Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I REALLY Like N.J. Governor Christie!

This is a man who knows how to sock it to the teachers union in New Jersey and make his points crystal clear to his audience. He isn't afraid of the union thugs - and won't let them get away with their bullying. Wow...we sure could use someone like him on the national level to take on the crooks in the ObaMarxist Administration!

Great comments at the YouTube site:


1 week ago 3
that's what makes a man attractive......standing his ground and fighting for what's right....take note you liberal wimps

2 days ago
THIS is the kind of gutsy, take-no-prisoners, kick-a**, tell-it-like-it-is, stand-up, no-teleprompter LEADER we need in Washington. I'd love to see someone present an sensible opposing opinion. Can't be done. FINALLY, someone has the ba*** to stand up to the union thugs and crooks.

5 days ago
Chris Christie is a boss! Take on the liberal establishments crippling minority children in failing schools that our own President chose were unfit for his own children as a father.

1 week ago
Christie for president. This guy is awesome and its who we need.

1 week ago
Holy smokes.
An elected official who makes sense..... even has a SPINE...

OK, gotta go and pass out now...



This one is a classic Christie moment, too:

Refreshing! NJ Gov. Chris Christie Destroys Reporter For Calling Him Confrontational

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Gary Baker said...

If this guy can stick to his principles and succeed in New Jersey, I think he will be a real comer in the future, with conservatives if not necessarily Republicans. The ability for government to live within its means, rather than constantly raising the bill, is sorely needed, and people willing to not just talk a good game but actually stick with it are our only hope for serious change.