Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Why Is NYC Refusing To Allow Rebuilding of Christian Church?

Can there be any doubt that the "religious freedom" and Constitutional "rights" that Obama mentioned at the Muslim dinner the other night may only apply to religions that radical leftists like Obama, Bloomberg, and all of his evil progressive Marxo-Islamo-Fascist cohorts support?

Unreal. New York Officials Refuse to Allow Christians to Rebuild Church Destroyed on 9-11
posted by Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit - 14 minutes ago
Unbelievable. OK… Now this ought to make your blood boil. New York officials have killed plans to rebuild a Greek Orthodox Church near Ground Zero. FOX reported: Greek Orthodox leaders trying to rebuild th...

Want to make a bet that the refusal has something to do with objections that the radical Islamists probably have against a Christian church being build near their terrorist money supported mosque?

Plus, to make matters even worse, we have PeLIARsi threatening to "investigate those who are funding the protests against the location of the mosque."

Radical Pelosi Calls For Investigation of Ground Zero Victory Mosque Opposition (Audio)

posted by Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit - 12 hours ago
Crazy Pelosi today called for an investigation of those who oppose the Ground Zero Victory Mosque. She wants to know who’s funding their efforts?… Seriously. Only 20% of Americans agree with Pelosi in supp...

Nancy Pelosi Calls For Investigation Of GZ Mosque….

posted by nicedeb at Nice Deb - 13 hours ago
……opponents. You read that right. She’s calling for an investigation of those who are protesting building the Ground Zero Mosque. San Fran Nan doesn’t think she’s already despised enough. She’s wants to pu...

Pelosi to Investigate Ground Zero Mosque Protesters: Who is Funding the Protesters

posted by (Maggie Thornton) at Maggie's Notebook - 13 hours ago
Nancy Pelosi is so out of touch with America that she can't believe we will not protest this abhorrent idea of this victory mosque without someone paying for it. She believes the protest is political and c...

How does that evil woman live with herself???

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Kevin said...

Hi Christine,
I don't get it--did the Greek Orthodox Church own the land that its church was built on? If so, why does it need permission to rebuild? If it just rented, then that is another story. I can't tell from the link you provided.

Kevin said...

Ah, I get it now. Gatewaypundit only copied part of the Fox news. Here is some of what they didn't publish:
"St. Nicholas Orthodox Church has always had and will continue to have the right to rebuild on its original location. The question was whether public money would be spent to build a much larger church at a separate location on the site and ensuring that construction wouldn't delay the World Trade Center further. spokesman Stephen Sigmund said in a written statement. "On that question, we worked for many years to reach an agreement and offered up to 60 million dollars of public money to build that much larger new church. After reaching what we believed was an agreement in 2008, representatives of the church wanted even more public commitments, including unacceptable approvals on the design of the Vehicle Security Center that threatened to further delay the construction on the World Trade Center and the potential for another $20 million of public funds."

Sigmund said the "final offer" was made last year, which again included $60 million.

"They rejected that offer," he said.

So the problem is that the church wants the government to pay for the rebuilding of the church. They also wanted 80 million to do it! How much public money is going into building the proposed mosque?

Maggie Thornton said...

Christine, thank you for the link my friend! I'd like to ask a favor. Would you remove my email address or spell out the at and dot? While I haven't been spammed before I understand that somehow they ferret out the full addresses and then drown you in junk.

Pelosi's comment was a shocker, just when I think I cannot be shocked, they do it again.

Pelosi spoke her deepest desire and that is to force us to shut-up through government might.

Gary Baker said...


You know, this could be a "blue moon" kind of day. If the issue with rebuilding the church really is public funding, I agree with Kevin. I don't think the city should be paying for rebuilding. That's something the congregation should be doing. They could have fund raisers for private charity. While the people pushing "separation of church and state" have gone way overboard, I still don't think that direct support for a building program at tax payer expense is a valid use. One of the church representatives said it was not about the money, but the article didn't say what.

Christinewjc said...

Hi Maggie! You're welcome! Did what you requested and I will look to eliminate that in future links.

Nancy Pelosi was recently labeled as "out of her mind" by someone...maybe Charles Krauthammer? She is so far out in left field - it's as if she is standing their all by herself - when everyone else has left the ballfield, turned out the lights and gone home!

Years ago when she became speaker, I told a Christian friend of mine that she would greatly damage our nation. I was correct and my friend's scoffing about it now appears to have vindicated my worry about Pelosi. Can't wait till she is out of power! November, 2010 - THE day of Nancy's doom! Can't get here soon enough!

Christinewjc said...

Hi Gary,

I am just wondering. Because of the fact that the Christian church was damaged by a terrorist act, isn't there some kind of provision in the law (under Homeland Security) for an obligation of the city and state to help finance the rebuilding of that church?

Gary Baker said...

Hi Christine,

Honestly, I don't see how there can be such a law. I would think the city would have enough to do just to repair the essential services that were damaged. I know that there was some kind of compensation fund set up for a while to help people who were injured, but even that goes above standard law. Terrorism is generally consider "an act of God" (there's irony for you) for insurance purposes. It just isn't reasonable to expect state or private agencies to cover such losses. I get upset enough when the Federal government keeps pouring resources into areas like New Orleans where they know that people are building on flood plains. Anyway, I wish the church nothing but the best, and I think this is a rotten place for the city to decide that it is out of the charity business. They need to make that the rule, not the exception.