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Gulf Oil Disaster Like 9/11??

*Sigh*...where do I begin? Once again, this blog topic goes under the banner of "Talk Wisdom reports - you decide."

Yesterday, there was a comment left on Facebook that I copied and pasted for my own records. Since the email person that it originated from has requested his/her name to be held as confidential (I didn't see the name at Facebook anyway), I cannot guarantee any of what is written as confirmed truth. However, I wanted to include it along with my former postings on the Gulf Oil Disaster for the purpose of comparison as to why the Oil Gusher happened, possibly why it cannot be easily solved, why the cleanup appears to be going so slowly (and the ideas shared by MANY Americans who have ways to clean the oil from the waters are being ignored), and why Obama said that the Gulf Oil Gusher is comparable to 9/11.

Let's start with Obama likens Gulf environmental disaster to 9/11


WASHINGTON (AFP) – President Barack Obama likened the disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico to the September 11 attacks in an interview published on the eve of his fourth visit Monday to the stricken region.

"In the same way that our view of our vulnerabilities and our foreign policy was shaped profoundly by 9/11, I think this disaster is going to shape how we think about the environment and energy for many years to come," he told

Let's stop right there for a moment. Could Obama be telling the truth (for a change!) in that first paragraph? Was the Gulf Oil Gusher Disaster actually caused by an attack on our nation?

The mystery email person makes such a claim:

Section 7: The Truth about the Oil Rig

Using my intelligence contacts, I found the truth behind the oil rig explosion and Obama's handling of the situation. Unfortunately it was not a "terrible accident", nor an "inside job". The attack was carried out by another country. North Korea to be exact. Remember the sinking of the Chenoan? That was a training exercise for the North Koreans, using their subs, (which can evade our sonar detection systems) as a preparation for the oil rig attack. On April 20, they struck, using the same techniques as they did on the South Koreans. They had a great deal of help from the Russians. Another piece of info that is not known to most people is that the Russians currently have the majority of our Navy bogged down (particularly our submarine divisions) defending the East coast from missile attacks. The Russians have sent a division of subs and parked them about 300 miles off our coastline and have been sitting there for months. This led to a massive naval decrease in the Gulf area allowing the North Koreans to infiltrate and sink the rig, devastating the area and destroying Southern state's economies.
***[To read the email in it's entirety, see bottom of this post.]

This isn't the first time that I had heard that the North Koreans did this. One reason I didn't post it (from the former source) was because when I went to the person's website, they were virulently anti-Christian.

[Note: Again, I must remind everyone reading here that I can't verify any of this. I am simply reporting several possible scenarios that have been mentioned out there on the Internet.]


In the same article (link above) Obama goes on to say this:

Obama said he would be making a fresh bid to get Congress to pass a major energy and climate bill.

He was quoted as vowing to "move forward in a bold way in a direction that finally gives us the kind of future-oriented ... visionary energy policy that we so vitally need and has been absent for so long."

That makes me think that he is going to try and convince Congress to pass the Cap and Trade bill. This new attempt might just be the ticket Obama puppet and his puppeteers want in order to get what would be another devastatingly awful bill passed - all designed to destroy our economy. This, despite the fact that most Internet and blog-savvy Americans now know that the Climate Change/Global Warming frenzy is just a big hoax! What's more, it makes the Oil Disaster happening at this particular time (a few months before the Nov. 2010 elections!) seems very, very suspicious! It's the perfect storm example of "not letting a good crisis go to waste."

Maggie's Notebook is reporting: Bay of Rigs Scandal Leaking: Dispersants are Where the Money Is


Bay of Rigs didn't begin leaking at the time of the oil spill. It goes all the way back to releasing the Lockerbie terrorist who was said to be dying. Could the oil perpetually abiding in our beautiful Gulf of Mexico be lingering because dispersants are where the money is, even though they seem not to be working? Wait till you hear who owns the company making the chemicals being dumped into our waters.

It gets MUCH more interesting. Read the rest HERE

Then, there is the negligence aspect [Note - blog found via Maggies Notebook comment section]:

Just Me In T Blog: If You Can't Measure It How Can You Fine?

The blog author begins by stating that (paraphrased here) 'the total liability (of BP) will be determined by how much oil is spewing into the Gulf.' But he also states:

(BP is certainly going to be proven to be negligent – this is no accident)

So...was it just negligence?

Just Me In T bloggers goes on to reveal:

There are two video’s from 60 Minutes to watch: What really happened to cause the devastating oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico? And what is BP doing to fix the problem?

For an answer to the first question, watch the 60 Minutes story. As for the answer to the second question, read Dr. Mercola’s special report on the devastating choices made by BP to "clean up" the mess -- choices that could WORSEN the environmental impact of the spill, rather than improve it. See **** GULF OIL DISPERSANT COREXIT IS 11 TIMES MORE LETHAL THAN OIL

And finally, look at this comment:

Demeur said...
Thanks for stopping by my blog.
I've been doing hazmat work for over 20 years now and I must say that the way this is being done goes against everything I've been trained to do.

As for the Corexit I find it interesting that it's been banned in the UK for being too toxic.

June 13, 2010

Why am I posting all of these possible scenarios? Because I think that we will find out how the Obama Administration plans to "use this crisis" to their advantage via Obama's Tuesday Oval Office speech. Recall that Rahm Emanuel has stated, "never let a good crisis go to waste." I have always thought that comment was, and still is, SO DESPICABLE! But it clearly shows us how this criminal enterprise is operating in our government.

The following may not seem related to this post, but I thought it was interesting to see what body language can tell us about pResident Obama:

The American Spectator: Barack Obama's Body Language

Comments there are very informative, too. And, as usual in conservative comment threads, an SEIU thug critic shows up with his tell-tale screen name of "Purpleguy." (SEIU thugs are known for wearing purple shirts and showing up at TEA Parties to disrupt the peaceful protests - including the time they beat a black man for being a "traitor" to Obama. Nice...huh??)

Like one commentator at the site named "Grzmlyk," I also saw Fox News Sunday yesterday and couldn't believe how bizarre Brit Hume and Bill Kristol appeared to be in their reactions on the panel while discussing Obama and the oil spill!

Grzmlyk 6.14.10 @ 9:23AM
What astounds me is how many supposedly conservative pundits STILL fail to accurately assess Obama's reaction to the gulf spill.

Brit Hume, who has apparently lost his mind, has bent over backwards - like Bill O'Reilly - to forgive any and every glaring Obama misstep. Yesterday on Fox News Sunday, Hume and Bill Kristol were at pains to exonerate Obama personally; Hume allowed that, while Obama may have made some mistakes in the spill's aftermath, most of his critics were harping on essentially peripheral, cosmetic grounds, while Kristol pointed out that Obama's approval ratings have been fairly stable since prior to the catastrophe. Kristol then said that, to the extent people disproved of the administration's response, it was more a repudiation of "obamaism" than Obama himself.

Yesterday's panel was so bizarre that it even Juan Williams was dismayed at the pass Hume and Kristol gave Obama. it was left to Williams and Mara Liasson – Mara Liasson! to see the bigger picture! WTF?

I also heard Arthur Laffer say that Obama was a good man but a bad president.

Conservatives who are far too eager to pat themselves on the back for their highly-evolved non-partisanship by declaring Obama innocent of the spill are missing the point. Duh! Of course he isn't responsible for the spill.

But scrutiny of his response brings into focus as even the health care debacle did not an emerging portrait of a dark, dark personality.

The phones to the governors of the states have remained silent; the administration deliberately misrepresented an ad hoc expert group's recommendations with respect to the moratorium; several companies that offered help for the clean-up - providing booms, etc. remain confined to the sidelines by the heavy hand of the administration. Obamunists refuse to waive the Jones Act. And on and on and on.

It is becoming clear that Obama is letting this situation become insurmountable on purpose (never let a crisis go to waste) while covering his malign negligence with his usual cover of ankle-biting and promises of retribution.

This is beyond incompetence or misfeasance; it is sadistic malfeasance. So Brit, Bill and Arthur - and Peggy and David and Bill and the rest of you, listen up:

Obama's response to this spill reveals our president to be a nihilistic agent of destruction - it proves that Obama is a sulking, angry miscreant who defines himself only through negative acts (hence his career as an agitator for ACORN), no different from a common street thug who feels empowered by vandalizing private property.

It takes a great deal of sophistication, knowledge, ability, vision and courage to create something of lasting value in our civilization; it takes nothing but dumb, brute strength to tear it down.

Obama is not just incompetent or immature or ideologically blinkered.

He is a bad man.

Hat Tips:

Yahoo News

Maggies Notebook

Just Me In T Blog

Email in it's entirety:

Just please do not send it out as a forward with what I'm about to tell you. Simply remove me from it. Now, bear with me, as this may be a long story. I am going to cover everything from when he was born all the way up to now with current situations.

Section 1: Origins and Teachings

He was born in Kenya as Barack Soerto, and the Hawaii imam ... See Moredid give him his middle name. He lived in Kenya with his father & mother until he turned 6. His father, who was part of the radical Islamic movement, Wahhabi specifically, took him to Indonesia to begin training under the Wahhabi doctrine. That is why in his one of his speeches he states: "I was in Indonesia... I heard the call of the azan". While there, he was trained under Jihadist doctrine. When he was 18 he moved to the United States to begin college. While there he came into New York in 1979 with only a dime to his name.

However, the Bilderbergs and the Islamicsts knew that if their (what I like to call Trojan Horse plan) was to succeed, they must supply him with ample funds. The Emir of Saudi Arabia, King Khalid, as well as certain wealthy oil sheiks from the United Arab Emirates supplied him with immense funding for his college.

The Bilderberg connections in the government, specifically Henry Kissinger of the time then adjusted the college records to show that he had received a great amount of "federal scholarships".

In 1981 he took a break from his college career under the advice of his Saudi overseers and traveled to Pakistan under an Indonesian passport as during that time US travel to Pakistan was restricted by Ronald Reagan. While there he was indoctrinated in more jihad movements and first learned of Al-Queda and Mumar-al-Quadaffi's organized terrorism syndicate.

He then returned to the US to finish his college career in constitutional law, which was picked out for him by both the Bilderbergs and his Saudi advisors. This was essential that he learned this form of law so he could implement it when he became president in the future to allow him to bring down America.

During 1982, he traveled to the USSR where he was spotted by a certain member of an American press company and never seen again in Russia. After the sighting, the member asked a Russian official why the president of the Columbia Law Club was in the USSR. The official swore him to secrecy and then told him that Obama was there to learn communism policies, how to control media sources with a Politburo style system, and how to control masses and sway them to see how communism was an exemplary form of government through subtle messaging and certain associates as well as how to stand against and dismantle NATO. He then returned to the US.

Section 2: Start of Infiltration

This is something very very few people know outside of intelligence agencies or Obama's own crew. During his years at Columbia University, under the tutelage of Saul Alinsky, he used his position, and Bilderberg contacts to infiltrate the CIA and learn the inner machinations of government intelligence procedure. The reason this isn't widely known is that the Bilderberg crew ordered that all of his intrusions were authorized at the highest levels and sealed everything behind him. After receiving his degree, he moved to Illinois, which was another part of the plan.

Section 3: Underlying Motives

The move to Illinois was essential for multiple reasons. First was that due to the Daley regime and machine which was still extremely powerful during that time, his election to the state senate would not raise eyebrows if he was silently endorsed by the Daley crew themselves. Second, he gained allies here with living next to Rizzo and communicating with Bill Ayers.

The Saudis temporarily granted him a reprieve because he was so essential to their plan, and such a devout muslim, that they turned the other way when he signed on with Reverend Wright's "Christian" church to further his anti-American beliefs. The Bilderbergs & Illuminati applauded this move as they themselves oppose the amount of freedoms we wield in this nation.

It was also during this time that President George W. Bush, who was partially walking the same path as his father (who was part of the Bilderbergs and was originally supposed to be president instead of VP under Reagan) (also why Reagan was almost assassinated) began passing policies that were deemed as either totally or partially acceptable to the American public due to the orchestration of 9/11. These acts consisted of the Patriot Act, the North American Union Act, and the creation of the Department of Homeland Security. I will now list their subsequent side affects that very few people understand/even know.

1. Patriot Act

Gives the US Government complete warrent-less authorization to tap into people's phone calls, e-mails, and personal mail. This, while the press claimed it was for terrorists only, extended to US citizens and immigrants under a special clause (Amendment 3b). This permitted Echelon (who I once worked with) (A division of the NSA) to record billions of communications in and out of this country weekly.

2. North American Union Act

This one is relatively unknown to most Americans, even those of the Tea Party movement as it occurred during the year of 2005, in which most people were occupied with the Iraq war and Hurricane Katrina. Under the guidance of the Bilderbergs, Illuminati, and the heads of the European Union, a joint conference (G-4) was held in Quebec, Canada in which the Canadian prime minister would be pressured to sign a "special treaty". If he did, so would President Bush. Well both of them signed it. What that did that day was dramatically expand NAFTA, and created a union between Canada, Mexico, and the United States. Under this act, our Constitution was completely shredded and legally, in Europe, the United States of America no longer exists, nor does Canada, or Mexico. In Brussels, (the head of the EU) we are now known as Region 1 for the 10 region One-World system implemented by the Bilderbergs and the Club of Rome. Our currency was knocked out under this act as well and will soon be replaced with the Amero, which is a coin and bill format similar to the Euro, and would have the same value. There are billions of $$$ of these sitting in Fort Knox, and US mints in all 50 states waiting to be distributed.

3. Department of Homeland Security

The DHS was not created to protect American citizens from terrorism attacks, as President Bush and Congress flaunted during that time. It was designed for a sole purpose, and that is to protect the government against homegrown terrorists, whether they be illegal immigrants, jihadists, or Tea Party members/militias.

Section 4: Illinois Senate & US Congress

During these years, Obama was quietly abiding his time in his Chicago law firm, organizing ACORN events and expanding the power of the group legally under the federal government. When he became one of Illinois's national senators in 2005, he began a very specific track record. He continually pushed for funding of ACORN and low-income facilities/groups to gain ground with the poor and minority groups. He also made it well known that he was of African-American decent and never spoke of his Islamic past. He also made it a point to never write/sponsor any bills so when election season rolled around in 2008, he could never be held accountable for anything. The only thing he did **during this time was voting against government expansion of military technologies and against private gun ownership.

Section 5: The Campaign Trail

As we all know, in 2007-2008, the "man from nowhere" ran one of the greatest and most popular campaign trails of all time. He also raised the most money, a record for any candidate, over $700 million to be exact. A few people, like me, know where this money came from as during that time we worked with various ... See Moreintelligence agencies under the Bush administration. A great deal was listed under "private donations". This money came from more oil barons in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) and Saudi Arabia, as well as from King Abdullah himself. Other funds were obtained from union funding, the Rothschilds, Federal Reserve members, and the Bilderbergs. Henry Kissinger himself was appointed head of the final "grooming" for Obama, and on January 10, 2009, he made an open statement to the press saying: "We have primed Obama to be the head of the New World Order". During this time, all of his records, (college, personal, health, citizenship, and voting) were completely sealed and inaccessible to all members of Congress, the press, and the SCOTUS. They were also inaccessible to many areas of the military and intelligence agencies.

Section 6: Recent Actions/Passage of Bills/Agenda

Obama was sworn in on January 20, 2009 to succeed president Bush and begin dismantling our nation and Constitution. He has done so with many bills and executive orders (some of which I cannot list here as they are classified). He has appointed a group of czars, which answer to absolutely no one, be it Congress or the military. He greatly expanded the power of the Federal Reserve and has now appointed 4 of the 6 members personally. He skips the national day of prayer because he is a muslim and now has let that slightly show through. He stands against Israel because that is what he was taught to do as the Jew to him is the Infidel, along with Christians, who must be destroyed. The Quran is his bible, and has no other. The hotly contested healthcare bill is one such issue. Under it, which no one has closely looked into, it calls for the implementation of "death panels" and the Health and Human Services secretary (another czar appointed by him) would determine who receives treatment, how much, and at what cost. Pelosi (who is another carefully placed Bilderberg force) sneakily added in the student loan amendment, which gives the Feds power over who goes to school, what they learn, and where they go. It also calls for the increase of 18,000 IRS agents to enforce the healthcare bill and collect fines. Two months ago, an order was put into Federal Armories to have a delivery of 23,000 shotguns. 18,000 for the new IRS agents, but the other 5,000 were for the Department of Education. No one has asked why the DOE needs shotguns!!

Unfortunately, so far, that answer has eluded me as well. The financial reform bill sets up a direct control of the stock market and gives the feds the ability to close down corporations at will for any reason at all. They could close one down if they didn't like the way the logo looked even. As usual, all unions are exempt from this.

Section 7: The Truth about the Oil Rig

Using my intelligence contacts, I found the truth behind the oil rig explosion and Obama's handling of the situation. Unfortunately it was not a "terrible accident", nor an "inside job". The attack was carried out by another country. North Korea to be exact. Remember the sinking of the Chenoan? That was a training exercise for the North Koreans, using their subs, (which can evade our sonar detection systems) as a preparation for the oil rig attack. On April 20, they struck, using the same techniques as they did on the South Koreans. They had a great deal of help from the Russians. Another piece of info that is not known to most people is that the Russians currently have the majority of our
Navy bogged down (particularly our submarine divisions) defending the East coast from missile attacks. The Russians have sent a division of subs and parked them about 300 miles off our coastline and have been sitting there for months. This led to a massive naval decrease in the Gulf area allowing the North Koreans to infiltrate and sink the rig, devastating the area and destroying Southern state's economies.

Section 8: FEMA Concentration Camps & Wrap up & "About me"

FEMA camps were built starting in 2006 under the "Pelosi regime". These have been constructed to house political dissidents, revolutionaries, Christians, and rebellion leaders. There are hundreds scattered across the US now and UN troops are being brought in silently (there are 30,000 in Florida alone) and are training in joint exercises with certain divisions of the Armed Forces to execute these martial law/camp plans. Earlier this week I received a memo on how all commanding officers at Fort Knox had been replaced with anti-Tea Party/conservative officers who executed a drill for arresting/shooting political dissidents and revolutionaries. Obama has allocated more funding for them under his executive order bills and defense budget plans. That's all I can say on that.

For me, I served many roles throughout the past 5 years. First I began my government path by developing new technologically advanced weaponry systems for the Army through Picatinny Arsenal, DARPA and the Raytheon Corporation. I hold multiple patents on weapons that deal with gamma radiation, electromagnetic shielding, and atomic disintegration. I began to shift into the political spectrum in 2006 after congressional elections turned sour for conservatives. From there, I expanded to become the head commander and liaison officer for a
very powerful group of wealthy corporation owners and conservatives called the K. Street Koalition. It was primarily an "underground" organization who worked closely with feds under the Bush administration to secure our nation both here and abroad from terrorist threats and to help protect Israel. I also worked for the National Security Agency (NSA) during that time, and served as a joint commander to DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) (along with a good friend/ally Admiral Mike Mullen). I also aided with the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency. I then expanded my company further from just weapon designing to merge in with the "private military contractor group" (mercenary group) Blackwater. I used much of the technology I created to field a select group of prior veterans to help with the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and to help protect the US under the NSA (as NSA mandate is to protect citizens on US soil). Lastly I served on the Inter-American Defense Board. Throughout that career, I became close to two very good politicians. One was Senator Bill Frist of Tennessee and the other is House Minority (at that time Majority) leader John Boehner. They are the only two politicians I trust as I have worked with both personally and know their values and where they stand.

That is what I know, what I've done in a nutshell. I could spend days and hours telling you stories and what other things I know, but much of that is classified information and isn't really applicable anyways. I retired the day Bush left office from my position and completely dissolved my company to prevent this new administration from getting their hands on the rest of my weapons designs. If you choose to recirculate this, all I ask is that you remove the references to me both at the end and my name from this as I cannot afford to be associated with such things any longer. Hope this has opened your eyes about the true state of our nation and the people who run it.

** The other thing Obama did was vote against the "Born Alive Infant Protection Act of 2000" which gave hospital personnel the instructions to help babies who were born as a result of a botched abortion medical care. What kind of a monster votes against such bill? Obama - that's who!

Once again - remember this ENTIRE post is a "Talk Wisdom Reports - You Decide" subject!

Three things that immediately bothered me about the email:

1. The author writes that Obama's real name was: "Barack Soerto." I have never read that particular spelling anywhere. I have read "Barry Soetoro," but not "Barack Soerto." If anyone wants to do some research on this, that would be great.

2. Isn't it "Rezko," not "Rizzo?"

3. The author wrote, "due to the orchestration of 9/11." Now, does he/she mean how it was carried out? Or does he/she mean it was "orchestrated" by our government - meaning that he/she is a 9/11 truther?

4. The FEMA camp claim.

There are several other talking points that bother me about this essay, but those listed above were the ones that stood out the most when I first read it.

Any thoughts...anyone?


Kevin said...

Hi Christine,
President Obama is making the comparison that things like this happen because we were not prepared. He is in no way saying that the oil rig disaster was caused by an attack.

About the email: just remember--anyone can write anything they want to. This person is afraid to reveal their true identity. I wonder why that is the case? My first guess is that it is all a bunch of lies created to stir things up. Those are my thoughts on the matter.

Al said...

Thanks for sharing another interesting and informative post, Christine. Too bad Obama's idea of "leadership" is akin to reading mere words scrolling along a teleprompter screen like a talking parrot, and not someone who sincerely cares, and is able to make a genuine difference even if he cared. Have to admit though he is a good talker...