Monday, August 23, 2010

NO mosque at Ground Zero! Blog Posts of Protest

Yesterday, there was a huge protest at Ground Zero. Thousands of Americans DO NOT WANT the construction of a building that would mock and claim victory for the horrendous 9/11 terrorism attack against America that happened as a result of the radical Islamic political religion's trail of hate, destruction, and death.

Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs has done the brilliant investigative reporting that the lying media of mass deception continues to refuse to do about imam Rauf!

Atlas Shrugs
ATLAS EXCLUSIVE! GROUND ZERO MOSQUE IMAM FEISAL'S EXTREMISM EXPOSED: IN HIS OWN WORDS: "the United States has more Muslim blood on its hands than al Qaida," Elimination of Israel, and the N-Word - The media frenzy to destroy good, decent Americans who oppose a 15-story mega-mosque on Ground Zero is rabid. Even for them. Despite red flags everywhere and...

What more do we need to know about this man and his fraudulent claims of "peace," "tolerance," "understanding," and "bridge building" between various faith communities? It's a BIG FAT TAQIYYA LIE! When you read Pamela latest article (link above) you will most likely agree - unless you are a complicit supporter of radical Islam.


More VERY IMPORTANT blog posts on the subject:

Northeast Intelligence Network
The document that should stop the Islamic “Victory Mosque” - By Douglas J. Hagmann 23 August 2010: Racists, Xenophobes and bigots. Those are just a few terms used to describe the opponents of the Islamic center plann...

Moral of the story: Don't fall for the false propaganda by the lying Islamic propagandists!


In the following post you will see the propagandists themselves attempting to label the protesters as propaganda agents. Sheesh! Do these muslims ever experience any shame, whatsoever, at what they lie about and do?? Of course not - it's called "taqiyya" liars syndrome and it was born right out of hell.

Frugal Café Blog Zone
Muslim Leaders Call Mega Mosque Opposition “Beyond Islamophobia” & Shows Hate of Muslims, Similar to Persecution of the Jews (video) - Considering the rabid hate that many Muslims have expressed, without remorse or shame, against Jews and Israel, for them to now declare that those who want...


And look see what happens in Pakistan against the "infidels." You call that tolerance and peace?

Jihad Watch
Islamophobes murder 15 inside Pakistan mosque -- no, wait... - Once again it was Islamic jihadists, misunderstanding their peaceful religion. One wonders how many thousands of such stories are going to come across the ...


There were far more sane people protesting the building of a mosque than those brain-dirtied lunatics who support it:

Patriots and Liberty
Mosque Foes & Backers Clash at Ground Zero (Video) - New York Post By REUVEN FENTON, PERRY CHIARAMONTE and JEREMY OLSHAN Rage-filled Ground Zero mosque foes and supporters yesterday hurled insults at each oth...


Since the Bush-bashing Dem leftist rhetoric is so obviously not working with the American public anymore, we have idiots like Roger Ebert attacking Sarah Palin!

Gateway Pundit
Roger Ebert: Calls Sarah Palin Hitler, Says America Is At Fault for GZ Mosque Troubles - -By Warner Todd Huston Roger Ebert is nothing if he isn’t a knee-jerk leftist, absolutely without a single original political or cultural thought in his he...


Voting Female sees right through the leftist Alinsky-style LYING RHETORIC!

VotingFemale Speaks!
HuffPo’s Michael Hughes plays Radical Islamic Recruiting roll calling American Public abhorrent reactionaries and hideous bigots for GZM opposition - By forcefully endorsing the Islamic Erection called the Ground Zero Mosque, I firmly believe Obama intentionally, deliberately, and strategically created a...

Zach Jones is keeping up with all the latest news from Obamaland:

ZachJonesIsHome - Helping to Keep an Eye on the Larry Sinclair Allegations
Obama’s ‘Taqiyya Two Step’? – Mystery solved! Why Americans think president is Muslim – WND – Philip Berg Comments – CitizenWells – Lt. Col. Lakin – Profile in Courage – PostEmail – Anti-Mosque Rally 9/11 – American Thinker – The BOPAC Report - The BOPAC Report The Secret Life of “Taqiyya” B. Obama – Everything continues to be a mystery about Obama. World Net Daily reveals one more layer of cr...

Hat Tips to all links.

Check back for updates.



This post just speaks for itself...

Figures. Support For Ground Zero Mosque Plummets After Obama Weighs In
posted by Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit - 55 minutes ago
77% of mainstream Americans oppose the Ground Zero Victory Mosque. But, Barack Obama thinks it’s a nifty idea. (LA Times) More Americans than ever are opposed to the Ground Zero Victory Mosque now that Pre...


Something to remember the next time you hear any radical Islamic terrorism-supporting imam (like Rauf), the leftist media of mass deception pundits, or any other person who supports Rauf and his ilk:

Tolerance is a crime when applied to evil (Thomas Mann). (H/T - Atlas Shrugs)

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