Tuesday, June 08, 2010

News Roundup

Since it is primary election night, I wanted to do a News Roundup of great blog posts.

Daily Thought Pad
Have our leaders abandoned common sense?
20 hours ago

In a word....YES!!

Gateway Pundit
Rosie O’Donnell Calls For ‘Communism’ In America; Confiscate BP’s Assets (Video) - What a week! First liberal media darling Helen Thomas showed her Jew-hating a$$. Now, Rosie O’Donnell shows her bright red commie a$$. Via Breitbart TV and...
26 minutes ago

Every so often, Rosie O'Donnell crawls out from behind the rock and spews her stupid rhetoric. Is she hanging around that crazy lunatic Woody Allen? Idiot minds think alike...


The Right Side of Life
Eligibility Update: Updated Obama Facts, Apartment Mystery, Taitz and CA SoS - Columnist, author and blogger Diana West recently presented a posting entitled, “The Case Against Barack Hussein Obama.” In the posting, she presents the f...
1 hour ago

It is still important to keep up with the latest updates about the ineligibility of B. Hussein Obama. The Right Side of Life has a comprehensive post up.

Big Government
Super Tuesday Open Thread - Today, voters in 12 states go to the polls to decide party nominees for this fall’s elections. Among the biggest state races to watch are California, Nevad...
1 hour ago

Of course! Since it is Super Tuesday in the primaries, we need an open thread for comments! The California polls just closed. Should be interesting...

Big Journalism
NewsBusted: What Will Helen Thomas Do In Retirement? -
1 hour ago

My answer? WHO CARES!


Nice Deb
Dem Party Indistinguishable From CPUSA - But you already knew that. Comrades flocked to New York City two weeks ago for the 29th national convention of the Communist Party USA. While reviewing mat...
7 hours ago

Anyone who has been following the Glenn Beck Program would not be surprised by this!

The Post & Email
Does the Military care about the Constitution? - OR IS IT ALL ABOUT RANK, PRESTIGE AND PROMOTION? contributed by Joe E. Sheldon From: Joe E. Sheldon To: daniel.driscoll@amedd.army.mil Sent: Saturday, June...
9 hours ago

A VERY serious question. I think that SOME of the military elites might be willing to skip over the requirements of the Constitution, otherwise they would have questioned Obama's eligibility and his refusal to show his documents long ago.

Lame Cherry
Blackberry Protocols - I was viewing *Lie to Me* this evening and they were featuring a budding young serial murder and someone questioned if he was just like Ted Bundy. That st...
13 hours ago

As usual, Lame Cherry has a very intriguing (if not frightening) post. Can't claim to agree with everything in this article, but the following are some points of interest:

Allot of folks will ponder the above or make excuses, when it is revealed that if one replaces Bundy for Obama in those scenarios, there is a most interesting mirror image of these two abandoned boys.
The immediate Obamite reaction will be that Obama has not a pile of bodies, but yet Obama from Day One has initiated Predator assassination, wars, character ritual abuse of women as Hillary Clinton or Sarah Palin, and wars upon wars, while invoking protection on every foreigner he comes across in bestowing upon them American Rights.

I will touch on that amnesty and Muslim terrorist rights in Mr. Obama reveals he in not any way sees hisself as an American. He is transferring his phobia of being found out in sympathizing with these illegal 3rd worlders. He is saving them to save himself.

There are many marks to a serial sociopath. They do not have to be overt Ted Bundy bludgeoners. They can be quite dictatorial in ordering others to do their murdering for them, and receiving the same thrill which is outright obsession.

Mr. Obama has been Predator obsessed in using that iron bar to sedate his targets, so he can manipulate them to his obedient satisfaction.

Wow! That last sentence is quite accurate and very chilling!

And, have you ever wondered why Obama doesn't appear to care about the Oil Gusher disaster in the Gulf States? Perhaps Mr. Cherry reveals the reason why:

Mr. Obama just killed the American GOP Gulf States as he enjoyed the show from a vacationing distance and is now getting personal with it and enjoying mixing in the violence.

Folks just do not comprehend what they are looking at yet as Mr. Obama destroys on a much larger scale and his crimes are cheered by Helen Thomas as they are dispatching "those people" in the same way the Nazi and Stalinist had mobs cheering them.

It must all be just coincidence.


The Adults Have Left The White House - I’ve been saying for the past year or so that “one of these days we’re going to wake up to a very different America and we won’t like what we’ll see.” Yest...
1 day ago

Just the title says it all!


The Conservative Monster.com - Conservative News, Politics, Terrorism, CNIN - Steve Cooper
The Convenient Spill: The Gulf Oil Spill a Caper? - * This BP oil spill is all BS. This was staged so Obama could justify taking over oil...WATCH. About 6 months ago, I was trying to figure out how they...
2 days ago

Something I certainly DON'T want to believe. But I wouldn't rule ANY destructive idea out when it comes to the dizzying malfeasance of this gangster government!


Desert Conservative
34 minutes ago

Good point. Good question! And I know that Obama won't apologize. It's just not in the mind of this narcissistic psychopath to ever admit he was wrong.


NewsBusters.org - Exposing Liberal Media Bias
Obama's Knowing 'Whose Ass to Kick' Pledge Continues to Delight TV Network Journalists - More than 24 hours after NBC's Matt Lauer prompted him to say it in an interview, the morning programs all showcased it – and even after day-long playbac...
1 hour ago

Do I even have to say anything about Obambi's latest stupid comment???


Atlas Shrugs
Cordoba Lives as Spain Admits Can't Protect Jews from Muslim Anti-Semitism: Jewish State Banned from Gay Pride Parade - Looks like the caliphate has returned to Spain -- one has to wonder just how the gay community to fare under an Islamic Spain. Madrid's gay pride parade nixe...
3 hours ago

Very strange bedfellows....literally!


Citizen Wells
Blagojevich trial prosecution opening statements, Prosecution witnesses, Patrick Fitzgerald, Children’s Memorial Hospital, Blagojevich Rezko Monk others kickbacks - Blagojevich trial prosecution opening statements, Prosecution witnesses, Patrick Fitzgerald The prosecution side of the Blagojevich trial presented opening...
5 hours ago

I hope that the Blago trial nails Obama and his cronies!


The Steady Drip
AKA Obama eligibility - NO PROOF - Part II of an investigative series - Part II of an investigative series No Proof By Doug Hagmann Northeast Intelligence Network full report Part II of an investigative series In the first par...
1 day ago

Another good Obama eligibility post.


Sharia Finance - All over the Western world governments are bending over backwards to accommodate sharia finance. This is an interest-free banking and finance system which ...
15 minutes ago

And...the Muslims don't really want to take over America...yeah right!


Frugal Café Blog Zone
Glenn Beck: The Road to Serfdom (video) - Watch this video in its entirety. And then watch the rest of it at The Patriots Network. We’re almost there, patriots. We must arm ourselves with knowledge...
2 hours ago

Saw the show today. What an eye opener!


Self Evident Truths
Even Crazy Leftists Don't Like the Crazy Leftists in DC - Code Pink protesters heckle Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi at an event in Washington DC. With pure emotion, one heckler screams: "We supported Obama, ...
10 hours ago

Ha! The most ironic post of the day! It was SO GREAT to see PeLIARsi heckled...by her own lunatic base...no less! HA HA HA HAAAAAA!


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Hat tips to all links!


GMpilot said...

What, no word about Orly Taitz? No mention that the Queen of Birthastan wansts to be Secretary of State—of your state?
A woman who is not herself a natural-born citizen may get to decide in '12 whether one of the candidates is a natural-born citizen! The irony runs deep here, but the GOPpers don't seem to know that.

Growing up on the right-hand coast (same as you), I'd always heard that California was 'the land of fruits and nuts'. I'm beginning to believe it.

Christinewjc said...

Why would I mention Orly Taitz? She was on the ballot but didn't win.

Besides, it does not matter whether or not she is a natural born citizen for the Secretary of State position. It is a requirement in the Constitution for the position of president only.