Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sharif El Gamal - Waiter Turned Millionaire Developer?

I know I keep saying that I have another MUST SEE video here at Talk Wisdom, but the information about where the funding is coming from for the Ground Zero mosque is being revealed in a fast and furious way on the blogs!

Nice Deb provides one of the latest very interesting and informative videos of Fox News Channel's Megan Kelly story about Waiter Turned GZ Mosque Developer, Sharif El Gamal. So where is this money coming from??

What is this?? It seems like a surreal money for nothing and your chicks (checks?) for free" kind of scenario. How does a waiter become a millionaire real estate mogul in just a few short years?

Probable Answer: Militant Islamic funding.

Hat Tip:

Nice Deb

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Why are these guys so camera shy? Why do they run away from reporters? Do they have something to hide?


America - keep on this! The truth is bound to come out. It probably won't be nice or pretty - either.

Trivia question:

Who was the actor and what film or show was he known for saying, "Run Away!"


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Whoa! I guess I'm in the wrong line of work!

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Thanks for sharing, Christine. Have a blessed day.