Monday, August 23, 2010

The Expression of Conquest and Supremacism of Islam

Pamela Geller has the following You Tube video on her website. It is a segment of a previous broadcast on Sean Hannity's radio show. You must take the time to listen to her EXCELLENT points as she debates a Muslim named Michael Ghouse about the objections towards the construction of a mosque near the sacred ground of the 9/11 Ground Zero site in Manhattan, New York.

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Another great interview on Huckabee:

Huckabee Interviews Pamela Geller

And, if you missed it the first time I posted it here, you MUST view the following YouTube video (Viewed over 2 million times already!)

Of Mosques and Men: Reflections on the Ground Zero Mosque


MurrayA said...

I listened to about half of the video clip, but terminated it when I had heard enough. The Muslim fellow is indulging in taqiyya-talk again, and fussing and filibustering over translations. No matter what the translations the message is clear, and if that guy is serious about "moderate" Islam, and that violence is a misinterpretation of "true" Islam, THEN LET HIM GO TELL THE TERRORISTS, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD - NOT US! They haven't heard that message yet, or it hasn't gotten through to them.
The mosque is a statement of Islamic supremacism, and is intended that way: just look at Imam Rauf and all his links to radical Islam.
When it comes to Islamic supremacism, and Islamic intentions, the only difference between a moderate and a militant is the difference between those who keep their mouths shut, and those who don't.
What does this guy have to say about Muslim persecution and murder of Christians in Muslim countries, which goes on on a daily basis?? The silence is deafening!

Christinewjc said...

You have made some excellent points, MurrayA. It is quite sobering to realize that we have been lied to - continually - by muslim "moderates." The propaganda being spewed by Rauf and his evil wife is unbelievable!! The fact that they ignore the persecution and murder of Christians in their "Sharia compliant" countries shows just how evil, dishonest, and cruel these LIARS are!

And what's even worse, our media of mass deception - especially msnbc - is going right along in lock step with these propagandists! Are they so blindly ideological or just plain stupid??

Ahh! I keep trying to keep my temper down when it comes to these dumb people who approve of the terrible idea of a mosque at Ground Zero. I continue to pray that it never happens - NOT THERE!

stevex09 said...

Good morning Christine. I finally got to listen to the whole debate this morning. It is remarkable how the Muslim 'authorities' lie. Ms. Geller said it right when she called him on it by saying it's permissible to lie to forward the cause of Islam. It's kind of funny to hear these people get all indignant when they are discovered. And how the passages in the Koran are abrogated.
She made a good point about Hitler. Yeah he was kind to his dog ... but that didn't make him a good person. It is written ... "A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast." however, just because one regards the life of his beast, that in itself doesn't make a person righteous.
Also, this guy, along with all the other Muslim mouth pieces, claim we shouldn't judge all Muslims because of a few "radical" extremists. Well, if we look to the Muslim controlled nations, the 'extremists' are not in the minority ... it's Islam and Sharia law, pure and simple; no tolerance for anything that's not Islam. Muslims are only a minority here. Like she pointed out, Christians can't build a church in Medina, etc. Commpass Direct News is full of story after story regarding persecution of Christians and how they are forbiddin to worship and are murdered on a daily basis by Muslims.

Christinewjc said...

Exactly Steve...EXACTLY!

Pamela Geller tells the truth about radical Islam - and she makes it a point to reveal their "hidden" agenda such as the taqiyya "right" included in the Koran where a Muslim can lie in order to advance their causes throughout the world. What does the Bible tell us about the identity of the father of lies?

The American people are NOT going to just sit down, shut up, and take this Islamization of America! We will continue to speak out and show the dopey pundits - those who would use the excuses of political correctness, mis-placed tolerance, the false idea of Muslim prejudice, and whatever else the media of mass deception comes up with - that we are not falling for their bull***t! The liberal progressives in the media may think that they can steamroll over WE THE PEOPLE - but as the primaries in five states yesterday have shown - WE ARE TAKING OUR COUNTRY BACK in November, 2010, and November, 2012!

ENOUGH with the Marxo-Islamo-Fascist tyranny being forced and imposed upon our nation!

It is WE THE PEOPLE patriots who will save this country!

I don't know if you have ever seen the photograph in my new post. It is a picture of a protester at a San Francisco rally against Israel back in 2005 - I think. Take a look at what his sign says! I'd like your opinion on it!

stevex09 said...

Hey Christine!
I can't make out (even at 400% magnification) what's on the front of the red t-shirt.
The guy with the sign looks to be wearing a terrorist head scarf. It behooves the S.F. liberals to regard the guy's sign. They have no idea that an infidel is an infidel to Muslims. They will behead a liberal infidel just as quick as a conservative one.
I don't recommend going there as the videos are far too graphic, but has all the evidence anyone could ever ask for to reveal what barbarians Muslims can be, especially in Muslim controlled nations.

Christinewjc said...

Yes. It is a Muslim head scarf. You are correct about infidel punishment. Trouble is, these liberals don't know that they will be used by radical Islamists to get what they want - then the terrorists will kill them! Awful...isn't it??

I thought that the image on the second guy's t-shirt might be a photo of Che Guevara but I could be wrong. [link is to a Bing search of dozens of Che images.] The liberals at those types of rallies often wore his image on their shirts. Have you ever visited Zombietime? Quite an interesting photo-journalist site. That is where I first saw that photo.

I haven't heard of before. If they have very graphic images (like beheadings) then I think I won't visit.

Christinewjc said...

Traffic has been up a bit the last two days. Maybe this link has something to do with it?

Talk Wisdom on Technorati's Directory of Politics/USPolitics page

This blog is listed on page 36 at #877. Not very high up, of course, but I never thought my blog would ever be on that list.

stevex09 said...

Actually I saw Talk Wisdom on page 21. The Gateway Pundit and Atlas Shrugs page 41. (political)

Good job!

Christinewjc said...

I guess the listings on the pages change quite frequently. I couldn't find my blog listed anywhere on page 21.

Gateway and Atlas publish several times a day so their "Authority" level is much higher. I don't usual follow such things, but ran across it today and thought I'd mention it.

stevex09 said...

I think you're right, and like I said when I checked, you were ahead of the others, even Lame Cherry. But I didn't know the site existed, until I saw your comment; I'm kind of a novice at this.

I do 95% of my blogging while I'm at work,(being the boss does have it's advantages) and I'll generally try to post a couple things daily. I do get alot of traffic and regular visitors, and try to visit my friends blogs as much as possible. (depending on how much actual work I have going on. Sometimes they actually want me to work around here! what's this world coming to?)
Anyway, I think you have a great blog and I've mentioned your site to other Christian bloggers so they can visit here as well.
I sincerely enjoy all the topics here, both political and spiritual.

MurrayA said...

stevex09 and Christine,
The motif on the red T-shirt is indeed of Che Guevara. I recognised it straight away. He is the hero, darling, and role model of the left.
Che Guevara in his young days was genuinely concerned about the miserable lot of the poor in South America, and resolved to help them in any way he could. However, along the way he was seduced by the Marxist programme, that that was the way of delivering such help. By and by he became involved with Castro's regime, and finished up being his execution agent, responsible for the "elimination" of more than 15,000 Cuban citizens, many of whom, ironically, were of the poorer classes!
I don't know much more about him as yet, but I am endeavouring to find out. What is for certain, such information will not come from the hagiographic sources of the left!

Christinewjc said...

Hi Steve,

That's great that you are your own boss. I am so thankful for small business owners here in CA. Two of them have kept my son and daughter employed when many young adults in their age group are, unfortunately, without a job.

I appreciate the compliments about my blog and thanks for sending readers over here. Perhaps it is your influence that has led to increased traffic here.

I have added so many links to my side bar over the past few years sometimes I find it difficult to keep up with all of my friends' blogs! I have also joined several social networks like "As A Mom" and "ResistNet." But time constraints prevent me from visiting those sites very often. Information on the Internet can be overwhelming!

Christinewjc said...

Thanks for confirming that the image on the t-shirt is Che. When you find out more information, please share it here.

I recall seeing that image of Che on a poster in an Obama campaign office back in early 2008. People just seemed to shrug it off. Now we are suffering with the consequences of a community organizer turned Marxo-Islamo-Fascist dictator who never created a job in his life (except to harrass banks for sub-prime loans for people who couldn't afford it) and worked with terrorist Bill Ayers and criminal organizations like The Woods Foundation, George Soros groups and ACORN.

I watched a movie made about Che Guevara, and as usual, Hollywood white-washed his brutality and tried to pass him off as a "good" leftist guerilla fighter. When people know the truth, as you have pointed out here Murray, they now cringe at realizing how ignorant they were when they voted for Obamafraud!

We are witnessing the signs of the times that Jesus warned us about in Scripture. It is alarming how much evil is being passed off as "good," and good - as evil!