Friday, June 18, 2010

Issa Has Eye on Subpoena Team

It is often difficult to find good political news with all of the current corruption going on in Congress, pResident Obama's evil White House, all-the-Resident's clueless men and women in his Cabinet, all the Marxist cronies, SEIU thugs, the illegitimate czars, and the puppet-masters behind the curtain who make them all dance.

Issa has eye on subpoena team

Thank God we have at least a few Republican Representatives (like Darryl Issa and Michele Bachmann) who are not afraid to combat the dangerous Marxist Obama puppet regime!

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More good news! Continually demonstrate's Obama Epic Fail!

Obama Approval Number Sinks to New Low Following Lackluster Oil Spill Speech
posted by Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit - 8 hours ago
Another new low… President Obama’s approval number dropped to 41% following his lackluster oil spill speech on Tuesday. Rasmussen reported: The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday...


The bad news:

New Bill: Obama Wants "Absolute Control" Over Internet
posted by (Evil Conservative) at Evil Conservative Radio - 25 minutes ago
Well, we're one big step closer to the North Korea-fication of the United States. If this gigantic power grab goes through, the President will literally have the ability to shut down the internet. Tech Ame...

Gulf oil disaster, Fact vs Fiction series, Obama, Ken Salazar, Hypocrisy at highest levels, Elizabeth Birnbaum resigned, When will Obama resign? Interior Department policies
posted by citizenwells at Citizen WElls - 3 hours ago
Gulf oil disaster, Fact vs Fiction series, Obama, Ken Salazar, Hypocrisy at highest levels “Propaganda must not serve the truth, especially not insofar as it might bring out something favorable for the opp...

Radical Obama Administration Will File Suit Against Arizona
posted by Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit - 5 hours ago
He won’t secure the border — But, he’ll sue states that do. The radical Obama Administration will file suit against Arizona over their new immigration law that upholds federal law. Governor Jan Brewer hear...

The LIAR IN CHIEF is at it again!

“Unacceptable!”: Obama Breaks Promise To Jan Brewer
posted by nicedeb at Nice Deb » “Unacceptable!”: Obama Breaks Promise To Jan Brewer - 10 hours ago
Greta Van Susteren spoke with AZ Governor, Jan Brewer, last night by phone, after having interviewed her in person, the day before in Arizona. Brewer expressed her great disappointment in Obama for his fa...

Baucus: ObamaCare Creates "Near Chaos" Without More Spending
posted by William A. Jacobson at Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion - 7 hours ago
The pathetic, lie-infested legislation known as ObamaCare was based on phony numbers and unrealistic assumptions so that Democrats could sell the package to themselves and their delusional Democratic const...

Obamacare as Leverage for Complete Communist Control, as Promised
posted by (Arlen Williams) at Investigating Obama - 12 hours ago
a.k.a., "single payer" "Obama's Marxist Allies Move on Healthcare, Socialist Agenda" in KeyWiki & New Zeal Democratic Socialists of America, is despite its deceptive name is the U.S.'s largest and probabl...

Top Obama Official Admits “The Economy Is Still Lousy”

posted by Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit - 12 hours ago
Barack Obama hoped to celebrate the stimulus today at a quick stop in Ohio but he may have a problem. His Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood who will be joining him today admitted yesterday in a conferenc...

And then there is this! What a blatant example of the LYING LAMESTREAM MEDIA OF MASS DECEPTION!

Figures. MSNBC Mockumentary Discusses Obama’s Days as Brilliant Constitutional Law Professor But Actually Shows Him Teaching Alinsky Tactics (Video)

posted by Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit - 1 day ago
It figures. The MSNBC mockumentary “Rise of the Right” discussed Obama’s days as a brilliant professor of Constitutional law but actually show Obama teaching Alinsky principles to college students. P/Oed P...

Update: Also see:

Lame Cherry Blog: Justice Thy Name is Issa


Rep. Issa though is promising to do something the entire GOP did not do in installing Obama as a fraud from Day One, in Mr. Issa is going to subpoena Obama, hire at least 20 more investigators not to "look" for Obama crimes, but to literally investigate the known Obama crimes which that crook Eric Holder will not investigate.

Gerald Walpin, Pennsylvania black thugs intimidating voters, Sestakgate, Romanoffgate, Blagovich affair, targeting US Citizens with Predators for assassination in Yemen, Treasury looting, Buffettgate, GM to UAW, Gulf Gusher, Salahigate, ACORN, Obama's illegal campaign finance and that does not even touch upon the biggest issue in history in Obama being undocumented.

Justice is a reason to vote for the Republican Conservatives as Justice will finally be administered to that cesspool of the Obama regime. There is no need to go fishing for bottom suckers like Henry Waxman did in the attempted coup against President Bush, because Obama is overflowing with crime.

Goodness people, we still do not know what happened to 350 million of bailout funds which Geithner lost, and we still do not know who got bailed out with tax funds which were probably foreign banks dumping debt on Americans in blackmail out of China, and we still do not know the names of Geithner's New York clique who got all that money while the rest of banking floundered.

Looking at this Obama regime is like stepping into a sewer. You can't help but get dirty as the entire executive branch is fecal matter. Why do you think all those blow flies are always buzzing around Obama? They are attracted to the stench of this regime.

What better situation for voters to vote with glee for the GOP in the affirmation that vote will stop Obama's Marxist dictatorship, stop his disarming America, stop replacing Americans with Mexicans, and while attempting to rebuild the US economy which Obama looted, to actually have the GOP investigating Obama crimes which are piling higher than Mt. Clinton.

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