Wednesday, September 29, 2010

So...That's What It's Called! [Update]

Anti-Colonialism! That term helps sum up just what ObamaBorgLand and his nefarious array of cohorts dislike about America. They are not only for the Marxo-Islamo-Fascist crowd, but are against America because of deep-seeded hatred and an Anti-Colonialism attitude. In Dinesh D'Souza's new book, The Roots of Obama's Rage, Americans are about to find out exactly why Obama wants to "fundamentally transform" America, and how the people who have surrounded him his entire life have attributed to Obama's rage against our Constitutional Republic, our economic system of Capitalism, and our American Ideals.

The Christian Newswire was the site where I first found a positive article about the book.

It's weird. When I first typed in "Dinesh D'Souza's new book" into the Bing search, all of these rabid leftist websites and blogs showed up.

Today, Glenn Beck did most of his show on D'Souza's book. They covered some of the facts found in the book. Tomorrow, it will be revealed how Obama and his cohorts apply opinion to distort the facts and thus ignore the problems that his administration is causing in our Constitutional Republic.

In case you missed the show today, I will include a link here to the Youtube version of Beck's show as soon as it is posted online.

Link to entire show:

Watch Glenn Glenn Beck Show - September 29, 2010 - The Roots of Obama's Rage

Glenn Beck Show- September 29, 2010

What Did Glenn Think About His NY Times Cover Story? If You Missed It, You Can Find It Here.

'The Roots of Obama's Rage'

Tonight: The book that Barack Obama and The White House do not want you to read- 'The Roots Of Obama's Rage' author Dinesh D'Souza joins Glenn tonight to talk about the 'real' Barack Obama. Tonight's show is all about fact vs. opinion. As long as a book is based in facts, then we can look at the theories surrounding them and agree or disagree. When someone says not to read a certain book, you know something must be up. The White House has come out swinging hard..the media has smeared Dinesh D'Souza. Find out why tonight.

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In other news, check out the 10 page article on Glenn Beck in Sunday's New York Times magazine!

Being Glenn Beck


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