Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Can Someone Tell Me Why This is O.K.??

Just received an email from PFOX (Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays) and this is what was written in it:

Steele Rejects Former Homosexuals, Applauds Gay Former RNC Chairman

Ex-Gays met with Ed Gillespie, Steele's predecessor

Washington, DC - Sept. 1, 2010/Republican National Committee Chairman (RNC) Michael Steele's actions are a slap in the face to Ex-Gays and conservatives who support traditional marriage. After former RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman came out of the closet as a homosexual last week to advocate for gay marriage, Steele commented that he was "happy for Ken" and "respects him personally and professionally."

"So Steele respects the former leader of the GOP who now stands in contradiction to his own party's official platform, but refuses to meet with Ex-Gays who support the party's values," commented Christopher Doyle, former homosexual and Board Member of Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays (PFOX).

"Steele can respect anyone he wants to personally, but it is troubling that the Chairman is using his position to applaud Mehlman, who was deceitful about his sexual preference during his leadership of the RNC," said Doyle.

In a 2009 interview with GQ Magazine, Steele went on record saying he believes marriage should be between a man and a woman, but that he wanted to make the Republican Party more "accessible" and didn't need to "backslide" on the party's values to do that.

Steele also said he believed the prevailing view was that people who have same-sex attractions are born that way, and that they can't stop being gay, just as African-Americans can't stop being Black.

In the past, Ex-Gays met with Ed Gillespie, one of Steele's RNC predecessors. To date, PFOX has made a dozen requests to sit down with the Chairman so he can meet former homosexuals, understand the origins of same-sex attraction, and learn how people can change, but Steele has refused to meet with leaders of the Ex-Gay movement, including African-Americans.

"It appears that Steele is ignoring Gillespie's example and following Mehlman's inconsistent leadership style: personally believe one thing, but professionally support the opposite," said Doyle. "It's time for the RNC to start choosing leaders who actually stand up for conservative values, rather than make the party accessible to those who want to radically transform it."


Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays (PFOX) leads the nation in providing education and public awareness in support of families and the ex-gay community. They can be reached at

I have heard that the rejection of the ex-gay community is rampant! In this Obama-age of progressive leanings towards acceptance of anyone and everyone who might be deemed "different" or who would be discriminated against, WHY IS THIS ACCEPTABLE?

I have heard ex-gay people tell me that being ex-gay, conservative, and Christian is one of the least tolerated ways to live. They are endlessly rejected for who they are, cursed at, called disparaging names, eliminated from discussions (as noted in the email) and given the image of being pariahs rather than individuals in whom God has redeemed from sexual behavior that they no longer wanted to participate in. As if all of that isn't bad enough, I would imagine that the added fact of being and African-American (or Latino) Ex-Gay might make it even worse!

Comments people???


Christinewjc said...

I asked: Can Someone Tell Me Why This is O.K.??

The answer: It is not O.K.

In fact, this is just one example of the rejection of the need for redemption by the liberal, progressive left.

Take almost any issue heralded by the left as "good," which at the same time is opposed by Conservative Christians who follow Jesus Christ and His Word, the Bible, and you will see that the rejection of the need for repentance and redemption is the reason why the left clashes with the right.

Kevin said...

Hi Christine,
I'm not sure what you are asking for. What exactly is not o.k.? That the Steele refuses to meet with an ex-gay group? Or that Steele is o.k. with Melhman? Or is there something else I am missing?
The ex-gay groups do not have a good track record of being honest with themselves. Just look at Exodus--hardly any of them claim to be straight. Their president still 'struggles.'

About your example of the left ("In fact, this is just one example of the rejection of the need for redemption by the liberal, progressive left.")--is Steele on the left? Is Mehlman on the left? Where are the progressive lefties in your post???

Christinewjc said...


I hope that I clarified what I was asking for in the new post.

For this particular post, it would appear that Steele is liberal on social issues - such as gay "marriage." However, he is against the ex-gays getting any kind of meeting with him to talk over their issues.

According to their social issue beliefs (approval of homosexual behavior/gay "marriage") it is obvious that both Mehlman and Steele do lean towards the left. There are leftists in the Republican party, Kevin.

Kevin said...

Hi Christine,
Thanks for the clarification. I still think it is o.k. I don't recall Steele coming out in favor of gay marriage. There are also gay republicans, just like there are left-leaning ones. There are certainly right-leaning democrats. I wonder if Steele has met with the Log Cabin Republicans?

Christinewjc said... are saying that it is O.K. for Steele to reject ex-gays and reject giving them any kind of meeting with him to talk over their issues?

Kevin said...

Hi Christine,
Steele is against gay marriage. I don't see how discussing his views with PFOX would be of any benefit. Again, has Steele met with the gay republican group Log Cabin Republicans to discuss their issues? Or the Flat Earth Society? Or whatever group thinks they are entitled to meet him?
Besides, PFOX is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. They should not be promoting or cursing any political figure. It goes against the agreement they made when they became a non-profit. They can lose their non-profit status pretty quickly if they come out being a Republican organization.
And as I said, the ex-gay community has a lot of problems with credibility. Maybe Steele doesn't want to meet them because of that?