Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Even Bush Haters Miss Him Now?

Obama is doing such a great job pi**ing people off (even many in his "base") that some former Bush haters are "missing Bush" and longing for Bush's opinion on the 9/11 Ground Zero mosque debacle.

But of course, one Bush hater STILL can't resist engaging in their usual political spew-fest, even while giving his piece the title, Why I Miss George Bush.

Liberals are so desperate for clarity from a politician (even one in whom they hated for eight years) in whom they think might agree with their "Islam is peace" mantra, that they would even turn to George W. Bush to find out What Would George W. Bush Would Do About the Ground Zero Mosque?

Crazy...isn't it?

Meanwhile, their wonderful fraud-in-chief, the confused ObaMARXIST is In L.A. California raising millions of dollars for more criminal progressives and in so doing, caused a massive traffic jam on Monday evening that ended up snarling traffic and causing tired working commuters a four hour ride home from their jobs.

Yeah. I can see why even some liberals who once hated Bush are missing him. But not for the same reasons that I and most conservatives miss him - moral and political sanity - for one thing.

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madmath1 said...

I found on social issues Bush to be a complete RINO and not an ally to our causes, but on National Security, Supreme Court Nominees that knew their proper role, and taxes, there was clarity and for the most part, we knew at least where Bush stood, even though, for me, most of them I felt were wrong, especially Islam is a religion of peace mantra. Unfortunately, if Bush was president, he would have the same stance on the Mosque as Obama. He just wouldn't waffle when it became unpopular and that make Bush a better man that Obama.

Christinewjc said...

Hi Madmath1,

Which social issues? I was glad that he was clear about being pro-life and for marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

I agree with your statement about Bush doing well with National Security, Supreme Court Nominees that knew their proper role, and taxes. I also agree with you that Bush was wrong about the "religion of peace" mantra, but I think that he may have done that to politically appease the "moderate" Muslims.

I wrote a blog post about how Muslims and Christians cannot possibly worship the same God. Bush was either biblically ignorant about that or he was just trying to purposely espouse religious/moral relativism. I kind of think that since others state that all three major religions came from the Abrahamic line, that Islam can be included as worshipping the same God. But when one investigates the facts, it becomes clear that Muslims certainly don't worship the God of the Bible. My belief isn't intolerance - it's just the truth.

Here's a link to what I wrote back in 2006 on this issue:

Do Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God?

I'm not sure what you mean by "Bush would have the same stance as Obama" regarding the mosque at Ground Zero, so after you clarify that, then I will give my opinion about what I think Bush might say if he were willing to weigh in on the controversy.

Christinewjc said...

Whew!! Just received an email link to a pdf file that contains a very detailed investigative report on the radical Islamic imam who, along with several radical groups, wants to build the mosque at Ground Zero.

Exposing the real Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf.

Americans - what more do you need to know?

We must do all that we can to prevent the building of this mosque - that will be considered as a second 9/11 victory over America - by the Arab world.

Just noticed something chilling. The terrorist attack happened on 9/11/01, but here in America we often just refer to it as 9/11. If the radical Islamists get their way (God forbid!!!!) then their new "victory" mosque is set to be completed and "dedicated" on another 9/11 date - 9/11/2011. Is it a coincidence that the year of the purported "dedication" of the mosque matches the numerical date of the destruction of the Twin Towers in NYC? Nope. Their beliefs embrace, and are often filled with much symbolism.


Keep this resistance front and center for as long as it takes to stop the construction of a radical Islamic mosque. Keep up your vocal protests for the sakes of the memory of all the victims and their families!

stevex09 said...

Great post as always Christine. I had/have some major problems with the Bush family ... too many things to comment on, but to name one is the blantant 'New World Order' push by both dad and son Bush. (yes, I voted for him twice) I have to tell you, the nation is more divided and chaotic than I've ever seen it.
Mr. Cohen's article was so far off base it's hardly worth commenting on. His rhetoric about a Muslim "witch hunt" really demonstrates his lack of knowledge about what this is all about.
I'm going to check out your pdf link concerning Feisal Abdul Rauf momentarily.

Kevin said...

Hi Christine,
As you can probably guess, I don't miss him at all. I would much rather have Obama than Bush. No question. But then again, you already knew that!

Christinewjc said...


Can't blame you for having problems with the Bush family. I think that the "New World Order" thing plays right into the end times prophecies. It is disappointing to think that the Bush family could possibly be in favor (knowingly or unbeknownst) of the Marxo-Islamo-Fascist fight against our Judeo-Christian Constitutional Republic founding and rule of law. But what else are we to conclude?

There was a website that I found several months ago that had some startling revelations about the Bushes, the Clintons, and now Obama. I sent the link to two like-minded Christian bloggers, and they never got back to me about the legitimacy of the man's writings. Admittedly, they were quite bizarre. The last check that I did on his writings revealed that he had died! If you are interested in reading some of his writings, let me know. To be honest, I didn't know what to make of it all! If true, then everything that I believed about Bush would be shattered. What's worse, is that Clinton and Obama are just as complicit in the findings of the writer. It may have been the crazy rantings of a U.K. queen supporting maniac; or it may have been some inside information about "the new world order." Gave me nightmares - so you may not want to read what was said. I would totally understand. There is enough going on right now here in the U.S. to give us all nightmares as it is!

Yes, Mr. Cohen obviously writes from the far left point of view. Such people do not think that Islam is a dangerous religion - because they don't understand the political-religious stance and/or the taqiyya methods that they use to try and fool most of the Western world into "trusting" them to be "tolerant." The truth is, there is NO TOLERANCE in Islamic Sharia Law! But they will do anything - and everything - to make clueless Americans think that they are "our friends."

Ah! Sorry for the rant. Today, I heard a convo on Hannity's radio show that made my hair stand on end! A liberal pro-mosque in Manhattan woman actually admitted (when pressed by Hannity) that she believes as that imam Rauf believes; that America was partly responsible for 9/11!!

After you read the pdf file, would love to know your thoughts and views on what was written!

Christinewjc said...

Of course Kevin. I already knew that. But aren't you upset with Obama about his stance against gay "marriage?"

Christinewjc said...

BTW, Kevin. Did you ever view that video of the "Marriage: The Image of God" sermon? If you did, can you better understand the position that Bible-based Christians hold for keeping the definition of marriage as the union of one man and one woman?

Kevin said...

Hi Christine,
I watched that video and I understand that some Christians want marriage to be a man and a woman. However, my problem is that a religious belief is being used to create a law. I am fine that some Christians think marriage is a certain way. I am not fine when I am forced to live under their beliefs.