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The Lies and Evil of ObaMarxist

People...I don't want to believe this. But the evidence is pointing towards the Gulf Oil Gusher as being a deliberate act. Talk Wisdom reports - you decide.



1. Investigating Obama: Misrepresenting Scientists Comments and Opposition Arrests - Obama Police State Begins


Lies, Lies…and More Lies

by Sher Zieve

Here we go again with ‘another day and another Obama & Co lie’. Guess our days would no longer be complete without a few dishonest pieces of ObamaPropaganda with our morning coffee. Tragically, many of our fellow citizens are becoming far too used to the tyrant’s hypocrisy and some are, now, even ignoring it as ‘Obama’s business as usual’. To accept patent lies from our country’s leaders is what got us into out current mess in the first place folks. And--as he continues to intensely revel in his still-unstopped destruction of our country--The Obama tells whoppers!

As Obama continues to run from his own legal duties, under both the Clean Water Act and the Oil Pollution Act, he tells us that BP must correct the problem; while thousands of barrels of oil are dispensed into the Gulf each and every day destroying all life with which it comes into contact. But, Obama sees this as a political boon; one in which he plans to use in order to shove through his Cap & Trade bill that will hobble us all. So, he asked a group of scientists (the best in the country he told us) to provide him with a report. Note: Obama wants reports whilst he watches the totality of the occurring daily destruction. We believe he is, again, smiling broadly at his malicious work.

Obama’s scientific experts did--indeed--provide the dictator-in-chief with his requested--demanded--report. However, it did not go far enough for The Obama. So, Obama’s Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar surreptitiously “added” a few paragraphs at the end of the report suggesting the experts had recommended a cessation in drilling for oil. But, nothing could be further from the truth. The experts--via Ken Arnold--advised Fox News: “None of us actually reviewed the [Salazar revised] memorandum as it is in the report." Arnold said that it was a false addition and that not one of those preparing the report had recommended any cessation in drilling. In fact, he and the other experts said that doing so would be devastating to the US economy. Surprise! Obama & Co lied again in order to get their way. Salazar, of course, said he was sorry for the lie. But as we know, in ObamaLand, the end--whatever is employed by the Marxists to get there--justifies ANY means used and being a Marxist-Democrat means saying you’re sorry is all that’s needed. And the ObamaMedia will continue to largely ignore the oppression.

Obama’s Police State Begins in earnest

Obama now has had his Congressional minions--aka US Senators--propose a bill that will give the dictator total and uncontrolled seizure under anything Obama deems to be an “emergency”. Note: We suggest this “emergency” applies to the spreading of truth to We-the-People; especially but not limited to elections. Obama is now--officially--Hugo Chavez’ twin brother--only worse.

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2. Lame Cherry Blogspot: Obama Deliberately Did This


Remember after 9 11 that Bush 43 had Norwegian fighters patrolling American skies? Remember after Katrina how Bush 43 waved maritime laws which forbid foreign ships from operating port to port in America?
Yet Obama deliberately has shut down every effort to do anything to cap this gusher.

This blog offered the fix immediately after revealing exclusively the lies being put out this was a methane ice event in capping the well. BP only took like 45 days to do an inferior method, which allowed the complete pollution of the Gulf.

America has not seen the end of this, as Americans are so concerned about a hurricane driving that oil up on American shores, but what happens with Bowbama in a hurricane when this oil floods over Cuba, Venezuela or Brazil, and they haul the American taxpayer in for clean up costs and not "bankrupt" BP still making billions?
Obama will be borrowing more money Americans will have to pay back to clean up other nations for the deliberate criminal dithering he has played out.

There are absolutely no doubts in this. This all could have been handled as the Saudi's did in their massive spill, but Obama denied, defied and dithered any action to take place to alieviate this until a month into this. It is all so completely Obama motive in repeated criminal process that I honestly wonder how long it is going to take a united voice from the pundits to point out what this blog has revealed from the beginning in Obama deliberately did all this.

Obama is thee most heinous environmental holocaust instigator since Saddam Hussein, and if the Gulf were Jews instead of gulls, he would have even surpassed Adolf Hitler's final solution.

I state none of that lightly as Obama wiped out deliberately the GOP Gulf States. He is in process destroying 1 million jobs there in a Super Depression.

For those who have not been listening, there is ONE STATE in North Dakota which has been sinking a hundred oil wells, has an economic surplus, has made hundreds of millionaires.........AND BARACK OBAMA IS CURRENTLY IMPLEMENTING A TAX ON CRUDE OIL IN AMERICA TO DESTROY THAT GOP STATE NOW TOO.

I realize that Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin are too good of souls to even contemplate that someone like Obama would be in a conspiracy to destroy individual GOP States, and deliberately pollute an entire gulf just to keep money flowing to his Muslim oil mafia and European banking cronies as America is disassembled by him from within so he can set up a thugocracy perpetual power Obamanation, it is time Paul Revere in this ride from this blog echo in the minds of talkers for them to finally grasp how heinous B. Hussein Obama is, as that is what the evidence is.

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