Sunday, June 27, 2010

Speaking Out Against The Usurper

More Americans are now not afraid to admit to being "Birthers." Many American Patriots, including military personnel, are putting their very own lives, reputations, livelihoods, and positions in jeopardy to speak out against the usurper - Barack Hussein Obama (a.k.a. Barry Soetoro). The following link is a must-read letter recently sent to Mr. Chuck Dasey, U.S. Army spokesman:

The Post & Email
Mr. Dasey, Our very survival is at stake - OUR NATIONAL SECURITY HAS BEEN SEVERELY COMPROMISED Dear Editor: The following email was sent to Mr. Chuck Dasey, U.S. Army spokesman: June 26, 2010 From: ...

Don't miss the following comment at that site:

Thomas Morato says:
Sunday, June 27, 2010 at 6:05 AM
The paint continues to be placed on the canvas which creates a picture that could not be clearer if Leonardo Da Vinci had painted it himself. Tom, the only problem is you can’t get anyone with ANY authority to look at it. The evidence is overwhelming and the issue is being shut down by every media outlet except the Internet.

It is becoming very clear to me that there are forces at work beyond our control to permanently transform our Constitutional Republic into a Socialist State controlled by communist. This fact cannot be denied, as these forces have apparently infiltrated the press and all branches of the federal government and agencies including but not limited to the Executive, Judicial, Legislative, NSA, CIA, FBI, DHS and all branches of the US military.

Unless enough concerned citizens stand up against this destruction of the Republic and our Constitution, the country will fall into the hands of the communist (aka progressives). These progressives want nothing more than to destroy capitalism and take liberty and freedom away from every citizen only to have complete government control over our lives.

If America does not wake up, organize and peacefully demonstrate these injuries in DC we will soon be nothing more than an extension of China.

Also, see the very brief video of a man interrupting a news reporter to ask the question, "Hey America - where is Obama's birth certificate?"

People who probably would have never joined the chorus of Birthers here in America are now changing their tune. They are seeing and realizing the huge amount of damage that Obama and his puppeteers behind the scenes are doing to our beloved nation.

We need prayer - more than ever - here in America! God save the United States of America! God Bless our nation!

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GMpilot said...

So, that was the letter sent to him. Big whoop. What does U.S. Army spokesman Mr. Chuck Dasey have to say in reply? When you print that, then you'll have something to talk about.

Oh, and what's become of Tim Adams, who was THE bright light in birtha circles only two weeks ago? Did the Obots get to him, or what?