Saturday, August 28, 2010

Restore Honor Rally Draws Huge Crowd!

Well, it didn't take long for the spinmeisters to start their spinning about the Restore Honor event in Washington D.C. this morning.

Legal Insurrection: Subliminal Deception has the proof!

Go to link above and see the photo of the ACTUAL ATTENDANCE crowd at the rally.

The leftists only seem to know how to lie, disparage, mock, spread evil and play the race card in life. I truly feel sorry for them.

Legal Insurrection has more:

Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion
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Hat tips to all links!

In between cooking and blogging, I am just starting to read the blogs and comments out there about the rally. I was sorry to read that Alan Keyes is apparently disgruntled with Beck. Oh well - can't please everybody!

I found this link interesting:

Solomonia: Huge Turnout For Beck

I think that the huge turnout was for God, Jesus Christ, and America! Anyway, it was interesting to read this blogger's non-Christian take on the event.


I must say that though I have a healthy respect for religion in public life, and I acknowledge that there was a religious revival aspect to this event, and meaning absolutely no disrespect to our Christian friends, but I could have done with a few less blessings on behalf of everyone in the name of Jesus Christ. Once or twice, OK, but after a few more times you start to get that nagging feeling that "Maybe I don't belong here." At an event billed as a sort of all-purpose patriotic thing, a little more...ecumenical approach might be in order. This is much like Jewish communal events where, though the vast majority do not keep kosher, yet still dietary laws are observed out of respect for keeping the event appropriate for all. A little more respect on the part of some speakers that while professions of faith seemed to be welcome, they were not actually preaching inside their own churches, might have been in order.

I mean this as a nit, however. Imagine the consternation of the MSM, their subscribers dwindling, to see this huge turnout. The thrashing and slandering on the pages of the New York Times has already begun.

Home run, Beck.

Well - at least he used a positive baseball analogy at the end.

I think that one of the commentators at the site echos what I, and many hundreds of thousands of Americans feel about what occurred at the rally today:

EscapeVeolocity wrote:

I understand your point Solomon. However, part of the problem with Western Civilization these days is that Christians (and Christianity)have been driven from public life. This re-invigoration is good news for defenders of Western Civilization. This is the re-emergence of a healthy cultural expression/confidence. This country is still at least 80% Christian.

The problem is that you are used to Christianity being sidelined. When you listen to pre 68 political speeches, by the likes of JFK and FDR, you will quickly realize that this lack of Christian public expression since the 60s is an outlier. Christianity has been on the defensive.

This is good news for Western Civilization.

Although dr kill??? disliked hearing the name of Jesus Christ mentioned so much (as a small "a" atheist...what does that mean?) he still wrote:

But I would rather see a bunch of avowed Xtian [sic] conservatives running the USSA in a manner they feel is consistent with founding principle than this current dirty bunch of lieing [sic]Progs.


Update on 8/29/10 @ 9:40 a.m. PT:

As many will notice I have now added a photo (H/T Legal Insurrection) to my blog post. I was having blogger photo uploading issues yesterday so that is why I was unable to include the photo until now.

This is an interesting comparison.

Gateway Pundit: A Tale of Two Rallies on the Mall: Clean Conservatives vs. Filthy Libs (Video)

It's weird. The libs claim to be very much involved with the "green" issues like climate change, recycling, carbon emissions etc.; yet they can't even pick up their own garbage after the inauguration of "The Won."


Kevin said...

Hi Christine,
I noticed that someone that you posted wrote: "This re-invigoration is good news for defenders of Western Civilization." I thought that was interesting because Western Civilization started long before Christianity. Certainly Christianity is part of it, but so is the worship of Zeus, Jupiter, the Egyptian deities and so on.

Christinewjc said...

Being a secularist like you apparently are Kevin, it is obvious that you would equate Christianity (which is named for the one and only risen Savior, Jesus Christ) along with a bunch of mythological deities.

Nothing to say about the success or attendance or message given via the rally?

Kevin said...

Hi Christine, You totally misunderstand what I said. Western civilization includes the Greeks and the Roman and the Egyptians and the Mesopotamians--all of which had their own religions before Christianity. Christianity is a PART of western civilization, but it isn't western civilization all on its own. I wasn't equating Christianity with anything. The author of the blurb you printed doesn't know his history.
No, I have nothing to say about the rally. These things happen all the time.

Gary Baker said...

Hi Christine,

What Kevin so often ignores is that the segments of "Western Civilization" that did not embrace Christianity either failed to "civilize" as is evident by the practices in Muslim areas, or went away from Christianity into atheism and became dictatorships with extremely poor records of "civilized" treatment for their people in general.