Sunday, August 22, 2010

Do Americans Know What We Are Up Against?

There has been a lot of buzz on the T.V. news shows, blogs, Facebook and Twitter lately about how the public now thinks that Obama is really a Muslim. I'm sure that his comments during a Muslim Iftar dinner at the White House - showing support for the Constitutional right to build a mosque near Ground Zero - fueled the sentiments of many more Americans that Obama not only sympathizes with Muslims, but might also, in fact, be one of them.

Our good ole' Lame Cherry blogger - a.k.a. Mr. Exclusive in some blogging circles - claims to have solved the mystery over Obama's Muslim upbringing through his post Is Obama Sunni or Shia Muslim?

I read his essay days ago, but this morning I found myself thinking about how easily (and quickly) Obama put out a "kill or capture" order for American-born Islamic terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki back in April, 2010. Yet, when Major Nidal Malik Hasan, the army psychiatrist who went on a shooting rampage in Fort Hood, Texas, in which 13 people died last November was shot but captured alive (and paralyzed), Obama and his cohorts didn't have nearly the same reaction towards the perpetrator of that horrible massacre. No one in the administration (AFAIK) was saying that Hassan should get the death penalty for what he did. If the death penalty was ever warranted, the Ft. Hood case should certainly qualify. Why was Obama mum on this terrorist's fate, yet put out a "shoot to kill" directive on al-Awlaki?

Excerpt from link:

The Obama Administration has taken the unprecedented step of authorising the killing of a US citizen, the radical Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, linked to the plot to blow up a US airliner on Christmas Day.

The move to place Mr. al-Awlaki, 38, on a hit list was taken after a White House review concluded this year that he had moved from inciting terrorist attacks to taking part in them.

The decision is extraordinary not only because Mr. al-Awlaki is believed to be the first American whose killing has been approved by a US President, but also because the Obama Administration chose to make the move public.

Admittedly, I need to do more research to find out which kind of Muslim Hassan is, and whether or not al-Awlaki is Shia or Sunni. Is one Sunni and the other Shia? Is that the reason why Obama has purposely treated them differently? Lame Cherry has surmised that because Obama is purportedly Sunni Muslim (again - Talk Wisdom Reports - You Decide) he wrote this:

B. Hussein Obama was born Muslim, taught Islam, prayed Muslim and bows to Islam in taking their finances, to rewarding Islamocommunists portions of the Israelite state. He is Muslim and there is no denying that fact.

Khadaffi who Obama released a Libyan terrorist mass murdering Americans to, defines Obama as an African Muslim.

What requires understanding in this is Kenyans are Sunni Muslims who Obama is born from. Indonesians are Sunni Muslims who Obama was adopted into. Malcolm Little or X was a convert to Sunni Islam who Obama learned to be black from according to David Remnick. Louis Farrakhan or Louis Eugene Walcott, who Obama had Walcott's followers intimidate reporters in Chicago moved the Nation of Islam Mooselums closer to Sunni theology.

Barack Obama Soetoro was financed by Saudi Sunni Islam, the same sects as Sheik bin Laden, for his schooling.

So to answer the question as to which branch of Islam that Obama's loyalties lay, the answer is he is a Sunni Muslim.

This might not sound that big of a deal to westerners, until one remembers what that little Irish tiff was about in Catholics at war with Protestants, or the Inquisitions of the Catholic religion of olde against Protestants. There is a massive warring faction in Islam of Sunni against Shia and Shia against Sunni, melded now with Obama black liberation, Marxism and Fascism of the Nazi order.

The entire basis of this split is Shia Muslims believe that the only people who should lead Islam at the head are to be descendants of Muhammed, as in his kindred, while Sunni believe anyone can be the leader.

The shahadah or declaration in Sunni is simple:

"There is no god but Alláh, Muhammad is the Messenger of Alláh.

The Shia shahadah expands what most have heard.
"There is no god but Alláh, Muhammad is the Messenger of Alláh, Alí is the Friend of Alláh. The Successor of the Messenger of Alláh And his first Caliph."

Do you comprehend now why this blog has been posting exclusively that Barack Hussein Obama has been dragging America into the middle of an Islamic tribal war of genocide?

This is what the entire basis of Obama has been about and is about. His entire heritage, religion and financial backing has been Sunni in the fascist Muslim Brotherhood order. He has no place for Shia Muslims any more than what Mark Halperin blurted out to Charlie Rose's horror in "Obama has no affinity for the GOP Gulf States as they did not vote for him".

So why in this world when the Saudi Royal Family is busy warning the world that a nuclear Persia of Shiites Muslims is about to launch a genocidal war, equal to the Muslim wars of antiquity, is Obama being a benefactor of Iran?

The answer will be exclusive here, as it was exclusively here proven that Obama warned the Iranians of the French outing them in their nuclear bomb factory. Proven in Obama was using Twitter to assist Iran in rounding up to murder Iranian Patriots and proven that Obama has been assisting the Persian Islamocommunist regime in their production of nuclear weapons by dithering.

The answer is based in an exclusive analogy of this blog that a nuclear pollution of the central Asian region is what Putin was fomenting as much as Iran, because polluting the Middle East, means driving America from the region.

Zbigniew Brzezinski in his chessboard knows all of this, and there were attempts already to foment a nuclear exchange between Indian and Pakistan in Obama's first year. The entire purpose is to pollute the region to dislodge that wilderness of being a terrorist breeding ground.

In a global order as this blog was exclusive in noting, that radioactive fall out will also punish and implode the communist Chinese. Dying Chicoms and massive population shifts, as into Russian wilderness, all of a sudden has Peking worried about keeping it's head, and Moscow worried about becoming a Texas Mexican state speaking Chinese.

Methods to this globalist madness are based in sound strategic planning and Muslim Obama is more than a willing conduit in this, as by assisting the aggression of the Persian communists, sitting back and allowing the Bashrher reactor to be fueled, this means that when a strike does occur, that nuclear pollution will certainly follow. Pollution spreading into Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xianxang Province in China where Sheik bin Laden and Dr. Zawarhiri have been living for the past almost decade.
This is a nuclear domino effect. Obama can with his Sunni benefactors set off a chain reaction of global proportions, sending shockwaves all through Eurasia, all for the central European cause.

Never forget in this though, that Barack Hussein Obama was the one and was highlighted here by ABC news in using the defining term MOOSELUMS. Mooselums are a black revolutionary socialist group, which due to monetary support Louis Farrakhan and black Muslims have been moving towards. They too want their figurehead leadership, and if the Arab Sunni eats radiation to get it while Shia Persians are bleeding at the gums, then this is more of that German Philosopher Kant in the ends justify the means mentality infusing all branches of Islam in these radicals of Islam.

Make no mistake, Barack Hussein Obama is not just a radical, he is not just a black revolutionary of change, he is an Islamic radical with the same ideology as Louis Farrakhan.

Barack Hussein Obama is a black Mooselum, by his pronunciation and declaration in publicly scoffing at the name Muslim and choosing Mooselum to send a message to the follower in code early in his tenure at the White House.

He is based in Sunnism, and their intent is to conquer and destroy Shia Persians, and nothing says destruction like a Chernobyl crater melting down after the Russians and Chincoms go off to spread cancer somewhere else.

What an absolutely chilling scenario - if true. It would certainly explain the obvious "marriage" that Obama has brought about through his criminal associations with, as Lame Cherry describes it, the "massive warring faction in Islam of Sunni against Shia and Shia against Sunni, melded now with Obama black liberation, Marxism and Fascism of the Nazi order."

I certainly hope that Mr. Lame Cherry is wrong in his analysis - but the evidence of Obama's actions appear to show his analysis is...pardon the pun...dead on.

Hat tips:

Lame Cherry

TimesOnline UK


GMpilot said...

An absolutely chilling scenario - if true.

If not, there will be no apologies, no retractions, and the wingnuts will just find another scenario to latch on to, because by hook or by crook, Obama has got to go!

Christinewjc said...

There is a blog post (need to find it when I get back from an errand) where the author shares information that puts forth the idea that Obama was previously involved with the CIA. That may possibly explain why his records are sealed.

What I (and millions of Americans) want to ultimately know is what side is Obama on?

stevex09 said...

Hey Christine; I also read "Lame Cherry's" analysis of Obama's Muslim definition. Sunni. I have to tell ya that I'm not sure if that makes a whole lot of difference right now for Muslims in general, if we're talking about the Islamization of America. I'm wondering if Muslims wouldn't be willing to put aside their difference to gain the prize? Debbie Schlussel (check out her site) wrote a piece concerning Miss USA Rima Fakih's condemning of the mosque. She is a Shi’ite Muslim and the mosque is supposed to be Sunni. I don't know. If that's the case I suppose we'll just have to see.

Christinewjc said...

You make a good point, Steve. Deception plays an important part in the Islamization scheme here in America. They take advantage of our "tolerance" and our Constitution, then use such things to try and take over (e.g. incorporating Sharia law - then destroying freedom).

Look at what is happening in Great Britain and other liberal European countries? They are being steamrolled and overrun by Muslim "extremists."

I used to link to Debbie Schlussel, but she wrote something that I didn't like a while back (can't recall what it was - perhaps Palin bashing?) and it made me realize that she isn't the kind of conservative that appeals to me. Could be wrong, though. Maybe I'm mixing her up with someone else?

It's quite interesting to hear Miss U.S.A. speak out condemning the building of the mosque. If she were in a Muslim country, wouldn't they stone her to death for speaking her mind?

Christinewjc said...

Oh my...went over to Debbie's blog and read her take on "the Islamo-Hezbo- Bimbo" - Miss U.S.A.!

Whew! And my dissenters here call me harsh!