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Agreeing On Restoring Honor, Faith, Hope, & Charity

Don Koenig of World and Church Trends and Bible Prophecy has a post up about Glenn Beck.

I can tell my readers that I had not heard the following particular statement by Glenn, but here is what Don has written regarding a quote he had obtained from Brannon Howse:

Want to hear the truth about Beck’s own beliefs from his own mouth? According to Brannon Howse Beck said this:

“Last week on his radio program Beck said “I Am That I Am is the most powerful phrase in any language as it is the name of god, never use it in vain; use it to create who you want to be. I AM blank.”

I agree. Beck certainly took that verse out of context. We could chalk it up to misapplication, but when it comes to knowledge about the Mormon religion, perhaps that might the culprit for the misinterpretation.

Nonetheless, I have written a comment in response to Don's post (which is excellent and I encourage you to read it in it's entirety) as to why I think that Bible-based Christian pastors, writers, and apologists should take advantage of Beck's national audience to get The Word of God out to the masses!

Excerpt from Don's post:

It is with mixed feelings that I am writing this post because most of what Glenn Beck says is as American as American pie. Nevertheless, most Christians leaders so love the sugar in the American pie that Beck is dishing out that they are also gobbling down the deadly crust that molds it. When Glenn Beck stays on politics he is pretty good but when he talks about God he is so far off the Christian reservation that he might as will be on planet Kolob (Where Father God of Mormons lives).

First let me once again comment on Mormonism in general. Don’t be confused just because they use the same terminology as Christians. They do not believe the doctrines of Christianity. They just put their own meaning on common Christian terms. For example, don’t confuse God the Father of Christianity with Father God of the Mormons. The Father God of Mormons was once a man just like us that progressed to become a God before us. Don’t confuse Jesus of Christianity with the Mormon Jesus who is the spirit brother of Lucifer and a God in the making like his brother. Don’t confuse the blood atonement of Jesus with the Mormon’s limited atonement that requires you to still work to achieve your godhood. Don’t confuse the Trinity of Christianity with the separate three gods of Mormonism.

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World and Church Trends and Bible Prophecy
“I Am” beckoning by Glenn Beck - It is with mixed feelings that I am writing this post because most of what Glenn Beck says is as American as American pie. Nevertheless, most Christians le...

My comment there:

I can certainly understand your wariness about Beck because he is a Mormon. However, I disagree with Brannon Howse that Beck is turning evangelical Christians (the Bible-based ones, at least) towards Mormonism.

There were people of different faiths at the rally. There are people of different faiths watching his T.V. show and listening to the radio show. In particular, the huge audience that showed up at the rally were there for the purpose of agreeing with Beck on the need for us all to turn back to our Founding Principles - including faith, hope, and charity. These are three things that all can agree on.

I saw the same kind of caution being discussed in America when the Manhattan Declaration came about and people were being urged to sign on. Some Christians refused (e.g. John MacArthur - a Christian apologist and author whom I greatly admire) and others signed it (e.g. Albert Mohler). I have read a lot of the writings of both men and what they profess agrees with Biblical Christianity. However, they disagreed on the signing of that document. Is one correct and the other wrong to do so?

The Bible states that we are not to place a "stumbling block" in front of others - especially "baby" Christians - so that they veer off in the wrong direction away from the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. Perhaps it is the "baby" Christians that must be warned and cautioned not to equate Mormon belief with Biblical Christianity.

In the case of Beck, the fact that he has given such a HUGE PLATFORM to Christian leaders and pastors on his T.V. show is enough reason (IMHO) to cheer him on. It doesn't meant that people are going to embrace Mormonism. Most Bible-based Christians will not be swayed in that direction. Recall the Bible verse that says:

Mar 13:22 For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce, if [it were] possible, even the elect.

The "if [it were] possible" clause informs us that it WON'T be done! The elect aren't fooled because they are forever sealed in Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.

What I am seeing (including my own pastor who will be on Glenn's show this Friday) is a unique show giving Christian leaders a platform with a huge audience to express what they believe and how it all relates to our founding here in America; and how our people need a re-awakening to WORK towards restoring our nation.

I have read comments from other Christians stating that perhaps Glenn might be converted from Mormonism to Biblical Christianity. We can all pray for that, of course. I will admit that it is VERY DIFFICULT to change their minds. Been there, done that at my front door and sitting in my own living room having conversations with young "elders." However, there is always hope.
Pastor Miles McPherson was highly criticized by some evangelical leaders for attending and speaking at a convention for "The Secret" (if I recall correctly, I think that is Oprah's new religion?) Anyway, he stood up there and preached the true gospel of Jesus Christ to the audience and told them something like - 'that's the secret.' Ha! Of course, not every Christian pastor and/or apologist is geared up for such a presentation. It just happens to be one of Pastor Miles' gifts.

I sincerely hope that this political divide forming doesn't break the wonderful message that the Restore Honor rally presented to America on 8/28. That would be a most unfortunate development! Rather, I continue to hope and pray that people will go back to their homes and churches and apply the message that we all can agree on -
America needs to restore honor in our nation and we need to utilize faith, hope and charity in order to do so.

Don, you certainly pointed out the VERY important differences between Mormon belief and genuine Biblical Christianity. I am not trying to downplay your concerns. I just think that it would be a missed opportunity NOT TO TAKE ADVANTAGE of the national audience that Glenn has created via his show. If you think I am wrong - so be it. We will just need to agree to disagree.

In closing, I want to express how much I have appreciated your excellent post here. Because the message of distinction between what Mormons believe vs. Bible-based Christian belief is immensely important, I plan to link to your post today at my blog.


P.S. There are some Christian bloggers who used to post at my blog, but now do not visit or comment because they obviously don't like that I write about Glenn Beck's show. Some have abandoned my blog because of this. So be it. My blog is involved in both proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ and applying the Word of God to everyday life - including political issues. During the very first God-Blog Conference back in 2004, a professor at Biola U. told me that mixing all of these goals might make for an impossible task. Perhaps, but I keep going anyway. God bless.

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stevex09 said...

Hey Christine;
I just wanted to visit briefly to thank you for your kind words a couple days ago. I believe things are going to be okay.
Regarding Mr. Beck. I think he does excellent work concerning recognizing the way America is being moved by the Obama regime, and I admire that immensely. Mr. Beck really put a "sour" taste in my mouth when he ambushed Debra Medina who was running against Rick Perry in the primaries here in Texas. I also have much distaste for his 'after-birther' stand and his mocking of those that question Obama's citizenship. I have a feeling I know where that comes from and if I'm right ... well, I don't care what "faith" he is proclaiming. It seems that alot of conservatives are so divided. If we can't all get on some kind of middle ground page together, we can't make a collective effort to get rid of the Fraud-in Chief, and expose what he is. The left is very good at dividing and it's sad that those on the right don't recoginize that.
I appreciate what you do here, which I'm sure you know by now. You're the best.

Christinewjc said...

Steve! It's so good to hear from you! Are you alright? I've been praying, then worrying, then praying so that I wouldn't worry about you and your situation! It's good to know that things are going to be O.K.

Like you, I have had issues with Beck about the mockery of the "birthers." Can't know for sure but I suspect that the topic is off limits from the bosses at Fox News Channel. What are your thoughts on why he refuses to address the issue?

Maybe Beck DOES think that it is a non-issue. That's really sad. He along with many other clueless people out there are missing how important the "natural born citizen" clause for POTUS is! The Founders put it in the Constitution for a very specific reason!

I had not heard of the Debra Medina vs. Rick Perry story. Sounds terrible.

Of course, Beck isn't, nor will he ever be, agreeable with everyone. Who is?

I just got a whuppin' from Don over at the World Prophecy link! Well - at least he agreed with the title of my post.

Thanks for your very kind words. You made my day!

P.S. Your comment about the left having the ability to divide is very astute. If we don't watch out, the right could destroy the momentum that we are now building up.

stevex09 said...

Thank you very much for your concern and prayer for me; it really means alot to me.
In going over Don's reply to you, personally I think Don has "tunnel vision". I sincerely don't think for a second that Glenn Beck is trying to get Christians to convert to Mormanism; and even if that was part of his agenda, any Christian with even basic understanding of God's word won't fall for the teachings of that "religion". I think the problem with folks like Don, is they live in a box and they keep God in that box. They seem to have no idea that politics plays a major role in the way we, as Christians can freely worship, etc. which is sad because reality is clouded with what they want to portray as their "intelligence"
I don't remember where it is right off hand, but Paul mentioned the kindness of one person towards him and the saints. That person was not a Christian, but Paul knew the kindness of that person was a blessing and he prayed the guy would be saved "in that day". As much as I disagree with Mr. Beck on some issues, it would be foolishness for Christian leaders not to take advantage of the platform presented to them by Mr. Beck. "Wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove", use what you can to further the Gospel. It seems the tunnel vision of Don has blinded him to the real danger of how Islam is rapidly taking over the globe and that, in my opinion is the greatest danger to Christianity. I have to do more research about Mr. Beck's faith to comment about it, but I'll be commenting on Don's post in the next day or so. I think he was out of line with you and missed your entire point.
Debra Medina was running agains Rick Perry for the Republican nomination for governor of Texas. Well, Ms. Medina is kind of a "truther" (as well as I) and Beck invited her on his show and ambushed her with questions about it. She wasn't prepared and really fell on her face. He spent the rest of his show mocking her. I felt he had no call to do that as he's in New York and this is Texas. Anyway when he did that to her she lost a bunch of points in the standings and got killed in the primary election. If you get a chance go to my blog and check out this post.
I sincerely hope you and your family have a great weekend Christine.

Christinewjc said...

Thanks again, Steve. I have to run out and do some late afternoon errands. When I return, I will read your post.

Have a wonderful weekend!

stevex09 said...

Here's what I wrote at Don's website. The comment is awaiting moderation:

I’ve always found it interesting to read the rantings of those that have what I call “tunnel vision”. Well meaning Christians, but so misguided as to think that there can be no opportunity to spread the words of Christ via a platform of someone that may have a different faith. Clearly Mr. Beck is not a messenger of the Morman faith and any grounded Christian would scoff at the idea that the “truth” is in the teachings of John Smith Jr. or Brigham Young.
The problem with those that have ‘tunnel vision’ is their intellect clouds reality. I think Christine made some excellent points and clearly has a better understanding of the mentioned reality.
Beck confused about religion? Grounded Christians are not.
Amercia is in need of restoration and bickering between Christians over foolishness such as this is a victory for the enemy. The powers of darkness are very good at dividing and until Christians recognize that … we’re spinning our wheels.

Christinewjc said...

Thank you Steve. Appreciate the vote of confidence.

Glenn Beck has said some very unfortunate things. He has enemies from both sides of the political spectrum. However, in general and for the most part, I think he means well.

The eligibility issue doesn't seem like it will ever get a hearing in a courtroom. I cannot fathom why any judge would allow a possible (more likely, probable) usurper of the position of POTUS to get away with it!

About the 9/11 truthers. I have always maintained that the government under George W. Bush would NEVER have had knowledge - or been complicit in such a horrific terrorist attack. If anyone in his admin. (or Clinton's) was even remotely involved and/or responsible for it happening in any way - I would, quite frankly, be absolutely crushed. How could anyone trust any politician here in America ever again?

The crazy Marxo-Islamo-fascist people running our beloved country now are truly evil - and frightening. But I see the tide turning. The November election will start the momentum back towards sanity and start restoring our nation back to the Constitutional Republic that our Founders set up for America to be.

After that sea-changing event, perhaps something will be done in favor of Lt. Col. Lakin's court martial to force Obama to show his bona fide documents in court. I find it unconcionable that the judge in the case refuses to allow discovery in Lakin's plea for Obama to prove he is eligible to be POTUS. Did you ever think - in a million years - that this would happen here?

stevex09 said...

There are many things that's happened during the past decade or two that's difficult for the American to accept as being possible for those in our government to be capable of. The events of 9/11 being one of them. I highly recommend a book written by David Ray Griffin called the THE NEW PEARL HARBOR
Disturbing Questions about the Bush Administration and 9/11

I have the entire book on my computer (pdf). I'll send you the first line or two of the forward:

"David Ray Griffin has written an extraordinary book. If carefully read with even just a 30-percent
open mind, it is almost certain to change the way we understand the workings of constitutional
democracy in the United States at the highest levels of government. As such, this is a disturbing
book, depicting a profound crisis of political legitimacy for the most powerful sovereign state in
the history of the world..."

For me personally, and this is just me, I won't ever forget watching the buildings collapse. My VERY FIRST thoughts as I watched them fall was "Someone set explosives in the buildings" ... I watched the detonations and I cannot deny what I saw.
Of course I realize we'll never know the whole truth of the matter until eternity.
Anyway, you can find the book on line if you're interested. I'm not sure if the pdf is available to download still. If not I'd be happy to send it to you if you'd like to check out a chapter or two. It's not extremely long.

I think what's happening to Lt. Col. Lakin is a disgrace to our government and military. Keeping in mind the evil forces controlling just about everything, it doesn't surprise me.
Take good care and have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine,
I havent been here too often lately but it has nothing to do w/ your writings about Beck, actually I'm here today to find out what you think about the whole mormon thing because I trust your views on Christianity, from what I've seen.
I gotta run now, but I'll be back today to read more.
Adding bookmarks, twitter, new cell/smart phone, etc, just changes in general kept me from seeing your page as often as I used to, but I'm planning on making 'Wisdom' more visible to my daily reads,as it used to be.

Bless You and yours.
See you soon.

p.s. the mormon thing bothers me, but to what degree?
I will help Beck with his current message, it is a good one for America, yet I will PRAY he has no ulterior motive(s).
Prayer by all Americans is a great thing, the Lord is THE Answer....always.