Obama Administration's inaction very suspicious.

Case in point.

Over at Mr. Lame Cherry's Blog, he reveals an important piece of intriguing evidence that might make the average conspiracy theorist balk, but at the same time might actually reveal a point or two that make the evil inaction of the Obama Adminstration make more sense.


For the record to repeat, Barack Hussein Obama was in bed with a group of globalists who created the Gusher in the Gulf in eco terrorism for the expressed purpose of stopping Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, stopping drill baby drill, stopping American energy independence by shutting down all drilling.

Obama and his cronies played this to so pollute the Gulf that Americans would never drill oil again, but instead be serfs existing in 3rd world status, having the government dictate to them while their money was paid to Muslim mafia oil and the European banks which handle those accounts bleeding American dry.

This blog exclusively reported that Barack Hussein Obama was making warfare on the Republican Gulf States. For those who have said that Obama had no part in this eco terrorism, I would point them to the pissy little racist Mark Halperin who was having a fit on Charlie Rose on the evening of Obama's Gusher Speech from the White House where Halperin stated this:

"Three out of four of those states Obama lost in the Gulf. He doesn't have allot of feeling for them".

Charlie Rose was stunned as Halperin tried to make up for being corrected in being wrong by a former Shell Oil executive, and all Rose would say for a few moments was "Wah wah wha".

Those who do not believe what this blog has exposed, now have Halperin having pissy fit on PBS in literally spilling what he has been told, knows and what everyone in the puppy press knows in Obama doesn't give a damn about those Americans in the Gulf, because they didn't vote for him and he is going to tar ball them to oblivion to punish them.

This is ALL political in what Halperin let slip to the Rockefeller's Rose who could not believe Halperin said what is the filthy secret in Obama dithered his known disaster into a catastrophe to destroy the Republican people there.

This has nothing to do with the excuse that Rahm Emanuel was out terrorizing Jews in Israel on a vacation in why Obama didn't take any action immediately. This has to do with Obama knew this was staged sabotage in payback for him getting those Libyan oil leases for BP, and BP needs oil at higher prices to make those Libyan Muslim contracts pay, so the only way to raise prices is to shut off American drilling.

OH MY GOSH!!! I already figured out that the "don't let a good crisis go to waste" mentality was at work when the moratorium on drilling was ordered. But I hadn't even THOUGHT that he was also punishing the voters in those Gulf states because they didn't vote for him!!!

Coincidence? Maybe. I have a question for the naysayers. How many coincidences does one need before one realizes that allowing the gusher to go on and on and on , and dithering by not giving the states permission to take immediate action to protect their own waters and beaches - could be considered as delays being done on purpose?


Mark Halperin revealed that people who do not vote for Obama are dead to him. Do you not now figure out why people in Kentucky could wash down a river and Obama did not say a word?

The cold heart of Obama is certainly very chilling...


This is the reality in knowing that people in the Gulf are slowing dying the economic death as they are tar balled to death, and Obama only responds after the destruction is completed as that was his murderous intent from the start.

I cannot come up with a good reason why the offers from the Dutch and Great Britain to help with extracting the spewing oil from the water was turned down. Can you?

I cannot come up with a good reason why the Jones Act wasn't suspended (like it was by President Bush during Hurricane Katrina). Can you?

I cannot come up with a good reason why all of the citizens of America - who were offering their expertise and booms to contain the spill before it reached the beaches and marshes - were not given the OK to start the clean-up techniques they had offered. Can you?

There are many, many more questions that could be asked. Like, for instance, why Obama is using this terrible crisis to push his stupid Cap and Tax agenda when WE THE PEOPLE DON'T WANT IT!

And...did you hear the news today about ObamaCare Hellcare? Obama's promises don't mean s**t! He breaks them like a carton of a dozen eggs for breakfast in the morning! The latest promise being broken is that the administration can no longer guarantee that employers will be able to keep employees in their current health care plans! WE TOLD YOU!! We cannot trust a single utterance from this Residential fraud in the White House!

Final Excerpt:

Yet the timidity of the right to call Obama out for his actions is astounding. British Petroleum made a series of bad moves it is said.
What part of being beat over the head a dozen times do you not get that it is not an accident after the first time?

This clique inside BP did this in answering to that same Bilderberg Group which Obama dances for. These are the same traitors around the globe above the law who do this kind of mayhem continuously to advance their agenda.

I keep pondering what it is going to take to have people who actually see Obama for the danger he is, to actually take the step and at least point out what Mark Halperin outed Obama in on Charlie Rose.

Halperin stated it is in Obama's mind to let States be ruined which means people dying in the upheaval, all because they are Republicans.

How many more people need to get blown off of oil rigs with this regimes silence for over a month before the sociopath B. Hussein Obama is on a global scale in blowing people off the planet with Predators starts to dawn on the right that, "Gee piles of dead bodies and Obama is advancing his policy off of it".

Think [there] is a connection?

Answer: YES!

Hat Tip:

Lame Cherry Blog


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We need to ask the obvious question: Why did they wait until 53 days after the offer was initially given?


Al said...

Hi Christine,

Interesting how Obama's handlers have paraded out their talking puppet to offer a solution to the problem. They may be able to conceal their own involvement in this mess, but there's a higher power that knows what's really going on here. How sad for the people in the Gulf Coast region...wondering aloud if they are being used in a classic "create a problem and offer a solution" dynamic? Thanks for another interesting and informative post. Have a blessed day.

Christinewjc said...

Thanks Al.

Perhaps the people aren't wondering anymore. They are seeing the deception being carried out right before their very eyes! You know that the complacency being exhibited by this terrible administration is way too obvious now since his cheerleaders on the left are forced to criticize Obama! I never thought I'd see the day that Matthews would utter something negative about "the annointed one."

I have just started reading Glenn Beck's new book, "The Overton Window." I already see the similarities between this book of fiction (more accurately - faction - since it contains many elements of fact in it!) and what is going on today in this gangster government!


stevex09 said...

There's no such thing as coincidence with Obama and his freak-show of an administration.

Christinewjc said...

I agree Stevex09! There is too much evidence that backs up what you stated in your comment!

How awful it is that Obama and his evil cohorts have gotten away with SO MUCH CORRUPTION!

But God sees it all. They won't get away with it forever. If they never repent, then eternity is a lonngggg time to pay for one's crimes!